Rescue the Enchanter: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Rescue the Enchanter
By: Syntaxity Inc.

Syntaxity’s Rescue the Enchanter is a first-person iOS and Android point-and-click adventure that picks up where The Enchanted Books left off. If you remember, we found another book at the end of the game but needed an amulet in order to use it. That’s where this game starts and here you’ll be able to find a complete step-by-step walkthrough to help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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76. Use the blimp to go back to the pagoda area. Head to screen 75 and add the wooden gear and brass handle to the machine. Pull the handle and a door above will open.

77. Go back up to screen 68 and ahead to screen 70. Go through the newly opened door to screen 81. Use the fishing net to get another gold cube from the water.

78. Continue right to screen 82. Continue ahead to screen 83. Tap on the puzzle on the wall. You need to swap all the pieces so they all look like the symbol in the center. Then you have to do it again quickly for the next four! Five hooks drop down, which we’ll use later.

79. Use the blimp to go back to the castle. Head to screen 66. Place the crossbow down on the stand and add the grappling arrow. Shoot it and use it to cross to screen 67.

80. Grab the stone tile piece. Open the closet and take the crystal shard and gold amulet.

81. Use the blimp to go back to the ruins. Head to screen 27 and then left to screen 26. Place all four gold cubes on the pedestals. Take the ankh gold amulet.

82. Go back to screen 11 and head left to screen 12. Place all three gold emblems in the slots on the wall. Take the X-shaped key.

83. Take the blimp back to the pagoda area. Head to screen 81 and tap on the big circular door. Use the X-shaped key to unlock it and go through to screen 84.

84. Lift up the carpet and take the crystal shard. Then head up the left set of stairs to screen 85.

85. Take the green lantern. Also, use the crowbar on the wall and take the stone tile piece. Then leave.

86. Head up the right set of stairs to screen 86. Look at the clue on the wall and take a bamboo stick. Then head up to screen 87.

87. Take the brass ring and solve the puzzle on the bench. Take the wood tablet and then look at it for a clue.

88. Go back to screen 79. Use the clue from the wood tablet to solve the puzzle on the table.

89. Go up the ladder to screen 80. Take the bronze bow.

90. Take the blimp back to the ruins. Go back to screen 22 and add the rest of the crystal shards. Take the clay pot and rusty key. Take a look at the clay pot for a clue.

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Elizabeth Becker

How did you snuff out the candles in the church? I even tried the bucket of water and it won’t let me snuff the candles


There’s a candle snuffer in the next room.


cannot find the key for the table in the church to get the last card …please help me


Use the axe to cut the rope in ship



I can’t find all the stone tile pieces that belong in screen 28. Please help!


Yes I am missing one of them as well. Help us please!


Have you got the one from the Pagoda, by the Samurai warrior?


Try screen 85 in the wall to the right of the samurai


I got the last one in scene 67, but it’s not in my inventory.


I was wrong. I had missed the one by the Samurai. Thanks, Oohlala!


I am missing one of the stone tiles…what are the locations to find them please


Found the missing piece, in pagoda, had missed it, by the samurai warrior


I thought my last piece had disappeared from my inventory but found by the samurai also. Thanks!!


Also can’t access this piece. What goes into the wall slot to open it? And where do I get it?


Any further hints for the puzzle on screen 83?


The puzzle on screen 79 does not work for me, set to exactly like the picture, tried it in sequence as on the wood board, but no good.


You must do it in the correct order


Oh, duh, thanks!


Where is the yelloow lantern? I cant find it


Unlock the knights’ shields puzzle.


where’s knight? can’t find it either…


its to the right on the main castle flo

mr. nurofeg

On Screen 75 I can’t open a door, I need small wheel at the middle of the door that connects 2 larger wheels ??


wher do i find the shovel?


I’m missing a yellow lantern. Anyone know where that is?

Laura Simmons

For the life of me I can’t solve the puzzle on the floor of room number 14, even with the visual aid. Help! Thank you!


How do i get to 52???


The circle puzzle on screen 79does not seem to work for me…any ideas?


Wow, this was so much back and forth with so many clues, I never would have made it with out you! Thanks!!

Amit Pandey

Step 96 mentioned above is obscure because of wordings. You have to take two tiles. One which comes out in a slot below the samurai warrior and another from the right side wall near samurai, by using crowbar. The tile from the wall is the last piece of puzzle in Pharaoh cave. Hope it clears all.

sharron Bates

Hi I can’t find the room in the desert,even though I followed the directions help

sharron Bates

Need help with screen 10, I can’t find the oasis,really frustrating


I have follwed the walktrough but still cant find every card.


I can’t get the grappling hook to work on the castle wall?


I cant find the last golden cube from screen 26, can someone please help me out?


They are on serene 2-16-20-81 in the well/oaisis and in 81 in not before but after the bridge under the small window

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