Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt – Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with yet another free Adventure Escape game, this time called Haunted Hunt. You play as a shapeshifter named Moira who can turn into all different animals. Here I’ll be helping you get through Chapter 5 of the game with a step-by-step walkthrough guide including all puzzle answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 5:

You can watch my video walkthrough here and continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Look at the note on the table. It’s a clue we’ll use in a bit.

2. Change into a cat and pick up the two gears. Also, use the clue from the note to figure out which shapes to select to open the strange lock. You can copy my photo below if you have trouble with it.

3. Change back into a human. Grab the matches and the key. Then go through the door to the right.

4. You’re in what appears to be a kitchen. Look at Baxter’s to-do list on the table. Open Baxter’s drawer to get the kerosene fuel. If you change into a cat, you can see some blood stains around the room.

5. Turn back into a human and go back to the first room. Use the kerosene fuel with the lamp and then use the matches to light it. You should see one green glowing dot inside it.

6. Go back to the kitchen and pour fuel into the lamp. Light it to see two glowing green dots.

7. Leave the kitchen and enter the room towards the back. It looks like a sitting room. Pick up the watering can. Again, pour kerosene in the lamp and light it to see three glowing green dots. Take the key that appears. Change into a cat and open the dresser door to get another gear.

8. Change back into a human. Go back to the kitchen and fill the watering can with water from the sink. Go back to the sitting room and use it to water the plants. Take the contract and key and then look at the contract. It says Baxter will never reveal Otto’s secrets.

9. Go back to the kitchen and change into a cat. Look at the locked chest. Change all the fingerprints to match the one on the contract. Then take the gear from inside.

10. Change back to a human. Go back to the first room. Open up the clock and place all the gears down. You need to arrange them so the colors all match up. You need to change into a cat to see the colors of the glowing gears. If you get stuck, you can copy the photo below. Then take the key.

11. Go back to the sitting room. Time to open the locked box. Place all four keys down on it. Now to figure out the order. The to-do list tells you it goes cigar closet, then lamp, flowers, and clock.

12. Now you have to organize the panels to tell the story that describes Baxter’s experience. Take the key from inside.

13. Go back to the kitchen and use the key to open the back door and complete the chapter.

Congratulations! You completed Chapter 5! Click here for the Chapter 6 walkthrough.

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  1. Joan

    The gears in the clock……none glow and there arent enough.

  2. Lisa Jo Reed

    I matched all the gears correctly but wont give me the key to move forward! I even copied your screen shots still nothing!! I have tried to close out of the game completely and still will not work!!!

    1. Lisa Jo Reed

      How do I restart the level? Im so stuck im getting stressed out over this silly game ! I thought about trying to reinstall ??!# HELP PLEASE

    2. Amanda

      Same problem.

    3. Lee

      I keep getting the same thing

    4. Raudive

      For the gears problem, first set the gears as human vision. Next set the gears as a Cat.
      (sorry for my bad English).

    5. Shannon M Lenahan

      The two small green ones need to switch a places

  3. Kimberly T Blake

    Same problem

  4. EJ

    I’m also stuck on the gears – anybody got a solution?

  5. Ayush Patel

    I am touching the symbol but it is not changing

  6. Abhinab Gogoi

    for the gears its easy i did it myself… maybe it changes evertime… switch again and again to get the correct position

    1. Lee

      Flip from cat to people mode. The two glowing green ones look different in person mode

  7. Kay

    Baxter’s box I only have three keys
    Can’t find the 4th one
    Driving me nuts

    1. Dee

      Heya, you need the lamps in the right order, the key appears in the sitting room!

  8. Confused player

    What the? When I light the lamp above the secret door in the wall it won’t open! I tried restarting the level but It won’t open! Please someone respond and help me! :’(

  9. lis

    yeah its right about the clock.. be human , do a gear, be a cat, do a gear.. just do it one by one switching between.. was stuck for ages and that worked

  10. Kimbo1

    level 5. Somehow between collecting the key to leave and end the level and going to the next room to leave, the key disappeared! Now what?!k

  11. Frouke
    On the end, the purple box remains closed. from the note I know which order to do the keys (cigar, lamp, flower, clock) but it won't open.


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