Bigfoot Quest: Complete Walkthrough Guide

46. Go back to Scene 15. Use the clue you found at Scene 11 to solve the puzzle on the gate. It’s not a very good clue, but I think it tells you to move the top circle left once, the middle circle right three times, and the bottom circle right once. Since all three start in the center, the middle one can’t go right three times. Instead, wrap around to the other side and move it one more time. To me that seems more like four, but whatever. It should look like the photo below.

47. Go through to Scene 42. Pick up the large wood beam. Also, tie the rope over the hole and climb down to Scene 43.

48. Place another torch on the wall (we seem to have an unlimited number of torches). Head left to Scene 44 and place another torch on the wall. Pick up the large basket. We’ll come back later for the rest.

49. Go back to Scene 26. Place the basket on the hook and pull the crank to lower it and yourself into the hole to Scene 27. Place the torch on the wall.

50. Head right to Scene 29. Pick up the brass gear and the metal tile.

51. Go back to Scene 36. Zoom in on the gate controls to the left. Place the brass gear down and move the lever to the left. Now, one of the gates will lift up. Place the wooden beam under it to hold it up.

52. Now, move the lever to the right to open the second gate. Now you can go through to Scene 37!

53. Pick up a cabbage. Then zoom in on the fire pit and add the wooden pieces. Use the matches to light a fire. Enter the hut to go to Scene 39. We can’t do anything here yet, so leave back to Scene 37.

54. Climb up the rope ladder to the right to Scene 38. Grab the brass disc, wooden tripod and the crowbar. Notice the framed painting that says WASHINGTON PACIFIC NORTHWEST on it. Use the glass shard to cut open the seam and take the metal tile. There’s also a guitar, but we don’t have a tune to play yet. Head back down to Scene 37.

55. Place the ladder below the rope ladder to the left and climb up to Scene 40. Ignore the puzzle on the tree for now. Take a photo of the painting on the wall. Then head left to Scene 41.

56. Use the binoculars with the window and zoom in to see another clue. You’ll automatically take a photo of it.

57. Go back to Scene 21 and place the wooden tripod over the hole. We’ll come back to this.

58. Go back to Scene 19. Look under the bed for a loose floorboard. Use the crowbar to remove it and get another metal tile and brass disc.

59. Zoom in on the bookshelves. Look at your photo of the painting from Scene 40. This is another weak clue, but notice the colors go in this order:

Sun = Yellow
Sky = Blue
Mountain = Orange
Trees = Green

So pull out the books in that order — yellow, blue, orange, green. There’s a hidden ladder!

60. Go up the ladder to Scene 20. Solve the puzzle on the wall. You need to line up the symbols as shown below, along the top row. Do it twice and it will open. Take the battery and magnet.

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  1. Linda

    Awesome! Thank you!!

  2. Cris

    Finished this in a day. Very simple and not worth the money to be honest.

  3. Heather

    Step36, open the gate by moving handle to left so the vertical goes up. Insert ΓÇ£long support beamΓÇ¥ found in the mine. Then move handle right so horizontals open. Step through to next scene.

  4. Diane

    The walkthrough ends at step 43. Do you have the rest of the game walkthrough?

    1. sharron Bates

      Hi have you found the rest of the walkthrough,I can’t

  5. Lene

    The walkthrough stops at step 43. Where is the rest?

  6. Ivy Wagner

    Hiyah, Step 41, I assumed it meant line up the image so the outer ring has 4 stripes and 2 stripes each over 1 stripe.

  7. Remohevoli

    WhereΓÇÖs the rest of the walkthrough?

    1. Bette

      Did anyone find the rest of the Walkthrough?

    2. Bette

      Did you find where the rest is?

  8. Ose

    use rope in scene 42

  9. Cris

    Cena 24 como resolver?

  10. Cris

    Cena 24 como resolver

  11. Dirk

    Step 41 on page three says that there is a picture below to show the solution for the door problem. However, there is no picture. How do you solve the IIII/I and II/I puzzle? The camera picture clue on the game is no help at all.

  12. Raven0ak


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