‘The Room: Old Sins’ – Study Walkthrough Guide

The Room: Old Sins
By: Fireproof Games


This is the second part of my complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle adventure game, The Room: Old Sins, by Fireproof Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I’ll be adding more screenshots later. If you’re having trouble understanding what to do from my descriptions, please watch the videos until I have a chance to get more screenshots added.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic


Room 2, The Study:

You can watch my video for this section or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Look at the artifact in your bag. Tap and hold the symbol to open it up. Take the swan figurine from inside.

2. Place the swan figurine on the left pedestal to get a model lamp.


3. Place the model lamp on the street light to gain access to the entire dollhouse.


4. Find something that looks similar to the ornate metal panel and place the panel next to it. Then, change the pattern on it to be the mirror image of it.



5. Enter the Study. Open the book and read the new entry, this one from Edward.


6. Head to the desk to the right. Find the puzzle near the foot of the desk and solve it. It’s basically trial-and-error. Slide the little circular piece to the acorn, then the flower, and then the tree. Pull the handle that appears.



7. Put on the eyepiece and solve the 3D diamond puzzle.




8. Pull up the handle that’s revealed. We’re still missing a piece that goes on the cross. But you can pull the little gold circle from before to open a hidden compartment and get a fire steel.



9. While you’re here, notice that if you pull the green drawer out, it rotates a Pac-Man-like piece. Pull the drawer out enough that the opening of the circle is around the corner of the drawer.

10. Go across the room and open the drawer of the safe to get a medallion with four holes.

11. Go back to the desk and place the medallion on the cross. Spin the wheel around it and take the shaped metal piece from inside.

12. Use the shaped metal piece on the little cross to the left and turn it to open another panel.

13. Use the eyepiece to solve another 3D diamond puzzle.




14. A new compartment opens up. Notice the button on its side. Press it, then press the two cylinders down. Open the drawer and notice that the Pac-Man piece above it rotates as you do so. Rotate it to the correct position. Also, take the crank handle.


15. Open the panel on the top of the quarter circle section. Add the crank handle, then use it to move the blue triangles and red moons to their appropriate spots. Pull up the handle and take the part of a model well.

16. Notice that when you pull the handle, another Pac-Man piece rotates. Pull the handle just enough so the piece is in the right position.


17. Leave the Study and find the hole to place the well. Lower the bucket to unlock the Kitchen.

18. Enter the Kitchen. Read the book on the table.

19. Turn to the left to see the grate and pull out the rod with a handle. Lift up the little door. There’s a bottle under there but you can’t reach it yet.


20. Head over to the bells on the wall. Add the rod with a handle to the bell that’s missing one.

21. Look at the label below the bells. There’s a small screw holding the panel in place. Turn it to remove it and see four symbols.


22. Now, use the eyepiece to see three symbols on the bells — a circle, a line, and a triangle. Pull the handles to ring the bells in the order shown below them. If a symbol is made up of two bells, ring both bells at the same time. Take the inkwell from the drawer that opens.


23. Go to the oven and turn the handle to open the left locked door. Use the eyepiece to see the puzzle and solve it. You need to rotate the yellow pieces so that when you turn the wheel at the bottom, the white blocks will be able to pass around or through them. Then take the small wheel from the coal.




24. Go back to the Study. Place the inkwell next to the books in the desk, open the lid and press the button.


25. Now, look at the side of the desk. Pull the bottom handle up to reveal two symbols. One is changeable, the other is not. Remember the symbol that’s not and pull the handle back down.


26. Now, move the little gold slider to the right to lock the bottom panel in place. Pull up the top handle to reveal another two symbols. Remember the left one and change the right one to match the one you saw below it.


27. Now, go back to the bottom and change the left symbol to the one you saw above. A drawer will pop out.


28. Open the drawer and take the strange enamel fragment. Also, make sure to leave the drawer open only to the gold lines. That will make sure the last Pac-Man piece is rotated the right way.


