Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt – Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with yet another free Adventure Escape game, this time called Haunted Hunt. You play as a shapeshifter named Moira who can turn into all different animals. Here I’ll be helping you get through Chapter 6 of the game with a step-by-step walkthrough guide including all puzzle answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

You can watch my video walkthrough here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’re in the kitchen. Grab the flour. Change into a cat to see a ghost pointing at the table. Pour the flour onto the table to see a secret message. Pick up the pickle jar and look at the drawing on the table.

2. Use the clue to unlock the door to the left. Set the symbols to two hands above and a moon below. We can’t do anything in there yet so just ignore the storage room for now.

3. Go through the door to the right to enter the bedroom and grab the rope.

4. Change into a cat. Notice the numbers on the bells. Pull one of the red ropes and the bells will start ringing. Pay attention to the numbers as they ring. So Baxter is 12749. Joan is 24613. Cole is 74517. Lilly is 86889. Open all four boxes. Get the key and red shoe from Joan’s box. Take the shovel from Cole’s box. Take the vegetable shortening from Lilly’s box.

5. Change back into a human. Go back to the kitchen. Tie the rope to the dumb waiter. We still need something else for it.

6. Go to the storage room. Use the key to unlock the cabinet below the tool box. Change into a cat and solve the laser reflecting puzzle by moving the mirrors around. You need the laser to go through all the squares with spiders on them. Take the wrench.

7. Use the vegetable shortening and the wrench on the giant wheel. There’s a supernatural graveyard underneath! Pick up the rope, large rusty wheel, red shoe, and horseshoe.

8. Tap on the memorial boxes on the shelf. They’re red with roses on them. Change into a cat so you can see the names on each box. Then, add the right items for each person. Joan gets the red shoes, Cole gets the shovel, Lilly gets the pickle jar, and Baxter gets the horseshoe. Now, you can see the numbers 4727 on the floor. Also, take the small rusty wheel from the ghost.

9. Go back to the kitchen and enter 4727 to open the safe. Take the alcohol.

10. Tap on the colored bottles. Add the alcohol to the table. Change into a cat so you can see the color reside of each chemical. You need to mix colors in each bottle to replicate them. But you have to switch back and forth between human and cat form, since the bottles on the table only show in color for the human form. It goes like this:

Top Left: Red + Blue
Top Center: Blue + White
Top Right: Black + White
Center Left: Red + Yellow
Center: Red + White
Center Right: Blue + Yellow
Lower Left: Red + Yellow + White
Lower Center: Black + Blue
Lower Right: Red + Blue + White

Take the ammonia cleaner.

11. Add the two wheels and the other rope to the dumb waiter. Add the ammonia to complete the chapter.

Congratulations! You completed Chapter 6! Click here for the Chapter 7 walkthrough.

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  1. Michele

    When you get a chance can you explain the last puzzle in chapter 6 with the supernatural trap box. I all tried different ways. Read your description of using monocle to see how they interact with each other but still donΓÇÖt understand how you got the order you did. Thanks

  2. Ellawog67

    Need help w the light box. Always ending up w 1 light not on sequence.

  3. Ariana

    I just wanted to give Lilly a hug :c she seems so innocent and frail.

  4. Alexandros Dimitrios Davakis

    Thank you so much for the bottle colour solution. For sone reason I couldn’t succeed even though the colours seemed correct.

  5. Lynne

    Help!!! I didn’t know at the time to take the small wheel from the ghost in the storage room. So, I cannot work the dumb waiter, do I have to forfeit the rest of the game? I also did not have option to “skip” to continue to chapter 7. Can anyone help me??!! I love these games and don’t want to give up.

  6. Dennis

    CanΓÇÖt find the wrench after I got through the maze I see the tool box but nothing happens when I click on it did I miss something?

    1. Dennis

      I did find it in the tool box

  7. Divya roy

    I can’t find both 2 ropes

    1. biskutkookie

      You can find first rope under the Baxter’s bed and second one in the room from Supernatural Graveyard Underneath (there’s rope, another red shoe, larger rusty and horseshoe). Hope this help you 🙂

      1. Anne

        Omg thank you so much, @biskutcookie!

  8. Anne

    I found the red shoe and had it in inventory but it disappeared. I have nothing to put on Joan’s box. Is this a glitch?

  9. Anne

    I think I need more pictures here. Where is the first rope?

  10. Meredith

    I have a glitch. I put the pickle jar on Joan’s coffin and now I can’t remove it. I can place the shoe’s over it and somehow the jar went back into my inventory and I can use it on lily but it’s still showing as being on Joan’s as well. I can’t progress. Has anyone else had this problem?

  11. Maria

    I’ve finished every step in order, but after placing the items on the memorial boxes the numbers do not show up on the floor, and the first doesn’t have the small wheel. Any help with this?

    1. Maria

      Nevermind. I had Lily’s and Joan’s items mixed up

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