Isoland 2: Ashes of Time – Complete Walkthrough Guide

61. Talk to the astronaut. He says he put himself in hibernation mode because he couldn’t find fuel.

62. Head up the ladder and look at the photos. Tap the beetle to scare it away and see the name Szymborska.

63. Go back to the factory and enter the right room with the ruins. Use the clue from the alien’s wall to figure out which items to put where. Then place the stone tablet in the center of the room. Take back the golden tablet.

64. Go back through the time portal and to the temple and use the beetle clue to solve the puzzle and open the door. Go through.

65. Place the golden tablet in the center of the room. Then, arrange the pieces on the wall to match the eyes from all the statues you saw around the island. Take the power crystal.

66. Go back through the time portal and to the rocket. Use the power crystal as fuel.

67. Go up both ladders to the cockpit. The astronaut will be there, but you need to remind him how to control the ship. Use the clue that was projected into the sky. Then the rocket will take off! That’s the end…sort of!

68. Looks like we may have missed some achievements. To get them and the second ending, you need to start the game over. I know it sounds counterproductive but it seems to be the only way to get the second ending.

69. You’re back in the bedroom. Take a look at the drawing on the easel. It changed!

70. Continue like before. You can scroll back up and follow the walkthrough again if you forgot the details. If you make your way down to the beach, there’s a hole in the tree with a message for you.

71. When you get back to the dissection room, find the ancient rune in the wall. The rocket door code should have changed, as well.

72. In the room with the fish in jars, there’s a new piece! Take the mysterious red sphere.

73. Where you dig up the arrow key, there’s another ancient rune.

74. There’s another ancient rune in the rocket.

75. Place the mysterious red sphere on the wall here and watch the pattern.

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2 years ago

Finished it all twice – but what are the 2 hidden achievements?

Reply to  Sally
2 years ago

Apparently they have something to do with the girls doll- still not sure how to get them though.

Reply to  Skidmo
2 years ago

I’ve worked it out now. It is to do with the doll and not difficult.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
2 years ago

There’s a 3rd hidden achievement! It has to do with the 2nd ending

Reply to  Binkhi
2 years ago

Yeah, I added it to the hidden achievements post.

2 years ago

Plus achivement “stay tuned for isoland 3” by watching the second ending until the rocket landing on strange land

Reply to  Wili
2 years ago

How many hours do you have to watch it for?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
2 years ago

I thought it was a long wait, too. If your phone or tablet dims the display or does something else after a bit of idle time, you might try tapping the screen before idle timeout. I had to play the second ending again because I was interrupted before it finished; and I prevented my screen from dimming by tapping when it dimmed; I reached the planet in less than 2 very lonngg minutes.

2 years ago

After going through the temple , there is a door with a puzzle on it , i tried too much but i couldnt solve it , pls help me 😔 the walkthroughs about that door on youtube are diffrent from my puzzle 😭😭 helppppppppppp pls!

Reply to  Behnoosh
2 years ago

If you are referring to the puzzle with red, white, and green markers, it is almost impossible for someone to help you exactly, because there are at least two versions of that puzzle. On my first play, I was able to solve it after several attempts. On my second play, I just could not solve it, but there was a You Tube video that matched my puzzle. (ISOLAND 2 TEMPLE SOLUTION). I also realized that there is an “undo” button. To the right of the puzzle there is a circular snake, which is a reset or restart button. Below it there is an opening in the rock until you make a move; from then on, there is a front part of snake in the opening; if you press it, the last move you made will be erased.

2 years ago

I confirm there is at least two versions of the puzzle to reach the man in the rocketship. I saw the the same version in the walkthrough during my first play; when I played again, the puzzle layout looked much more complicated, but I found it easier to solve because there seemed to be more wiggle room.

2 years ago

There is no boy in the lighthouse so I’m not able to receive a message in the bottle. I don’t get it!

What is the “requested format”?
Reply to  Iliv
2 years ago

There is if you go through the door at the top. And he doesn’t *give* you a message in a bottle, you have to find an empty bottle to give him. The message will appear later.

S. L.
2 years ago

Good job. Thank you.
However, I want to warn all players :: the more you redo this game and more puzzles become complex. On the other hand, you have understood the logic and, one in the other, you become more able to solve them.

1 year ago

Hi everyone where is the boy who claims the empty bottle I couldn’t find him.

Reply to  Miah
1 year ago

Go to the lighthouse, second floor go outside on the balcony

Tessa Holledge
6 months ago

I rely on your walkthroughs so thank you. Really stuck on puzzle as in point 41 above. Seems impossible. Any way to get a new version?