Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide (Murder Manor 2)

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn (Murder Manor 2)
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Murder Inn, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the shovel and use it to get rid of the snow blocking the door.

2. Look at the sticker in the window. It says:


3. The hint is SNOW. Look up at the Winter Inn sign and count the number of S N O and W. You get:

S = 6
N = 6
O = 7
W = 4

4. Enter 6674 on the door keypad to unlock the door. Go through.

5. Pick up the six photos and the chew toy.

6. Give the chew toy to the dog so you can get the matches from the drawer. Also, tap on the picture board on the floor so you can add the photos.

7. Place all the photos in the right spots.

8. Now, use light a match in the fireplace (no idea why you can’t light them on the box). Then use the match to light the candle. Ring the bell and continue on.

9. Find the small key, flowerpot, fish bowl, pot lid, two dinner plates, and three cloth napkins.

10. Use the key to open the cabinet and take a wine glass from the garbage. Place the plant in the flowerpot so you can get another wine glass. And place the fish in the fishbowl so you can get a third wine glass. Also, place the pot lid on the pot so you can get a third dinner plate.

11. Tap on the table. Time to place all the settings! Just add them all to the table and you’ll have a new puzzle to solve. Feels like deja vu! Read the note. It says:

“No food must go to waste.

Murphy wants more items than Miki.
He won’t eat anything green.

Miki wants more potato than Murphy.

Linda wants exactly 3 different items, and no meat.

Frank only eats items containing meat.

Kate wants exactly 2 different items, and no broccoli.

Rohan doesn’t want cheese on his plate, or on any plates next to him.

Emma wants exactly 2 different items, and no meat.”

12. Ok, let’s solve it. Look at the menu to see what each dish is. The lasagna has cheese, meat and parsley in it, so it counts as a meat, cheese and green. The potatoes also have cheese on them. So it goes:

Corn & broccoli for Emma
2 broccoli for Rohan
Hot dog & corn for Kate
3 lasagna for Frank
Corn, broccoli & potato for Linda
2 potato & broccoli for Miki
3 hot dogs & potato for Murphy

And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2.

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is it just me or the endings just get more sad as they made more games.


I agree with sadder. This ending was very sad. Not only that but, and I swear it’s true, I knew who the killer was immediately. I was hoping for a happier ending to this game like a lot of the others.

Carol G

The coin s have a mistake. One of the panda coins is missing the ag after the 1oz…so the actual answer should be 4 3 5…




It doesn’t work, but here’s what does…the first checker goes in the top left, two spaces down. The next checker goes over to the right and two spaces down. The next is second space down from the top. Fourth checker is at the very bottom. Fifth is at the very top. Sixth is one up from bottom. Seventh is four down from top. The last is three up from bottom. I hope i explained that right. That pattern actually follows the rules and worked for me.


Thanks Tony! This has been driving me nuts. More than one solution, but apparently coded for just one. Thx again!


Thank you so much! I was going crazy!!! 🙂


Tony. Could you please create a diagram? I work better with visual clues.

Jade Moon

Thanks! It works! 🙂

No offense but I have literally no idea what that means can you maybe be more specific please???


Checkerboard puzzle does not work try looking up 8 queens puzzle online for the solution.


Perfect. Thanks!!


never would have made it without you (especially that checker one).
thanks so much!

pam ann rowland

I have tried putting 3795 in the control but it doesn’t work!!