Rusty Lake Paradise: Plague 10 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Rusty Lake Paradise
By: Rusty Lake


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the Tenth Plague of the iOS, Android and PC game, Rusty Lake Paradise. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

I’m keeping the extra achievements out of this guide so I don’t spoil them for those who want to find them on their own. See my achievements guide if you want help finding them.

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Level 10, The Tenth Plague, Death of the Firstborn:

You can watch my video for this plague here or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Slide the wings up to light the Blood torch and Frog torch and head through the Paradise gate.



2. Take a feather from the owl and light the Fly torch.


3. Take the left path and then light the Moon torch.


4. Go upstairs and take the apple and brush from the table. Also, insert the feather on the partial arrow.


5. Head up the ladder. Take the rope and light the Locust torch. Notice the framed painting.



6. Go upstairs. Talk to your father. He’s playing the drums. This puzzle is tricky. Tap his head to make him drum. Pay attention to the shaking bones. Whichever side has more bones shaking, tap that arm. If both sides are equal, tap his head to make him use both hands. When you’re done, take the pointy bone.


7. Go back down and add the pointy bone to the partial arrow to complete it. Now you have an arrow!


8. Go down and give the arrow to your uncle. Tap his left hand to aim and his right hand to pull the arrow back, then tap the arrow to shoot. You want to hit the hat off your brother’s head. To do so, raise the arrow three times before shooting.



9. Collect the arrow again and place the apple on your brother’s head. Shoot it it from the same height as before and then take the worm that falls out. Don’t forget to collect the arrow again.




10. Head back and take the right path. Light the Cattle torch. Feed the worm to the chicken and take the egg it lays.




11. Use the paint brush with the paint on your sister’s hand and paint her face to match the framed painting you saw earlier. Make long stripes going down in this order: Green, White, Red, White, Green. Take the candle from her hand.



12. Head to the hut. Light the Gnat torch and go inside. Look at the painting of the owl on the wall, the framed clue on the wall, and the map on the table. Use the candle to light the wood under the pan. Crack the egg into the pan. A baby chick will emerge from it. Tap it a few times to grab it.






13. Feed the chick to the owl. It will cough up a hairball. Look at the remains and match up the symbols on the bones to the symbols on the ground. It will spell out the letters O W L S.





14. Head to the temple and light the Hand and Hail torches there.


15. Go to the hut and tap on the map. If you don’t remember where all the torches are, go take another look around. Pay attention to the symbols on each. Now, move those symbols to the X’s on the map.


16. Now, look at the framed clue that says the distance between Blood and Frogs is O, the distance between Gnats and Fireflies is W, and the distance between Moon/Darkness and Hail is L.


17. Now, use the ruler to measure all three distances. Use the red dots as your starting and ending points. You get:

O = 4
W = 5
L = 10




18. Go to the temple and look inside the well. Move the O to IV, the W to V, and the L to X. Tie the rope onto the hook and climb down.


19. Spell out OWLS to unlock the door and go through.


20. Solve each of the animal puzzles. For the rabbit, the left button turns on or off the top light. The right button moves all the lights over once clockwise. You need to turn all six lights off. The easiest way is to just alternate pressing both buttons. Take the rabbit mask.




21. For the pheasant, just tap the numbers in order from 1 – 9. Take the pheasant mask.




22. For the deer, you need to tap the left button when a light is on the right side of the line, and right when it’s on the left side of the line. Yeah, a bit confusing. So it goes: Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right. Take the deer mask.




23. For the pigeon, turn the little arrow right 4 times, left 3 times, right 3 times, left 3 times, right 1 time, left 1 time, and right 1 time. Take the pigeon mask.


24. And last, the boar puzzle. Tap the right button once and then the left button once to activate the first square. Then press the right button twice and the left button once to activate the second square. Keep doing the same, adding one press on the right for each number until all six are activated. Take the boar mask.




25. Open the cube above the statues and go through.


26. Solve the red owl puzzle below the bird statue. Use the painting you saw in the hut as a reference. Take the black cube from inside.




27. Your mother appears in an owl mask and then disappears. Now you can get the silhouette to move away so you can see the drawings on the wall. The items shown are: Flower, Hair, Copper, Cube, Fire, Wood, Heart, Chalk, Cloth. Antlers are also shown but not written.



28. Go back and try to pull on the rope. It will disappear. So instead, follow the white light out of the well and meet your brother holding a torch. Put the rabbit mask on him and go through the Paradise gate.


29. Put the pheasant mask on your sister and continue on.


30. The left path is blocked so head down the right path and put the pigeon mask on your grandma. Continue on.


31. Put the boar mask on your uncle and continue on.


32. Put the deer mask on your father and continue on.


33. Enter the temple and put the black cube in the hanging box. Watch the ending and notice all the symbols that are highlighted.


And that’s the end of Plague 10! Here’s my Achievements Guide to help you with any you’re missing.

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  1. LordHedont

    How to light all the toch on plague 10, bro?i cant light it, i had touch it on all sector on torch, it happen on all torch there, btw ur walkthrough is so awesome, thx

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ItΓÇÖs like the juice press from the first plague. You pull the wings up.

  2. aysan kasaei

    What was the purpose of playinge?

    1. Karen

      There is none x

    2. Olivia Kingsley

      Can anybody help me solve this puzzle??? At the very end after you retrieve the black cube if you tap on the alter type thing again it opens up another puzzle type thing covered in symbols of which you have to match with numbers 1 thru 20… I’m sure it’s Rusty Lake doing what they do best and confusing us, and I’m certain it’s a reference to a prior game- but which one??!? Put an old lady out of her eternal frustration and give me a hint? Thanks all :))

  3. Nnn

    I spelled out OWLS to unlock the door but the door didn’t open
    What should I do?

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