The Guides Axiom: Expansion Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

The Guides Axiom
By: Kevin Bradford LLC (Luke Lisi)

This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the paid expansion pack of the iOS and Android puzzle game, The Guides Axiom by Kevin Bradford and Luke Lisi.

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Level e1: This is another Index Data level. Fill in the boxes with the letters of the alphabet and then pull out the ones with Xes on them. You get BEGINS.

Answer: BEGINS

Level e2: It says, “The key is right in front of you. You just have to be careful not to overlook it.”

// 43 9 40 7 63 5 17

Hint: count

For each number, count the characters in the sentence, excluding spaces. So for 43, you get the A in “careful” and for 9 you get the R in “right.” Keep doing it until you get ARBITER


Level e3: The numbers and letters keep changing, but sometimes they pause with some letters highlighted. Take a photo of it and you’ll see the letters make up the word SYMBOLIC if you reorganize them.


Level e4: Name each symbol. You get Pawn, Anchor, Target, Hourglass. Now just take the first letter of each and you get PATH

Answer: PATH

Level e5: The hint is SEQUENTIAL.

Tap on the middle left button with a dot and an arrow on it. Then, just follow the arrows as shown below.

Level e6: Line up the circles like so:

Level e7: Translate it to binary. You get 00110101. Use the decoder to get 5.

Answer: 5

Level e8: The hint is E. Not sure how that helps. Just rearrange the letters to make a single word


Level e9: The hint is TK-G/303.

Look at Level 19. There’s a line drawing. Copy that line onto level e9 by drawing with your finger from dot to dot.

Level e10: This one’s easy. Just line up the dots.

Level e11: This is like Lights Out. You need to turn on all the lights. You can follow what I did in the photo below.

Level e12: Tap each disc to line them up correctly. If you got it right the button will turn yellow. Press it and then open the folder to get a hack. It will also say, “No wonder you can’t sleep.”

Now, at the top of the level select screen, you should have a small lock that’s unlocked. Tap it to get a check mark.

And that’s all for now!

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  1. none

    my english is bad. (by google translator)
    e2 : Matches the index of the remaining characters except for whitespace. – arbiter

  2. Tor

    Some things seem to have changed since this guide was made, but I finally reached 100%. Thanks for the help !

  3. Leafmire

    e8’s hint is preview e5. you can find something changed

  4. Courtney

    Expansion pack 2 is out with 12 new levels (13-24). Comment if you want hints or answers.

    1. Tim Bailey

      Also would love hints for some of the new puzzles and backdoors apart from the paid expansion. 8 and 62 have me stumped.

      1. Somonouk

        Totally agree, 8 and 62 are drivin me crazy !!! And Block 2 Nodes too !!!

        1. Ethan

          Block two nodes is Sky, you fins it by looking at each of the levels listed on the nodes, you use that are when you hit the double arrows on the bottom left of the screen.

          1. Somonouk

            Thank you so muuuuuuch !!!

          2. Yeong

            What do you guys mean Block two node? I am stuck with 5, 8, 62, and 63. Currently at 91.7%.

          3. Whimsy

            Level 64 doesn’t exist for me…
            Still can’t access the gold part of levels 62 and 63.

          4. Yan

            The left hints includes the 64 lvl, but this lvl doesnt exist now

      2. Courtney

        One of the answers to 8 is one of the first answers I tried when I first did the level. ItΓÇÖs stupidly simple. One digit at a time, and the answer doesnΓÇÖt have anything to do with any other level. Just 8.

        1. Somonouk

          Are you talking about = bamb = tset = test ? If so i already found that. But it doesn’t seem complete yet, i’m desperate…

          1. Jordan

            This might be coincidence but the code 14454 added (1 4 4 5 4 as letters is added) up like 1 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 4 = 18 and 2 + 1 + 13 + 2 = 18. Yeah i really need help with 8.

        2. Jordan

          Yea, i need help with 8 and 62, they are not 100% complete for me. I just want the solution no vaugeness, please.

          1. Yeong Wen Lee

            Anyone solved 8 and 62 already?

            1. fr0z3n

              8 is solved for me now only 62 is pending and 69 and 100 blank pages

              1. Theed

                Just hit 100% 🙂 3 solutions for lvl8: 1:click number sequence, 2:type word deciphered with R(8), 3:type another number sequence.

                1. Classic

                  What’s the second sequence?

                2. Matt

                  I found the two first tips but I’m lost on 3rd, help me pls

              2. Yeong Wen Lee

                Solved 8. Need help with 62.

    2. Jordan Hardie

      8 i haven’t managed to figure out but i think it has to do with the preview screen of the level.
      This comment is in two sections, a hint and the actual solution.

      Hint first:
      62 is painfully obvious when you know the solution. Type “AtLas” for a backdoor (Seems there are more to be found)
      The numbers that are obscured in the auth is part of the solution. The tracker positions have nothing to do with the solution. The method of uncovering the answer is unconventional however, take caution when using this information.

      There is not much i can do in the way of spoilers (As far as i am aware of so) i am going to do this:

      Actual solution:
      Bring up the camera overlay, don’t take a picture but use the red filter on the top half over the auth code. This will show a bunch of numbers ( 03 01 14 25 15 14) and when converted to letters of the alphabet you get “canyon”.

      1. rad

        But 8 and 62 still seem to have more answers? At least the meter is not at 100% yet and 8 and 62 are not ΓÇ£filledΓÇ¥ in. what is missing?

        1. dne


          →base64(Google it..)

      2. Theed

        Where does “atlas” come from?

        1. Jordan

          At the auth code there are letters you can read fine, take them and you get atlas (Without the filter)

        2. Jacho46

          It’s “ATLAS” beacause a,t,l,a and s are the only letters we can see perfectly (because the letters are red, but the background is white.), the others letters are red with a brown background (because there are the brown letters behind the red.).

    3. ziyi Zhuang

      both lol

    4. Annie

      Yes please
      Looking for.hack on e12 and 24

    5. LeenaMorrison

      Heeeeelp im totally lost at e20

    6. beckett

      61 stumped me

  5. Pratik

    Answers for e13 to e24:
    e13: vantage
    e14: obscure
    e15: abide
    e16: click on 1 2 9 4 5
    e17: match the dots to solve
    e18: dark
    e19: outlined (level 41)
    e20: ordinal
    e21: import
    e22: parse
    e23: click on 1 F 1 s 9 ( 1 digit from each row)
    e24: similar to e12

    1. Jube

      How do you get import at e21?

    2. fr0z3n

      Pls send photo of e19

  6. The Guides Solver

    I beat all badges and levels

  7. beckett

    how do you solve 61

  8. Avary

    So, 1 4 4 5 4, change it using the 1-a decoder and you’ll have the word “added”
    Enter: ADDED
    P/s: literally so happy when I found this

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