Stray Cat Doors: Stage 6 Walkthrough Guide

Stray Cat Doors

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for Stage 6 of the iOS and Android room escape game, Stray Cat Doors, by PULSMO. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Stage 6:

1. Tap on the table. Pick up the green light bulb and the milk. Also, notice the plate of number cookies. Remember the numbers and colors.

2. Add the milk to the coffee and memorize the snowflake pattern.

3. Look at the photo album. The first page is telling you to go 1 space, then 1 space, then 2 spaces. The second page tells you to go 4 spaces and then 1 space. You’ll see what this is for soon.

4. Zoom out and tap on the rocking chair. There’s a locked box. Look for the snowflakes that match the pattern from the coffee. Only press those. Take the remote from inside.

5. Tap on the fireplace. Grab a log and throw it on the fire.

6. Zoom out and tap on the basket of yarn. Take the red lightbulb.

7. Tap on the lamp to the right of the window. Screw both lightbulbs in and use the switch to switch between the two. The green says XII : X and the red says VI : II.

8. Zoom out and look at the rug in front of the door. Memorize the pattern or take a screenshot of it.

9. Tap on the window. Notice the arrows and the paw print on the glass. It’s a clue for how to open the drawers. We’ll do that soon. First, tap on the clock and and set it to the time you saw in the red bulb. The hour hand should be on VI and the minute hand should be on II. Take the I.

10. Tap on the snow globe. First, match the pattern you saw on the door mat. Then, press each button once more to get the opposite, which spells out LIFE.

11. Take the key. While you’re here, notice the snowman’s buttons and the arrow on his scarf. It tells you the order is Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

12. Zoom out and tap on the board game. Use the remote to turn on the TV and see some music notes. Take a screenshot of them.

13. Use the key to unlock the green clock. Change the hour to XII and the minutes to X. Take the V.

14. Look at the board game. It says to start near D. Remember the instructions from the photo album? From start, go 1 space to D, 1 space to R, 2 spaces to E, 4 spaces to A, then 1 space to M. You get DREAM! We’ll use that in a bit.

15. Zoom in on the basket of yarn again. There’s some drawers behind it. Tap on them and use the clue from the window to open the drawer with the paw print on it. You can follow my instructions in the photo below. Take the key from inside.

16. Now take a look at the framed paintings on the wall. Let’s start with the upper right, since it’s the easiest. Place the I and V on it to complete the message, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Take the puzzle piece.

17. Use the key on the painting below it to get another puzzle piece.

18. For the upper left painting, move the music notes up and down to match their positions on the TV. Take another puzzle piece.

19. For the one below that, enter DREAM, the word you got from the board game, and get another puzzle piece.

20. The last one is the trickiest. It’s not enough to use the numbers and colors from the cookie plate. You need to do it in be order shown on the snow globe. So start with Green 1, Red 7, Yellow 9, and Blue 4. Take the last puzzle piece and go through the door to complete the stage.

Congratulations! You completed the game! Click here for the Bonus puzzles.

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