Adventure Escape Allied Spies: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Allied Spies
By: Haiku Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Allied Spies, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue on for my step-by-step guide:

1. Follow the tutorial. You first play as Edwin. Pick up the knife and use it to cut the parachute cord. Look at the lock on the farmhouse door and pick up the stars.

2. Go back a screen. Pick up the parachute cord and make note of the four different crosses. They each have 1-4 dots inside the cross and then a dot outside the cross. The dots inside tell you the order and the dots outside tell you which button on the lock to press. You can tap on each to zoom in on them if you want.

3. Go to the farmhouse. Take the lantern from over the door.

4. Now the lock. Press the buttons in this order to open the lock: Lower Right, Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left.

5. Go inside. Open the window curtains. Pick up the broken bottle and two lanterns. Open the toolbox and take the crowbar and carpenter’s pencil. Also, look at the painting of a woman being burned at the stake.

6. Use the crowbar to open the butter churner and take the butter.

7. Zoom in on the table. Place the broken jar, butter and parachute cord on he table. Drag the butter and cord to the jar and then take the makeshift lantern.

8. Leave the farmhouse. Use the crowbar to open the car’s hood. Use the crowbar to lift the battery pack. Press the two buttons. Place the pencil on it and it will light on fire. Use the fire to light up all four lanterns.

9. Now, look at the painting again. You need to create the same shape as the torches. Do so by putting three lanterns inside on the window sills and hang the last one outside where you found it.

10. Pick up the lock parts from the floor and inspect the gun on the table. We need to draw schematics for it.

11. Go back to the car and take the burnt pencil, which should act as charcoal now.

12. Look at the gun on the table. Take it apart, then use the pencil on the table to draw a schematic. Add the lock parts.

13. Assemble the gun over the schematics.

14. Now, you need to use the gun to shoot each of the lanterns. Shoot when the orange ring hits the orange circle. On the last one, a Nazi will appear in the doorway. Shoot him instead!

And that’s the end of Chapter 1!

Click on the chapter you need below or click here to continue to Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |

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  1. Linda

    Ooh thank you! I didn’t care for the last game 🙁

    1. Drackoven

      I am missing the last part of the walkthrough. No picture for the planes on the map game.

      1. Lucya

        I am having problem in the first chapter, i assemble the lanterns as shown already but there are no lock parts on the floor. Please help thank you. I really love all your mystery games 🙂

        1. Winger

          Its easy to miss but their is a 4th lantern placed on the wall out side the farmhouse were you got one of the lanterns after that the repels come in and the lock parts land on the floor

        2. A

          I am facing the same problem. What to do ?

  2. Linda

    I wanted to say thank you again! When I went to download this game, I discovered Adventure Escape: Murder Inn – I don’t know when it came out, but I missed it too!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ughhhh really bad time for them to be releasing two games at once. 🙁

  3. Rachel

    My horses look different! I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. ?

    1. Rachel

      All sorted now!

      1. Smokeyy Bracken

        I have the same issue – can you share how you fixed it?

        1. Rachel Norris

          One of the horses needs to look like it’s arching it’s back. I kept using the bits I thought went together but found it was wrong.

      2. Jeff

        Early in chapter 1. I only have three lanterns. One from hanging outside, then inside the makeshift lantern, then only one more. The fourth us not there. I watched the video, and there is nothing there where the fourth should be.

  4. Neen

    I can’t get the war puzzle to let me move on. I have all the soldiers in the right place as well as the flag. But it still won’t open the bottom drawer to give me the shield! I even restarted the level but still not showing that I have completed it. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Neen

      Fixed it:)

    2. Nickiy

      My flag was back to front. My daughter noticed it. I trapped it to turn turnaround and the drawer opened.

    3. Lisa Hanna

      Is your flag facing the right way?

  5. Courtney

    Ummm…the walkthrough stops at the tunnel maze sign???

    1. Hala

      Why you stopped ??

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I didnΓÇÖt! IΓÇÖve just been working on the other game they released.

        1. Hala

          Thank you so much and Happy New Year ???

          1. Jeff

            Early in chapter 1. I only have three lanterns. One from hanging outside, then inside the makeshift lantern, then only one more. The fourth us not there. I watched the video, and there is nothing there where the fourth should be.

  6. Tana

    Where is chapter 3 guide? We’re stuck trying to cover the panels… They’re covered but not recognized as such… 🙁

    1. Rachel Norris

      I had the same problem, I kept moving them around then it eventually gave it to me. Seem to remember that I had a tiny gap right in the middle of them.

  7. Linda

    Hey – I’m just glad to see AppUnwrapper back up and running! Take your time – we’ll all still be here.
    Happy New Year – may you not have WordPress problems in 2018.

  8. Hayley

    Where’s the rest of the Walkthrough? ??

  9. Mayukh

    I did not match the balance

  10. Rachel Norris

    I’m stuck at the guards fighting. Waiting for them to do an update as game just freezes up. Anyone got any recommendations for other games like this, I’ve played all the Haiku ones now.