29. Now you can open the panel that was secured by the four Pac-Man pieces. There’s some floating particles. Put on the eyepiece and double-tap on the particles to go inside the desk.



30. Use the two levers and the wheel to move the gear along the track. Ultimately, you want all three of the small pieces of the track to line up along the center so you can rotate the big gear at the bottom. Take the handle of a model pump. The desk will pack itself up.


31. Leave the Study and find the pump on the dollhouse. Add the handle to it and the water will turn on in the kitchen. Head over there.


32. Now that the water’s running, you can reach the glass bottle that’s floating under the grate. Take it. Twist off the cap of the glass bottle and take the torn photograph from inside.


33. Go back to the Study. Add the piece of torn photograph to the framed piece above the desk. Use the eyepiece to see four symbols on it.



34. Right below the train photo is a dial with symbols on it. Turn it so it points at those four symbols in that order.


35. A model train will appear! Add the small wheel to the train and pull the metal rod to the right to connect the two. Now, you need to use the wheel to the left to err…rotate the train’s left wheel. You can also rotate the outer part of the two wheels themselves. Sorry this is so confusing, but I don’t know what else to call them! Ultimately, you want the right side of the bar to land in the bigger gold node on the right wheel. Take the metal stud.


36. Place the metal stud on the back of the train and open to drawer to get a metal rod.


37. Add the metal rod to the wheels and then take the metal grille. Open it up and place it on the front of the train. Take the L-shaped Connector.



38. Place the L-Shaped Connector on the triangle. A window will open on the back of the train. Use your eyepiece and then double-tap on the red particles to go inside.


39. Look through each window and turn the wheel until the openings point upwards and two wheels pop out of them.


40. Leave the train and pull the two wheels up. Then go back inside. Use the eyepiece in each window to see the numbers 25 in one and the letters BF in the other.




41. Go back to the front of the train and enter 25BF into the combination lock. Open the door and take the winding key from inside.

42. Go back inside the train and pull the lever to open two flaps. They look sort of like ladybug wings. Insert the winding key and turn it to wind up the model train.


43. Now, pull up the lever under the wheels to open the desk cover. Read the book on the desk and open the box to get a model chimney.



44. Leave the Study and find the place to put the chimney. It’s right below the symbols that the Null is overtaking. Use the eyepiece and rotate the wheel to recreate the symbol on the chimney. You need to look at it from an angle for it to work. Now you can access the Curiosity Room.



45. Enter the Curiosity Room. Read the book on the table. Then, head to the back and open the glass case. Take the map piece from inside.


46. Add the map piece to the globe. Make sure it’s in the right spot. Then rotate the globe so the red symbol is under the glass at the top. Use the eyepiece to access a puzzle and solve it. You need to drag the white light to the white circle at the top of the tower. Rotate the sections of the tower as needed.

47. Take another map piece from the drawer and add it to the map. Solve the next light puzzle. Take the carved piece of wood from the drawer.

48. Go to the back wall where there are two masks. Add the carved piece of wood to the left one and then move the eyes, eyebrows and feathers around it to match the right mask. Don’t forget to open the mouth! Take the last map piece.

49. Add the map piece to the globe and solve the last light puzzle, a ship. Pull the handle on the globe to reveal a laser puzzle.

50. Solve the laser puzzle by moving the reflectors around the board. Take the Anubis mask.


51. Place the Anubis mask on the wall between the other two masks and then take the gemstone from its mouth.

52. Go to the glass case in the back and open the left side. Place the gemstone in the empty slot and then take the ornate iron from the drawer.

53. Examine the ornate iron and use the sliders to open it up. Loosen everything up so you can remove the handle. Now you have a metal handle.

54. Go to the human anatomy model in the back. Add the strange enamel fragment to its forehead to get its eye lid open. We still need an eye for it, though.

