My Week Unwrapped: January 8, 2018 – Meteorfall, The Deadline, Murder Inn, and Allied Spies


Hi everyone! This is going to be a pretty light version of My Week Unwrapped. I’ve been mostly working on my walkthroughs for the two Adventure Escape games that released at the same time. They also have some annoying puzzles, which has been slowing me down. But Rusty Lake Paradise is releasing this week, so I’m looking forward to that. Till then, here’s what I’ve been up to this past week.


I got an advanced copy of Slothwerks’ solitaire card game, Meteorfall, and have not been able to stop playing. It has that “one more game” aspect to it. I wrote some first impressions here and will have a full review when it releases on the 25th. If you’re dying to see what it plays like, you can watch my video below, as well as the others inside my writeup. Definitely keep an eye out for this one, though!

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

They fixed the bug that was preventing me from finishing the game, so I finally finished my walkthrough for Murder Inn, including all videos. You can see my walkthrough here and the final video below.

Adventure Escape: Allied Spies

I’m still working on my walkthrough for Allied Spies. I like the story, but it has so many annoying puzzles and mini games, like the one below. I’m basically forcing myself through it just for my walkthrough at this point. They even recycle bad puzzles from previous Adventure Escape games. There was only one point in the game where I was genuinely impressed — it had to do with the reflection of a drawing in a mirror. Otherwise, most of the game just feels rehashed. I’ll still finish my walkthrough eventually. But please have patience.

The Deadline

I decided to give The Deadline a try because it was free and sounded interesting. It started off quirky and weird and I was totally along for the ride. But after a long intro of tons of reading with no input on my end, I got bored. The characters are long-winded and I lost all interest in the game before I even got to the game part of it. But it’s free, so you can try it for yourself and decide whether it’s worth your time.

And that’s everything for this past week! Hopefully next week will be more exciting. Now excuse me while I get back to playing Meteorfall!

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