Escape Hunt The Lost Temples: Walkthrough Guide

Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples
By: Neon Play


Room 1:

1. Pick up all the pieces of wood. Place them in the right slots in order to form a bridge. Cross over.

2. Pick up the machete. Use it to cut the two vines and pick them up. Tie them together.

3. Take a look at the walls to see images of the statues. You need to copy those poses onto the actual statues.

4. Throw the vine rope up onto the hook that appears and go through to complete the level.

Room 2:

1. Pick up the stick.

2. Find and pick up four small mirrors.

3. Pick up the bundle of straw.

4. Grab the piece of bark.

5. Find and pick up the eight stone tiles.

6. Place the tiles on the wall to form a picture.


7. Push the elephant statue into the wall and take the gemstone.

8. Place the gemstone in the slot on the forehead of the right stone head.

9. Find the end of the rope. Place the bark down, then the straw, then the stick. Move the stick back and forth to create friction, starting a fire. The rope will burn and mirror stands will appear.

10. Place the four small mirrors in the stands. Rotate them so the beam of lights transfer between the ones on the edge and the two middle ones. Then, point the two middle mirrors at the eyes of the middle statue to complete the level.

Room 3:

1. Pick up the long stick to the right and use it to press the floor buttons in this order:


2. Continue on. Solve the tile-sliding puzzle on the wall.


3. Take the torch off the wall and use it to light all the dragon heads. The fire should spread to the center of the room and the ceiling will cave in.

4. Open the chest and take the letter and photo of the professor. Then, you have 60 seconds to escape. A gate is blocking your exit. So instead, stack rocks up to the hole in the ceiling and climb up.


Room 4, The Khmer City:

1. Pick up the hammer resting on a crate to the right.

2. Go to the cucumber merchant. This next part is a little tricky to figure out at first. He wants a hammer. But you can’t just give it to him. Place it on the table in front of him and turn the table so the cucumber is on your side now. Pick up the cucumber.

3. Next, trade the cucumber for a basket of eggs.

4. Trade the eggs for a basket of rice.

5. Trade the rice for some cured meat.

6. Trade the meat for some bananas.

7. Trade the bananas for some pears.

8. Trade the pears for a watermelon.

9. Trade the watermelon for the red precious gemstone.

10. Turn around and go to the left lion (dragon?) statue. Put it back together again and then place the gemstone on its forehead. Take the clue.

11. The clue says: H i j k l m n O

12. Head to the pool and look at the symbols at the bottom of the water.

13. Copy the pattern onto the fountain and it will fill with water.


14. Go down the stairs and complete the level.

Room 5:

1. Pick up the three parchments.

2. Go over to the table. Pick up the candle. Place the three parchments down and use the candle to light the lamp.

3. Push the lamp in and make note of the symbols that appear on the parchment. There are six of them but you can only see them briefly.


4. Head right to the six stone slabs. Move them around to the six symbols you just saw.


5. Head to the wall that says “God is in all of us.” Tap the colored items on each of the four figures in this order, then take the key.


6. Now there’s a music puzzle. Pull the rope to hear the music and then play it back. The order goes like so: 5 3 4 8 2 1.


7. Take the iron mask. Now, go to the Vishnu image and light the candles in order from no moon to full moon, as so:


8. Go through the door.

My game got corrupted here, so bear with me.

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Have you solved room 5? I’m stuck with the iron mask and candle…


Good game – but yes, it is glitchy. I can’t get my vines tied and my statues are not all in the right pose but the hook did come out 🙁
So, maybe I just need to try again.
Is it worth the extra gameplay? I didn’t know it was in-app purchase when I downloaded it. But so far I was liking it.


I’m stuck on the door puzzle room 5


I meant I’m stuck on the door puzzle room 6


Anyone know how to do the damn monkey blue and red hat game? Seems like it’s impossible…

Indy white

Same I can’t figure it out


I’m stuck with that now are you having any luck


Also stuck on this hat thing. How do you get past?


