My Week Unwrapped: May 1, 2018 – Supertype, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, Harry and Larry, Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle and More


Hi everyone and welcome back to My Week Unwrapped, where I’ll be talking about the games I played over the last seven days. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the busiest week, but it did include one really cool puzzle game, as well as possibly the most disappointing game in gaming history. Keep reading to find out which is which!


I wasn’t planning on writing a full review for Kamibox’s supertype, but once I started talking about it, the worlds just flowed right out. So rather than have a long review-like paragraph here, I turned it into a proper review you can read here. supertype is a very unique game and for $0.99, you’d be crazy not to pick it up. Simple as that. If you do get stuck, the game lets you skip levels, but if that’s not enough for you, try my complete walkthrough guide.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

As promised, here you have one of the most disappointing games ever. One of the biggest franchises in the history of the planet, with fans willing to pay and do just about anything to feel like they’re part of Harry Potter’s world, and we get the most shallow game you can possibly think of, with the most aggressive monetization you can imagine. You use your limited energy to tap on glowing spots until you run out of energy. Then you either buy more or wait for it to replenish. This is just the saddest thing I can imagine them making. I mean, there was a Fantastic Beasts hidden object game (HOG) that released not too long ago which I haven’t tried, but at least I assume that should be somewhat enjoyable for those who like HOGs. It also had decent artwork. This game is sold as an RPG, though, advertises that you’ll feel like you’re a student at Hogwarts, but instead just insults your intelligence every step of the way. This is a game that encapsulated very worst of the App Store and the best excuse for gamers on other platforms to mock mobile. It’s embarrassing that it’s not only topping the free download charts, but is even one of the highest grossing apps right now. Please don’t support this predatory model. I wrote some more about it here if you’re not convinced yet.


Harry and Larry

I really don’t have much to say about Rasterzone’s grocery store autorunner, Harry and Larry. The artwork is kind of charming in an adult swim kind way, and it even has voice acted animated cutscenes. The problem is, the controls don’t feel good to me, especially on a large iPad. But worse than that, I was getting dizzy from the busy backgrounds that Harry and Larry speed past as they pick up groceries. I didn’t really give the game much of a chance because it was making me too dizzy. I’m not sure how helpful my short video will be, but if it looks like something you’d enjoy, check it out.


Still Here… Flight Adventure

I got David Smit’s Still Here… Flight Adventure a little ahead of release and was really excited to play it due to the gorgeous artwork I saw. Unfortunately, I lost interest in it after about twenty minutes. It’s not that it’s inherently a bad game, it just doesn’t really have anything to suck me in. You fly around and collect items, one by one, to give to robots. From the few levels I played, there was little variety. The addition of spikes that can kill you did raise the stakes, but once I took a break from the game, I was never compelled to go back to it. It’s a shame, because that artwork really is lovely. Again, you can watch my gameplay video to see if it’s something you might like.


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

And last, I finally finished the free content of Blue Wizard Digital’s Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and completed my walkthrough for all eight episodes. I even learned a new word from the game: extirpation! If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend giving it a go. There’s a ton of free content, plus extra paid episodes if you can’t get enough. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll buy any of the extra episodes, but I enjoyed what I played so far.


And that’s everything I’ve been playing this past week. I know it wasn’t the most exciting installment of My Week Unwrapped, but at the very least you should pick up supertype. Let me know what you think of it and I’ll see you back here next week, which will hopefully be more exciting.

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