‘Vignettes’ Walkthrough Guide: Spooky Content Update (All Secrets)

By: Armel Gibson and Pol Clarissou


This is a complete walkthrough guide to help you find all the hidden secrets in the new spooky content update of the iOS and Android game Vignettes. It’s more fun to find them all on your own, but if you’re desperate you can try this guide. I assume at this point that you’ve found all the original objects in the game, so I don’t have to tell you how to get to a certain one. If not, try this walkthrough first. If you need more help, feel free to ask in the comments section.

First off, use the map and compass to head to the witch’s house on the map. That will give you access to a candelabra. Tap it to get a skull candelabra.

Now, just work your way through all the new objects until you find them all. This is what they all look like. Once you have them all, use the key from the back of the frame on the chest to get a shortcut to the skull.

Now, let’s start with the easiest secret. You may have already gotten this in your search for all the items. But in case you haven’t, go to the skull. Close its mouth and turn it so it looks like a snow globe or crystal ball on a stand. Then tap on it and swirl it around until you see a universe inside it with planets spinning around. That should unlock the first secret.

The next one is much more elaborate. Find the Ouija board and tap it three times, writing down the symbols it points to each time. There are three sequences that go like this:

Leaf, eye, leaf, eye

Eye, leaf, mushroom

Leaf, tooth, mushroom, eye, mushroom

Let’s focus on Leaf Eye Leaf Eye first. Find the jar of eyeballs and pop two out. Then, find this container and pop two leaves out.

Now, find the mortar and pestle. Tap a leaf, an eye, the other leaf, then the other eye. Then, tap the mortar and pestle to crush them all into a potion. If you did it right, everything should change color to blue.

Now, there’s a few things you need to do. First, find the voodoo doll and stab it a few times. When you change it back to the mortar and pestle, you should get the knife from it (it’ll zoom in and then disappear).

Next, gather an eye, a leaf, and cut off a piece of the mushroom. Go back to the mortar and pestle and add the eye first, then the leaf, then the mushroom. Crush them to make a potion and everything should turn yellow.

Now, find the sphinx box and open it to get a tooth.

Now, one final potion to brew. You have the tooth, so collect an eye, a leaf, and two mushrooms. Add them to the mortar and pestle in this order: Leaf, Tooth, Mushroom, Eye, Mushroom. Crush them into a potion and everything should turn hott pink. Find the Ouija board. It should look like this now:

If you got the knife, then when you tap the Ouija board, you should stab it with a bunch of knives and some weird ghostly snakes will appear. That should give you the second secret.

And now, for the last secret. You need to find two gems for the skull’s eyes. They’re actually found in the old content. The first one is more obvious. Find the chalice, then the crown. It’s one of the gems on the crown. Grab it.

The other is actually under the microscope! There’s one blue gem when you zoom in on the microbes. Grab it.

Bow, add both gems to the skull to get the third secret.

Now look at the three tarot cards you got from the secrets. They each have a symbol on them.

Now, I’m not sure what to call this, but it’s a circular disc with an eye in the center and some symbols around it. Tap each ring to rotate them until the symbols match the three cards. Then watch the ultimate ending!

But wait! There’s more! There’s one last hidden secret. You need to go back to the witch’s house and this time make your way around through the boot to the origami boat to the fan to the suitcase full of socks, all the way to the camera. Take a selfie in front of the witch’s house and look what you get!


And that’s all the new content! Check back here if they ever add more.

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  1. Linda

    Thank you! I bought this game yesterday – it was first on your Christmas Specials listing.
    Hugs & Happy Christmas,

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I put it up near the top because it’s such a cool game and I wanted people to notice it! Hope you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Student

    Since I got the update the game is broken for me. It starts with 6 keys turn into one big key that tries to unlock the treasure chest but then it hangs and the chest never opens

  3. Emily Phelps

    I’m stuck! I think I’ve found all the objects- Ive gotten 6 keys but I don’t have the heart shortcut in the chest and it hasn’t prompted for the master key yet. Help!

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