Just have to make sure the hat only hops over one monkey it can be done now stuck in new room


Ya I know it can only move one monkey or jump one monkey at a time. Still can’t get it.


Sorry explained wrong just when you make moves just make sure each jump is one move when changing sides got myself stuck many times between 2 monkeys


I’m trying to get the hook and need fishing line so I can get the key in the water need help


Fishing line is on the right or left on the floor near the river


Thanks got the line and hook


Did you figured out the monkeys with hat


I’m stuck on this, found the rod but cannot find hook or line anywhere


Thanks for sharing Danox – I too found the fishing line & hook because of your sharing.

I have now finished the game and while a bit shorter than I expected, it still took me a few hours to play. I am glad for the experience – now, “to be continued.”


Anyone know how to solve the door puzzle in room 6 the capital


Room 6 is that the room with swords and fireplace go to the swords across from. Fireplace and move them it changes design on the floor


Is room 6 when you cross the water if it is im stuck with the puzzle door


Puzzle door make the right side match the left


capital puzzle door, i matched the right side with the left and nothing happened, help


Mirror image of left side


Double check maybe one is off the pictures are so small hard to see


The monkey puzzle was fun. But in that room, how do you do the arrow puzzle? I have the golden arrows and I thought putting the pictures in order would be easy but I can’t figure it out


How do you do the arrows puzzle I can’t figure it out


Ok, figured that all out. Now in the room with the giant snake. Have every gold band lined up except the top one. Any help?


Four swords on the right two swords on the left can’t remember which slot


I figured it had to be that but I only have 5 swords!


I’m stuck. I’m trying to get a bow from a gold plated wall how do I do this???


Me too. Did you get it?


Since no one replied if the game is worth the entry fee, I asked the developers about the glitch for Lisa and about how long the game is. Here is reply:

Hi Linda, yes we’re aware of a bug with that room and we’ll be releasing a fix very soon. The game has 3 levels with multiple rooms in each and multiple puzzles in each room. The game will keep you entertained for hours! Hope that helps… Thanks ~ NP

Yes, I purchased it right away. 🙂


key won’t open lock with swords


Thank you for the solution to the “water fountain” since my symbols in the pool were totally different 🙁
Your solution filled the fountain with water – yay!


In the room with the snake you get two spears they say can pierce the thickest armor, but I have tried to throw them at the statues with the armors, and it won’t work… anyone know where to throw them?


I don’t know – all I know is my symbols didn’t match your solution. But I can email you a picture. I didn’t understand the hint, maybe that had something to do with it. hijklmno? No idea but I am through the next room and into the capital chapter now.
I do hope your game becomes unstuck soon.

I’ll email you the picture of my symbols and then you can decide if it was because I didn’t understand the clue.



Ok, I looked at your picture and mine – I had them upsidedown 🙁


I’m still stuck on the hats! Can anyone help??? What order do I move?


The order on the hats:
❤️❤️❤️( )???
❤️❤️( )❤️???
❤️❤️?❤️( )??
❤️❤️?❤️?( )?
❤️❤️?( )?❤️?
❤️( )?❤️?❤️?
( )❤️?❤️?❤️?
?❤️( )❤️?❤️?
?❤️?❤️( )❤️?
?❤️?❤️?❤️( )
?❤️?❤️?( )❤️
?❤️?( )?❤️❤️
?( )?❤️?❤️❤️
??( )❤️?❤️❤️
???❤️( )❤️❤️
???( )❤️❤️❤️
There you go??


Omg thank you ?


OMG! You are AMAZING! Thanks a million!!!! ???????


I figured out the capital door puzzle but now just one panel is open and the door is still closed ahhhg

Katherine Hoffner

How do you get the cut off heads from the releaf. I passed the hats and have thee now but stuck on how to remove the 3 heads.


I’m having trouble getting the key to unlock the pad lock on the sword rack in Khmer City room 3. Any thoughts?


Is anyone solved the square arrows puzzle?


Did u solved it


I’m stuck in the swords that move the floor piece. Halp!


As long there is 4 swords on the right and 2 on the left you have to figure out which slot sorry I can’t remember