55. Flick the switch to the right of it to turn on the x-ray machine. Then, use the arrow buttons to move it up and down the body. Use the glass circle to look around for triangles (arrows) pointing at symbols. There should be three of them. One on the hip, one on the upper thigh, and one on the knee.




56. Go to his chest and change the dials to match those three symbols, based on which point of the triangles were pointing at each. His chest will open up, but we have nothing to put inside. So we’ll have to come back to this later.


57. Leave the Curiosity Room and go back to the Kitchen. There’s a door to the right on the oven waiting for a handle. Place it on there and rotate it to unlock the door. Place the fire steel inside and turn the crank to light the coals on fire. Open the drawer underneath and take the valve handle.

58. Go to the water pipe and add the valve handle to it. Turn it so the arrow points to the right. The water will head to a different room — the Study!

59. Go back to the Study. There’s steam coming through the pipes on the left! Pull the first lever down to get the steam moving through to the next pipe. Turn the next handle to trap the steam inside the canister and lower the pipe piece. Pull the lever down to hold the pipe piece in place, then turn the next handle to send the steam through. Now, the brass sphere. Rotate each of the pipes on it so they point to the right. Then turn the handle to send the steam through them. Now you can open the safe!

60. Take the pipe connector from the safe. Turn the handle to shut the steam off and point all three pipes on the sphere upwards. Add the pipe connector and pull the handle down to connect all the pipes. Turn the steam back on to send it through.

61. Now turn to the machine in the middle of the room and pull all the levers to the right so you can grab the Strange artifact. Watch the Study get destroyed!

Click here to continue to the next page of the walkthrough, the Curiosity Room.

Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic

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  1. Marlin55

    I’m inside the using the eyepiece. The levers dropped the cog to the lower right. This lets me rotate so the middle straight piece is lined up in the centre. I clearly then need to move the cog so it will contact the other cogs lower left and upper left, so I can move the other straight parts to the centre. But here’s the catch. Now the cog is bottom right, it can rotate but it can be moved from bottom right. The levels that got it here no longer move the cog. There is no reset mechanism, so I appear to be stuck. Any helpful advice, anyone?

  2. Marlin55

    … further to my recent post, I quit the App and restarted it. This time when I went back into the desk, the puzzle was reset AND the levers allowed me to move the cogs to all necessary positions, after which the puzzle was quite easy to solve.

  3. Tantetan

    Hi! I’m trying to solve the train wheels – to get the gold knob into the right spot. But when the left wheels inside and outside halves are aligned, the ones on the right hand wheel are out of alignment. So I can’t move the rod into the right place. Please help!

  4. Claudia

    Hi everyone, I am stuck with the tower light puzzle because the light does not follow the path to reach the top.
    Am I missing something in order to have this puzzle working?

    1. Ken

      Yea so I was too but you can drag the light and then move the puzzle and continue, you don’t need to do it with one long path

  5. Deb

    I’m really stuck in the Japanese Gallery where you have to slide the boxes. Do you have a screen shot? Please

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I posted screenshots for all three sets. If that’s no enough, you can watch the video of it.

  6. Iain Cooper

    The ship is getting me so cross. It keeps moving around. Why can’t you lock it in place. While moving the light. Grrrrrrr

  7. EMily

    Hey! So I’m on the part in the beginning where you turn the horse statue to get the gold coin piece. I’m trying to return to the foyer but it’s displaying symbols in front of the foyer entrance so I’m basically locked out. What do I do here?

  8. Amber

    Hey, so how do you fix it when you accidentally do the upper and lower panels on the roll top desk backwards and it ens up with the brass slider locked at the bottom. But the game won’t let you fix it so the Pac-Man will open???? Stuck and can’t continue until that works.

  9. Cindy

    I cannot get the outer part of the right wheel on the train to move so I can roll the large hole down.

  10. Bob

    How to unscrew the glass bottle, to look what’s inside

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