Rusty Lake Paradise: Plague 7 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Rusty Lake Paradise
By: Rusty Lake


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the Seventh Plague of the iOS, Android and PC game, Rusty Lake Paradise. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

I’m keeping the extra achievements out of this guide so I don’t spoil them for those who want to find them on their own. See my achievements guide if you want help finding them.

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Level 7, The Seventh Plague, Hail:

You can watch my video for this plague here or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Head right and tap on your sister. She’s skating and you need to put rocks in her path so she’ll crack the ice around the little poles. lace the rocks on the bottom like I show and have her pass through them. Once the bottom two poles are cracked, move the two rocks to her path at the top. Then all the ice will crack.




2. Head left and you’ll see the ice is cracked there now. Tap on it a few times and pull up a guy frozen in ice.



3. Go through the Paradise gate and grab the scarf.


4. Continue down the left path and put the scarf on the snowman. Solve the ice cubes puzzles to get a frozen diamond. Break the ice to get to it.



5. Go up the stairs. Place the diamond with the other and take the powerful snow globe. Take the strawberries and look at the framed drawing.





6. While you’re here, use the powerful snow globe over the funnel by the window to push out a wooden spike (pointy wood). Pick it up.


7. Go back and use the powerful snow globe over the jug between the trees and pick up the small rocks.



8. Take the right path. Tap on the squirrel and get it to move all the way to the left. Then, tap on the icicle in the tree above it and knock it down so it kills the squirrel. Take the squirrel fur and the pistachios.




9. Head to the hut. Use the powerful snow globe to break the jug out front. Take the two buttons. Take the two horns from the skull out front.


10. Go inside the hut. Place a horn on the table and hit the icicle to break off ice into the cup. Add strawberries and mix it up to make strawberry ice cream. Place it on the cone. Now do the same with the pistachios to make pistachio ice cream.




11. Give your brother both ice creams and take his hat.


12. Head to the temple. Grab the twig. Look on top of the well for a hammer.



13. Go back to the guy stuck in ice. First, use the snow globe to break the jug near him and take the carrot.



14. Now, use the wooden spike and the hammer on the cracks on the iceberg to chip off some ice. Keep doing so until the guy is free.



15. Then, put the squirrel skin on his head as a hat and take the key around his neck.


16. Go back to the snowman. Use the powerful snow globe to break off the twig from the small tree.


17. Add the hat, two twigs, small stones, buttons and carrot to the snowman.


18. Now, take a look at the direction the carrot is pointing. Tap that arm. The direction should change. Tap the arm in the direction it’s pointing. Keep doing so until the twigs fall off and become human arms! Then, do the same thing for the buttons. You can use the video below if you need help.

19. It’s Grandma! Use the snow globe on her until a diamond pops out. Pick it up.


20.Go back to the stand where you got the snow globe. Place it down and add the third diamond to power it up into a mighty snow globe. Take it.


21. Go back to the temple and use the mighty snow globe to destroy it. Then, go inside and use the key to open the locked box and take the black cube.




22. Finish up the level by doing your thing with the black cube.

Click here to continue to Plague 8, Locusts.

Plague 1 | Plague 2 | Plague 3 | Plague 4 | Plague 5 | Plague 6 | Plague 7 | Plague 8 | Plague 9 | Plague 10 | Achievements

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Jess H

Do you have any idea why my snow globe won’t drop the twig from the small tree?


And mine!


and mine


Take the snowglobe and recharge it in the tower after you’ve done everything else. After that, you should be able to drop the twig and free grandma.


Thanks man 👍

Richie G

So i’m using the snowglobe at the funnel to push out a wooden spike. But i’m using the mighty snowglobe instead of the powerful snowglobe and it isn’t working. Is this a mistake in the game and do i need to reset? Or am i just missing something? I’m genuinely stuck!


Same for me!
Anyone with an idea ?


hi so i wasn’t very smart and i made strawberry pistchio ice cream instead of two seperate ice creams… how do i get more strawberries?


you don’t need to get more strawberries. Just put the other horn in the glass and break off ice into the cup and the ice cream will come out as pink.


What about the fish in the lake?