  11. Maggie

    Page 6 what’s the system for shooting the Germans do I tap the gun or Target on the Germans nothing is happening

    1. Rachel Norris

      Wait for a target to come up on them. Wait until it’s more towards the centre, then fire!

      1. Maggie

        Do I tap the gun to fire or touch the target on the German ?

  12. Maggie

    Thanks Rachel have done it at last

  13. Linda

    Good Golly! I never thought of positioning the horses that way. That’s why you get the ‘big bucks’

  14. bob Jones

    I’ve made it through to the string factory map game been on it for hours ! Help!!

  15. Deena Harris

    I cannot get the radio fails to work!! Help

    1. Rachel Norris

      The numbers you need are in the wooden chest lid. Once you’ve put first one in treat it like a sum, so take away from the first number to get 2nd then add on to that for the 3rd.

      1. Deena Harris

        Thank you so much, I’m having a difficult time getting the dails to stay put. It keeps reverting back to the start!

        1. Jo

          Me too. How did you get past?

          1. Charmaine Clark

            Still can’t get it to work ?

            1. Twila

              I’ve restarted chapter one three times and I don’t get the spring for the gun What am I doing wrong?

      2. Linda

        When get marker on first number, cannot get marker to show up on 2nd number

  16. Amber

    Anyone know what the transparency set up is supposed to look like

    1. Rachel Norris

      If you look closely you will see letters start to appear when you line them up, that’s how I had to do it. I found this whole game really hard.

  17. Christy L Breazeal

    .It won’t shoot the guards! I wait for the rings to line up and tap on the guards head but I get shot and start again a million times. Help!

    1. Kelly firth

      Wait for the ring to go into the bright red ring and press. It worked ever time for me.

  18. Kelly firth

    Has anyone got the solution for chapter 8 where you get maria to ed when he’s locked up? I’ve been stuck on this for ages now! And it’s the only thing not detailed on this! Argh.. tia

  19. Maggie

    Fought the guard and won but it has frozen any ideas anyone ?

  20. Liz

    I discovered these awesome games, then luckily discovered your site when I got stuck.
    I’ve now finished nine Adventure Escape games, and midway through my tenth. I love that you give hints without giving away the whole answer, and that I don’t have to watch a whole video to see what’s going on.
    Fantastic job! Thank you!
    p.s. How many Adventure Escape games are there now?

  21. Esther Wakeman

    How many guards do you have to shoot? Because I must have shot about 50 of them, and the scene is not moving on?

    1. Paula Hoit

      IΓÇÖve shot at least 50. The scene never ends!

  22. Ashley Bryan

    I can’t get past the boards! I’ve done everything correct and even restarted! Help

    1. Ashley Bryan

      I fixed that, but now I keep swinging the light but it won’t work!

      1. Rebecca Henry

        I had the same problem but I took the mattress off the bed and then swung the light and it worked.

  23. lucia

    Hi plz help i can’t solve the last puzzle in chapter 6 …the only think I know it that the squers should being the bottom T_T

  24. Penny Schaeffer

    I have all the boards in order but it won’t work

  25. Caelan

    I just started playing this game and it’s Soo addicting but incredibly difficult. Thank you so much for your help! I’ve seen there are other games like this. Which one do you recommend I do next?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haunted Hunt was funΓÇÖ

  26. Potato the penguin

    Hi, 👋 this has help me so much with the games I have no problem now

  27. Michele

    On the tutorial, I cannot get out of the screen that look closer at the lock. The circle to go back in apparently out of my screen area or something. What should i do so that i can continue with the game?

    1. Lenjie

      Does anyone help you? I got the same problem, I cannot play it coz the screen is so close. Please help!

  28. Celeste Epstein

    Playing these Adventure Escape games is helping me stay sane! And your walkthroughs are brilliant! Can’t thank you enough.

    However, (you knew that was coming) I listen to audio books while I play so I have to be able to turn the sound off and still listen to something else (on an Android phone). In Allied Spies I can turn the sound off but it turns off the sound on Overdrive the app I use to listen to books.

    Do you have any advice?

    Thank you so much!

  29. Rebecca L Tilp

    I can’t set my last lantern down. The one for the upper left window (when you are inside) I have tried a 100 times but I can’t.

  30. Darryl

    Hi I thought I was going mad but after he throws the gun on the table for me to fix. I can not leave the farm house to get the pencil. Click on or around the door doesnΓÇÖt do anything

  31. Ray

    How can I restart a chapter

  32. Evelyn

    I am having trouble with assembling the gun. It looks like I’m missing the long part with the spring on it. It doesn’t seem to be part of it. Is it somewhere that I have to look for?

    1. aj

      must be a glitch. I didn’t have it either but got it to work.

      1. Gina


  33. W.T.

    Same Problem, no spring for the gun

  34. Gina

    I don’t have the spring for the gun?? Help

  35. Linda

    No spring for gun here either. I even restarted the level and still didn’t have it.

  36. Tammy

    I am missing the spring for the gun as well and I have restarted the game a few times

  37. Jojo

    Glitch when it comes to shooting the lanterns!! I shoot when the ring gets to the light orange/red circle but nothing happens. Restarted it lots of times and still doesn’t hit the lantern.

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