Rusty Lake Paradise: All Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough Guide

Rusty Lake Paradise
By: Rusty Lake


This is a complete walkthrough guide to show you how to get all fifty achievements for the iOS, Android and PC game, Rusty Lake Paradise. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my step-by-step walkthrough here.

Level 1, The First Plague, Water Turns Into Blood:

1. Welcome to Paradise: You get this automatically by opening the gate.


2. The Eilander Family: Tap on the young boy in the Eilander family portrait, which is Jakob 15 years ago. If that doesn’t work, try tapping on all the members of the family.


3. Save the Goat: Use the machete on the goat’s tail to get this one.


4. It’s Me!: Look inside the well at your reflection to get this one.


5. The First Symbol: Tap on the faint symbol inside the casket.


Level 2, The Second Plague, Frogs:

1. The First Frog: You get this by picking up the first frog.


2. A Rusty Key: You get this by fishing out the key from the guy’s bowl of puke.


3. I only play guitar: This one is tricky to find. You need to get the frog from the guy who coughs up frogs while you still have the flute. After you belt him and take his frog, try to give him the frog flute to get this achievement.


4. Reflection in the Water: Tap a few times in the small pond after you’ve matched all the frog eggs and taken the frog. Your reflection will appear.


5. The Second Symbol: Once your sister is done playing the flute, she’ll open her eyes. Tap on one of them to zoom in on it and find the second symbol.


Level 3, The Third Plague, Gnats & Lice:

1. Spitting Larva: This one’s tricky. After you feed your brother the honey, sap and berries, zoom out before the gnats cover him. Tap on him again and you’ll get this achievement.



2. Earcut: Use the scissors to cut off your uncle’s ear while your sister is giving him a haircut. Take the ear to get this achievement.


3. The Butterfly: Go back to the birch tree after you already got the sap. There should be a cocoon on it. Tap it to get a butterfly to emerge.



4. Harvey: Place the flowers on the plate on the windowsill in the temple. Leave and then come back and Harvey the parrot will be sitting there. Tap him to get the achievement.


5. The Third Symbol: This is annoying because it takes a lot of hits to get it and you might assume there’s nothing there after a few tries. But if you keep using the axe to hit the tree stump where you found the axe, eventually it will break open and reveal the third symbol.


Level 4, The Fourth Plague, Flies:

1. First Flight: Open the giant cocoon to let the human fly out.


2. A Bloody Encounter: Have the human fly eat your father’s brains.


3. The Hungry Ghost: Inside the temple, tap on the right window and the silhouette will appear and say, “Don’t let them use my memories.”



4. Watch Closely!: After the rabbit is dead, look inside the hole and an Ace will pop out.


5. The Fourth Symbol: Close the book and look carefully at the back. There’s a faint line in the upper right corner. Tap it to tear a piece off and find the fourth symbol.


Level 5, The Fifth Plague, Diseased Livestock:

1. Holy Cow: Touch the cow’s nose three times.


2. Perfect Rusty Lake Burger: Make a perfect Rusty Lake Burger based on the diagram.


3. Wild Boar: This whole level is reminiscent of Mr. Boar from Rusty Lake Hotel. And this achievement involves a boar! Tap on the silhouette of a boar between the trees. It’s easy to miss. Then follow it and tap on the boar to get this achievement.




4. Dutch Gouda Cheese: Before making the hamburger, use the knife to remove the bandages from your father’s face and give him the cheese.


5. The Fifth Symbol: This spiral symbol can be found inside the toilet after you find the black cube and go through the black hole.


Level 6, The Sixth Plague, Boils:

1. Meet the Plague Doctor: Open the top window on the Paradise gate to meet the Plague Doctor.


2. Time is Ticking: After you place your brother’s heart in the clock, place the clockwork in his chest.


3. Nose Bleeding: Give Grandma the bottle of blood and have her sniff it. Her nose will start bleeding.


4. Touch the…: Poke your brother’s right nipple a few times.


5. The Sixth Symbol: On the floor to the right of the Plague Doctor, there’s a small pile of leaves. Drag them aside to find the sixth symbol.



