Don’t Pay For Fortnite Mobile Invite Codes – Ask For Them Here Instead

By: Epic Games

Last night, I got my Fortnite iOS invite from Epic Games, only a few days after I signed up for one. I was expecting a TestFlight invitation, the app that allows developers to give players access to a game before it’s released. I didn’t realize that instead it would allow me to download the game directly from the store and then just log in with my Epic account.

I was even more surprised when I got an email today with three invite codes to give to friends. Since I don’t have any real life friends I thought would be interested, I offered them on Twitter and was surprised by the slew of responses. I’ve since given all three out, but noticed that people are trying to sell them on eBay.

Not only that, but they’re selling! Please don’t buy them. It’s silly, especially when Epic is inviting more people at such a rapid pace. Instead, ask for them here in the comments section and if I get any more myself, I’ll make sure to share them. If you have any yourself, thanks for sharing with those who still need them.

Also, the app is a whopping 2GB big, so I suggest downloading it now and being ready for whenever you do get a code. Otherwise you’ll just have to wait longer to play! And if you haven’t signed up for an email invite, you can do so here.

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Sam Brown

Can I please have a code? ❤️


can i please have a code


Looking for a code where ever I can get one! Please I have been waiting a while. Thank you [email protected]

shane h

looking for a code as well! please send to [email protected]


omg! Sorry, but this page has one ad banner between each paragraph. Is that a bug or a expected behavior? I used only to follow you on Twitter and Youtube, so I was a little surprised when I saw that. Anyway, I have two invite codes.

Sorry about that! It’s a temporary situation as we’re working out the whole ad situation. I have someone else managing them.


Dont need to apologize. Just imagined it was probably a bug so I though I should mention. Good work in asking people not to pay for invite codes. Epic should find a way to block this sellers…

Yeah, it’s such a gross thing to do. Selling access to a free game.

Nazir Bell

Can I plz have one been looking all day

Nazir Bell

Can I get on please


Would you be willing to share an invite code with me


Lemme get one


Pls can I have one ?
Send them to this email address
[email protected]

David Day

If you still have one, I would appreciate a code, my email is [email protected]. I’d you send one, thanks so much


Anyway I could get one of those?


I’m trying to get one

Karter Gaming

Can I have a code plzz


Do you still have them?


Do you still have them

Abdulla Esawy

Can i have one pls


Yo HMU with one of those [email protected]


Can I please have one


then can i have one?

Nazir Bell

Plz I need a code for fortnite


Can I have a code please?

Mehmet Aslan

Do you have a code? I am impatient when O signed up the email said “If you do not get right away, we will keep sending in the coming MONTHS” and I do not think I can wait for months.


You’re invited to join the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS. Visit this link to start playing!

Nazir Bell

Please send me a code


Can you send me one


Could you send me a code at [email protected]


Could I please have a code?
Thanks very much!


Does anyone have an spare code? I’ve been waiting so long for this. Thanks!


Who can send me please code to [email protected]?

Nazir Bell

Send me a code to [email protected]


Can someone send me one at [email protected] thanks!


Still waiting for the invite.

Gonna share two of the codes if I get one.

If anyone would like to send an invite, here is my e-mail;

[email protected]



Can I get a code?


Can I get a code? [email protected]


Someone send me a code please thanks


If anyone have code plizzz Send me on [email protected] thanks 😉

mahmoud hassan

Can i please have a code, send to : [email protected]


Can I please have an invite code, been lookin for one from a friend but none have them


If you can hook me up w a code, I’ll be your bro forever and will play w u if u want

Email: [email protected]


Oi im from Australia. I will fight any kangaroo for a code
But seriously if someone gives me a code i will make sure to give all my friend codes back to the comment section!!!
[email protected]


May someone please send one to me I travel a lot so I don’t get to play that much on console. It would be very appreciated 🙂 email: [email protected]


Could I get a invite code please? Thank you! [email protected]

Jaime Maese

Could really use a code please! <3 [email protected] thanks!

Ethan Winters

hi im friends with lag out and he said that i could get a code from you please can i have one my email is [email protected]

Jesus Reyes

Can i please have one? I don’t have enough money for a console so I can only play games on my phone, I also do not have enough money to buy a code.
[email protected]
Thank you