‘The Room: Old Sins’ – Garden Walkthrough Guide

The Room: Old Sins
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle adventure game, The Room: Old Sins, by Fireproof Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I’ll be adding more screenshots later. If you’re having trouble understanding what to do from my descriptions, please watch the videos until I have a chance to get more screenshots added.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic


Room 6, The Garden:

You can watch my video for this section or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Open the artifact and take the parchment fan.

2. Go back to the Japanese Gallery. Go to the pagoda and place the parchment fan down near some symbols. Move the blades to match the symbols, then pick it up again.


3. Go back to the shelves and pull out the handle. The fan can be placed down here, too. So put it in the slot and then go to the other side and move the beads into the holes on the fan. A new panel will open.


4. Now you can access another wooden gear. Turn it and take the blunt knife.

5. Go to the top sliding door on the shelves. Move it to the left to see a clam. Use the knife to open the clam and place the pearl in its mouth. Take the circular metal casting.

6. Go to the pagoda. Place the unfinished wooden sculpture on the top. Move the little disc to the symbol on the left and place the circular metal casting on the front of the sculpture. Move the disc back to the top to release the sculpture and pick it up.

7. Place it down on the shelves in the slot that matches its bottom. Now, move the boxes around so that the little gold triangles on their edges meet up to make a path to one of the cubes. Then use the eyepiece to go inside. Find the gong and wind up the hammer to bang it. Do the same thing for all three cubes and gongs. Take the carved stone eye from the drawer.




8. Take the wooden sculpture back. Place the other eye on the octopus. Zoom in on the new part of the pagoda that’s accessible now. Move the two sliders apart and take the model spire.

9. Leave the Gallery and find the rooftop where the spire can fit. Place it on there to gain access to the Art Studio.

10. Enter the Art Studio. Read the book. Open the drawer below the wardrobe and take the green intricately decorated egg sculpture.

11.Take a look at the sketch of the shelves in the Japanese Gallery. It shows you where to place the egg.

12. Go back to the Japanese Gallery and place the egg on the lower shelf. Take the blue egg sculpture.

13. Notice the scroll that shows you where to place the blue egg in the garden.

14. Go back to the Garden. Find the right bench and place the blue egg all the way on the right. Take the red egg sculpture.

15. While you’re here, notice the engraving on the bench that tells you where to place the red egg.

16. Go back to the Art Studio. Place the red egg on the stand to the right of the sketch and it will open up. Take the small stone carving.

17. Go back to the Garden. Find a sculpture of a woman’s face near the running water. Place the stone carving on her forehead. Take the artist’s mannequin and turn the valve handle to the right.

18. Water will start pumping into the fountain. Solve the first fountain puzzle. Move the handle and the gear along the tracks to the other gears. Then look at the symbol. Use the eyepiece and then move the gem and turn the handle so that the pattern you make matches the symbol you saw.

19. Continue on and do the same for the next one.

20. And the last one. This has two gems and two symbols!

21. The water will run into a small pool. Use the eyepiece on it and then make the blue and purples halves of the symbol match the symbol on the wall. Take the artifact and complete the Garden!

Click here to continue to the next page of the walkthrough, the Japanese Gallery.

Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic

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  1. Jason

    Where is the Japanese Gallery? Because I don’t seem to have it.

  2. Erin B

    I can’t seem to get the drawer to close after I get the fan and beads lined up

    1. Willow

      I have the same problem. What do you do?

  3. Chris

    I think I have a bug or error in my game. I have the unfinished wooden box, placed it on top of the pagoda house and added that circular part to the front. However when I remove the unfinished box from the top of the pagoda the “circular front” is not on the box and the bottom shape of the wooden box is not expanded (circular font is no longer in my item selection of th left) however if I drop the box back onto the Pagoda the circle front is back and the shape is expanded. This continues to happen no matter how many times I pick up the piece and replace it.

    1. Cc8433

      Hello. I have the same bug. Any solution?

  4. Geoff

    I have the same bug regarding the unfinished wood box in the Japanese room. After placing the wheel on the front of the box, and then setting the box on the pagoda, no matter how I manipulate the disk, when I lift the box off, I always have all six of the bottom star points extended, making it impossible to use the box on the puzzle on the shelf. Further, when the box sits on the pagoda, only the front three stars are extended. I have IOS 10.3.3 installed on my iPad Retina.

    1. Cc8433

      Hello Chris.
      I send a mail to Fireproof Game. Here is their answer :
      Sorry to hear that!

      We’re aware of the problem and we’re working on a fix.

      In the meantime, the best workaround is to use the game’s hidden cheat menu to get around it. To do that, pause the game and tap on the “Game Paused” text 5 times. From the menu, choose the room that you last opened (Japanese Garden), and it’ll put the game in a position before the bug occurred. You’ll need to repeat a bit of what you done, but it’ll save you from having to restart the game.

      Apologies again for the inconvenience,

      1. Kim

        THANK YOU!!!!!! I was afraid I would have to restart the game….. 🙂

      2. SusieQ49

        I’ve had the same problem pop up. Please fix and update version. Thx

  5. Chris Allick

    Think I’ve also hit a bug.

    I’m in the garden and I’ve placed the piece on the metal face. This moved the water along and now I have to move the crystal, turn the crank, and match the symbol.

    Ok, so I’m cracking… nothing is happening. I’m matching the symbol. I’ve gone both directions…

    What gives?!

  6. Chris Allick

    OMG I GOT IT!! LOL! The crystal was stoping in the right place. So my tracer image was ever so slightly off.

    1. Erin

      I am having the same problem! The crystal is Tracing the same shape as the symbol, but nothing is happening!!! It’s so frustrating!!! How’d you get it to work? My crystal is all the way down. It can’t go down any further.

      1. Erin

        Omg never mind. I got it. Annoying.

        1. Joy Boyett

          How’d ya figure it out? I’m having same prob.

        2. Haledamage

          What did you do? I’m stuck at the same place.

          1. maasto

            I cannot get out of the last puzzle in the pool. It is a match but nothing happens.

            1. Arcanum

              I having same issue. Puzzle w 2 crystals in garden. Have right patterns but nothing happens. Watched video of this puzzle and seems I’m doing right. Bug? Trick?

  7. Chris

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to put a pearl in an oyster, rather than a clam?

  8. Elsie Eider

    I can;t get through the box puzzle – I keep ending up at the gong whatever I do!

  9. Myrene pryde

    Can’t get all the faces upright in the garden.

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