Homo Machina: Walkthrough Guide

Homo Machina
By: ARTE Experience

This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Homo Machina, by ARTE Experience. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Tips & Tricks:

– Experiment! There’s rarely any guidance in Homo Machina. If tapping doesn’t work, try dragging or holding your finger on the screen. I felt real silly when I realized that tapping on the hose wasn’t enough and I need to hold my finger on it to keep the water running.

– With the central nervous system, take your time and locate each of the buttons for the body parts before you start pressing. There’s no time limit for how long you can think, but once you start pressing buttons on the sequence, the clock starts running.

– Save points aren’t really noted and it’s hard to tell when the game is saving. If you don’t want to have to redo parts you already played, I suggest playing through a chapter at a time. There are three chapters, and it’s not a very long game, but without knowing which puzzles are ok to stop after, it can get a little frustrating.

– There are some reflex- and time-based puzzles, but the game is overall very forgiving. Don’t worry too much about messing up.

– Have fun!


Homo Machina takes you through three chapters in which you have to tinker around and activate all the functions of the body, like smelling, chewing, running, and more. I have a video walkthrough for the entire game, but if you need help with a specific section, just ask!

Chapters 1, 2 & 3:

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