‘The Room: Old Sins’ Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Room: Old Sins
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle adventure game, The Room: Old Sins, by Fireproof Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I’ll be adding more screenshots later. If you’re having trouble understanding what to do from my descriptions, please watch the videos until I have a chance to get more screenshots added.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic | All Letters


Tutorial + Room 1, The Foyer:

You can watch my video for this section or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’re in the Waldegrave Manor attic. Follow the tutorial. Examine the floodlight and flip the switch to try and turn it on. It’s broken, so go to your suitcase. Open the latches and the lid and take the screwdriver. Look through the EOS journal.

2. Use the screwdriver to open the back of the floodlight. Now for your first puzzle! You need to use both hands here. First, pull the top piece to the left. Then, use your other hand to pull the bottom piece up. Then, pull the top piece right to hold the bottom piece in place. The light will turn on!

3. Zoom in on the gate of the dollhouse. Turn the center coin counter-clockwise to unlock it. The open both gate doors to open the doors of the dollhouse.

4. Go back to your suitcase. Examine the side of it. Pull the handle down to reveal a hidden compartment. Take the eyepiece. Look at the eyepiece in your inventory and find the little gold piece. Pull it to open the eyepiece and make it functional.


5. Test out the eyepiece on the suitcase to see the words BREAK THE SEAL, FIND THE NULL. Then go back to the dollhouse and use the eyepiece to see inside. Move the chair, framed painting and chandelier to straighten everything out and go through.


6. Put on the eyepiece again and double-tap on the deal to enter the Foyer.

7. Open book on the table and read Abigail’s writing. Then spin the piece on the bottom of the puzzle box to get a brass mechanical coin. Open it up in your inventory and spread the pieces apart to make a new shape.



8. Place the coin in the slot on the box and then use the eyepiece on the circular part that opens up. Use the two wheels to make a pattern that matches the outline shown. Take the shield (family crest).



9. Pinch to zoom out and exit the room. There’s a slot at the top of the dollhouse that matches the shape of the family crest. Place it on there. Some symbols will appear. Press and hold on the middle one until they all glow.



10. Two pedestals rise up from the ground of the dollhouse. The left is empty, but the right one has a deer sculpture on it. Rotate the deer so the two arrows match up. Take another mechanical coin.

11. Go back inside to the Foyer. Open the mechanical coin like you did the first. Place it in the other slot on the puzzle box and solve another puzzle. Take the ornate metal panel.


12. Now, the top of the box will open up and you have a series of puzzles to solve. You need to use two fingers to press down the same-colored buttons at the same time. You can rotate the whole circle to move the glass covering the buttons. And use the switches to lock certain glass pieces in place. Take the artifact to complete the Foyer.

Click here to continue to the next page of the walkthrough, the Study.

Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Dglens

    I could not find this on Google Play

    1. SJ

      Well that could quite possibly be because it’s not available on Android yet!

  2. Kathy

    I’m stuck. They quit giving me hints! Hints ended in the garden where they repeatedly told me to find the Faces. There are No Faces, so, I guess I have to go back, and undo some other hints. I need the staircase to get into that room above. Staircase is in Maritime room inside the green artifact, but how do I release it? Release the green artifact from the Box, I mean?
    Everything was clear sailing before this!

    1. David

      The faces are little gargoyle face pieces on the center fountain. Those soaps rotate and you slide the faces on the dials. In the end all faces should be upright.

  3. Aude

    I don’t fin where to put the ink bottle in the office

  4. Joyce Jupp

    Can’t work out how to get the faces on the fountain upright. Any helpful hints on how to do it will be gratefully received. JMJ

    1. Chris Smith

      You need to go to the upside down head, then you need to open it up so that you can reverse the top and bottom pieces that make up the head. So what you are doing is take the head that is appearing upside down, and you reverse the pieces so that the head is now right side up.

  5. Jerry

    Where is the cicada artifact found?

  6. Jerry

    Japanese room
    I have the circular object on the box on the pagoda but the hints tell me I still need that object.
    Is there a bug?

  7. brendan pettit

    me too. the base of the pagoda does not change and therefor I cannot fit it on the puzzle.

    1. Jerry

      Here’s what I got from the company:

      Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply
      Jerry Douglas
      Subject: Bug in Japanese room
      FEB 12, 2018 | 10:38AM UTC
      Tom replied:
      Hi there Jerry,

      Sorry to hear that!

      We’ve released an update to the game on the App Store which should be available to you now which will prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem if it’s already happened.

      The best workaround is to use the game’s hidden cheat menu to get around it. To do that, pause the game and tap on the “Game Paused” text 5 times. From the menu, choose the room that you last opened, and it’ll put the game in a position before the bug occurred. You’ll need to repeat a bit of what you done, but it’ll save you from having to restart the game.

      Apologies again for the inconvenience,

      – Tom S

      1. Catherine

        This happened to me too and I did the cheat recommended to circumvent it and am still stuck with the same issue

  8. Bea

    I was in the foyer and got outside and now I can not get back in. I use the eyepiece and double tapped on the symbol and the game will not let me back in foyer. Do I need to do something else?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you’re done with it, it won’t let you back in.

  9. Carol

    The foyer and study are blocked by signs I. Can see with eye piece. Am to use eye piece to look at foyer. Am stuck. Need another clue, please.

    1. Yash

      Double tap on the sign while seeing through eye piece

  10. You Chose The Wrong House

    They stopped giving me hints as soon as I put the cordnaets in to the map in the submarine in the maritime room.

  11. Debbie murray

    Am stuck on the globe with the tower what do I do

  12. Elbia perez

    Am stuck on the coordinates N5, W 85, nothing happens! Please help

  13. Nikki

    In the room old sins so how do you do put the faces in the garden

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