Level 7, The Seventh Plague, Hail:

1. Two Ice Creams!: Give your brother both ice creams.


2. Let it snow: Find Grandma in the snowman!


3. The Hand: After picking up the hammer, use it to break the ice inside the temple. A hand will reach out. Tap it to get the achievement.



4. From the Deep: After you complete the puzzle with your skating sister, tap on the broken ice to see a scary fish.


5. The Seventh Symbol: After you destroy the temple, look at one of the bigger pieces of rubble for a square symbol.



Level 8, The Eighth Plague, Locusts:

1. Here is Jakob!: Use the axe to break through the wooden planks over the Paradise gate.


2. Locust Egg: Hatch the egg the locust lays.


3. Follow me: After you meet the silhouette, look for him in each scene and tap on him until you get this achievement.



4. The Butterfly Effect: Follow the butterfly throughout the forest to get this achievement.






5. The Eighth Symbol: Look closely at the goat’s right eye (your left) when your sister’s holding it. Tap on the three white dots until the disappear. The symbol will appear. Tap on it to get this achievement.



Level 9, The Ninth Plague, Darkness:

1. Your Mother’s Bones: Open the box the owl was sitting on and take your mother’s bones.


2. Bloody Moon: Once you’ve changed the moon to a blood moon, tap the cut and make it bleed. Then tap the drop of blood.


3. The Owls Are Not What They Seem: When the owl is flying away near the end, tap on it before is disappears.


4. Mr. Crow: Throw the crow egg you got from the box under the owl into the fire where the family is standing.


5. The Ninth Symbol: This one is sneaky. The drawings on the wall of the hut are the clue for this. There are numbers in some of the shapes. 1 eye in the Lion, 2 eyes in the Bull, 3 bones in the fish, 4 dots on the urn, and a V for 5 on the top to the scales. So put them together and you get:

1: Leo
2: Taurus
3: Pisces
4: Aquarius
5: Libra


Arrange the hands on the zodiac wheel to match those and get the Ninth Symbol.



Level 10, The Tenth Plague, Death of the Firstborn:

1. Glorious Day of the Lake: Go all the way upstairs and talk to your father, who’s drumming.


2. Fried Egg: After you fry the egg, tap the chick a few times to get this achievement.


3. The Owl Mask: After you take the black cube, look under the statue where you took it from. There are for plus signs (+) in the corners. Use the paint brush to turn them all into X’s and open it up. Then, move all the numbers to the symbols from each chapter to get the Owl Mask. I included a screenshot of the symbols to help you out.



image 458-2



4. Paradise Will Rise Again!: Once you have the Owl Mask, continue through the rest of the game as usual until after the temple burns down. When the silhouette appears, put the mask on him/her to get this achievement.



5. The Tenth Symbol: This one’s easy to miss. Have your uncle shoot your brother in his right arm (raise the bow twice). Collect the arrow and do this another three times (four in total). His shirt will tear open and you can see a tattoo of the tenth symbol.





And that’s everything! You should now have all fifty achievements!


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44 thoughts on “Rusty Lake Paradise: All Achievements and Secrets Walkthrough Guide

    1. Bob Loblob

      Level 4, achievement 5 is on the top Left, not right of the book. I was going blind looking in the wrong place. Btw, ty so much for putting this all together. Really helpful.

  1. Kyle B

    Wait, disregard previous comment. Just got the last achievements for the tenth plague. I recommend you find every symbol before doing this to make it a lot easier. As soon as you obtain the black cube, go back to where it was. There will be markings in the corners of the panel. Tap to turn them until the panel is removed. Place the chips with Roman numerals over the symbol that was found in that number plague (for example, the chip that says 3 over the symbol you found in the third plague). Once done, you will obtain the owl mask and its achievement. Continue playing as you would until the ending. When the corrupted soul appears, use the owl mask on it. You will then get the rise again achievement.

  2. Katrina

    I cannot for the life of me getting the Spitting Larva achievement. Is there more to it than just zooming out and tapping on him? I’ve done that 3 timesnow and still can seem to get the symbol to pop up. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.


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