Bigfoot Quest: Walkthrough Guide

Bigfoot Quest
By: Syntaxity Inc.

This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game, Bigfoot Quest, by Syntaxity. Feels free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Read Uncle Henry’s note. You start off at Scene 1. Enter the tent to go to Scene 2. Pick up the bucket and open the oven.

2. Solve the puzzle on the small dresser. You just need to line up the dots on each ring so they match. Take the metal gear.

3. Leave the tent. Go straight ahead to Scene 3 and fill the bucket with water from the lake.

4. Enter the boat and add the metal gear to it. We’re still missing something so we’ll come back later.

5. Go back to Scene 1. Pour the water on the fire. Take the gold amulet and wooden log from the fire pit.

6. Zoom back out. Take the right path to Scene 6 and then straight ahead to Scene 7. Pick some lavender and then continue ahead to Scene 8.

7. Take a look at the pattern of stones on the rock face. Match the gold amulet to one of the patterns and then turn it to reveal a clue. You’ll automatically take a photo of it.

8. Go back to Scene 3. Tap to the right to go to Scene 4. Use the clue you found at Scene 8 to solve the puzzle on the door. Then go through to Scene 5.

9. Let’s work on the hanging crate puzzle first. Pull the ropes in this order: 4, 2, 2, 4. Take the plastic handle.

10. Go back to the motorboat at Scene 3 and attach the plastic handle to the motor. Pull it a few times and the boat will take you to Scene 9.

11. Tap under the cabin to go to Scene 11. Take the cotton wrapped arrows from the table. Take the gold disc piece hanging from a rope. Ignore the other puzzles here for now.

12. Go back to Scene 9, up the stairs and inside to Scene 10. Lift up the rug to get a brass key. Look under the bed and take the dynamite. There’s also a safe here, but we’ll come back to it later.

13. Solve the circle and square puzzle (sorry, I didn’t get a photo of the solution) to get the other half of the gold disc. It says:


14. Go back to Scene 5. Let’s solve the puzzle to the right. Rotate the dial to V, then IX, then XII. Take the wood bow.

15. Go back to Scene 2 and use the brass key to open the locked box on the table. Take the matches and brass disc from inside.

16. Place the wooden log in the oven. Use the matches to turn on the oven.

17. Go back to Scene 6. Place the dynamite on the rocks to the right and use the matches to light it. The dynamite will explode and you can go through to Scene 12.

18. You’ll see Bigfoot heading down a path into a forest! Pick some huckleberries and then follow him down the path to Scene 13.

19. Pick up the glass lenses and the tuft of fur. Head right to Scene 14.

20. We can’t cross yet, so go back to Scene 8. Use the bow on the boulder across the gap. Use the matches to light an arrow. Then, pull the arrow back and shoot the rock. Now you can cross to Scene 18!

18. Take the middle path to Scene 22 and continue straight ahead to Scene 23.

19. Head inside to Scene 24. Pick up the axe. There’s a puzzle on the wall with different shapes on hexagon tiles. Swap the tiles around so the shapes match up.

20. We need a clue for the next puzzle, so just ignore it for now. Go back to Scene 14. Use the axe to chop down the tree so you can cross to Scene 15. Pick a lily flower.

21. We need a clue for the gate lock, so ignore it for now and continue right to Scene 16. Solve the mosaic puzzle on the bench. Take the shovel from inside.

22. Open the door and go through to Scene 17. Pick up the pieces of wood and broken glass. We’ll come back later for the locked box.

23. Go back to Scene 7. Use the shovel to dig up the mound of dirt until you find a small box. Open it and take the board with carvings and small gold anchor. Take a look at the board with carvings. It has a clue on it!

24. Go back to Scene 4. Use the lily flower on the bees to get them away from the honeycomb. Take a piece of the honeycomb.

25. Go inside to Scene 5. Rotate the discs on the chest so there’s an opening for the small gold anchor. Insert it to unlock the chest. Take the ice drill from inside.

26. Go back to Scene 10. Use the clue from the board with carvings to unlock the safe under the bed. Take the ice axes from inside.

27. Go back to Scene 8. Use the ice axes/picks on the ice to climb up to Scene 32. Go right to Scene 33.

28. Open the door and go inside to Scene 34. Take the empty tea kettle and look through the photos until you find one with some markings on it. Take it.

29. Go up the ladder to Scene 35. Look at the diagram on the blackboard and take the binoculars. Also, take the stirring stick next to the bowl.

30. Go back down the ladder to Scene 34. Use the binoculars on the open window to see Bigfoot play a tune on his flute to create an opening in the forest.

31. Go back to Scene 3. Fill the kettle with water from the lake. Go back to the tent at Scene 2 and place the kettle on the stove to boil the water. Take the kettle back.

32. Go back to Scene 11. Use the clue from the photo to solve the symbols puzzle on the table. You’ll get another clue for your troubles.

33. Go back to Scene 35. Follow the diagram on the blackboard. Place he honeycomb and lavender in the bowl. Add the hot water. Use the stirrer to, well, stir it. Then dip the Bigfoot fur in the mixture.

34. Go back to Scene 13 and place the scented fur by the two bushes. Then, go back to Scene 34 and use the binoculars to see Bigfoot’s reaction. He dropped the flute!

35. Go back to Scene 13 and pick up the flute. Use it to part the bushes and go through to Scene 36.

36. Pick up the metal knob and the rope. I’m still working out how to open the gate.

37. Go back to Scene 18 and head down the left path to the frozen lake at Scene 21. Use the ice drill to, well, drill a hole in the ice. We’ll come back to finish this later.

38. Go back to Scene 22. Use the shovel to dig through the mound of snow. Go through to Scene 26. Take a look inside and then ignore it for now. We’ll come back to it later.

39. Go back to Scene 24 and place the rope on the pulley. Climb down to Scene 30 and pick up the step ladder.

40. Go back to Scene 25 and place the two glass lenses on the binoculars. Look through them and adjust the view to see a clue. You’ll automatically take a photo of it.

41. Go back to Scene 18 and place the knob on the door to the right. I think you need to use the clue above for this, but I’m honestly not sure how. If anyone wants to shed some light on it, I’d be grateful. But basically, tap the knob once and watch it until it looks like the photo below. Then tap the knob and the door will open. Go through to Scene 19.

42. Grab the torch from the wall. Lift the blanket from the bed and grab the brass disc off the floor.

43. Go back to Scene 30. Place the torch on the wall and then head left to Scene 29. You can’t do anything here yet, so let’s move on.


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Awesome! Thank you!!


Finished this in a day. Very simple and not worth the money to be honest.


Step36, open the gate by moving handle to left so the vertical goes up. Insert “long support beam” found in the mine. Then move handle right so horizontals open. Step through to next scene.


The walkthrough ends at step 43. Do you have the rest of the game walkthrough?

sharron Bates

Hi have you found the rest of the walkthrough,I can’t


The walkthrough stops at step 43. Where is the rest?

Ivy Wagner

Hiyah, Step 41, I assumed it meant line up the image so the outer ring has 4 stripes and 2 stripes each over 1 stripe.


Where’s the rest of the walkthrough?


Did anyone find the rest of the Walkthrough?


Did you find where the rest is?


use rope in scene 42

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