The Birdcage: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

The Birdcage
By: Kaarel Kirsipuu (Pine Studio / KeyCube)

The Birdcage is a new mystery puzzle game by Pine Studio, the makers of the Faraway series. It’s in 3D like The Room series, but you have to help birds get out of cages that are a little like puzzle boxes. With this walkthrough, you’ll be able to find solutions for all the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Levels 1 – 5 | Levels 6 – 10 | Levels 11 – 15 |

Looking for The Birdcage 2?

Bluebird Pack:

You can watch my video walkthrough for levels 1 through 5 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.


1. Tap to move closer, press the button and move back.

2. Rotate the camera and then slide the slider and get the key.

3. Move back and rotate the camera again. Drag the key to the keyhole and rotate it to unlock the cage and free the bluebird.

Level 1:

1. Zoom in on the plaque. It says “Orde”.

2. Turn right a bit and open the locks to get a gem and triangular tile.

3. Continue turning right and pick up two more gems.

4. Don’t forget to find the letter.

5. Continue turning right. Place the triangle tile in the slot and then spell out the word ORDE. Take the golden pomegranate.

6. Rotate around the cage until you find the slot it can fit into. Turn it and take the key. Then use it to unlock the cage and set the bird free.

Level 2:

1. Turn left and pick up the letter and the gem.

2. Solve the cylinder puzzle and take the half circle piece.

3. Zoom back out and continue left. Solve the abacus puzzle and take another half circle.

4. Continue Left and get another two gems. Also, place the half circles on the space for them and then solve the next puzzle. Press the button and take the key.

5. Use the key in the cross-shaped lock. You need to open it up and make it fit the lock. Then turn it to open the door and set the bird free.

Level 3:

1. Turn to the right get a gem. Continue to the right and open the little door to get a circular piece with a cross in it. Then go back left and use it to get a tile piece.

2. Continue left and get another gem. Continue left and open the doors to get another gem and a circular piece.

3. Find the square slot and place the tile piece down. Now you need to swap the pieces around to make a design. Take the star shape.

4. Find the place to put the star shape and turn it. Then, move the top sliders touch the bottom and take another circular piece.

5. Don’t forget to find the letter!

6. Find the spot for the two circular pieces and then get the key and use it to unlock the door.

Level 4:

1. Turn left and pick up a gem. Continue left and get another gem. Also, find the letter.

2. Solve the rotating discs puzzle and get the cross.

3. Find the green button and press it. Follow the wires and press the buttons until you make it back around to the red one. Then take the screwdriver. Also, grab the gem.

4. Find the screw to use the screwdriver with and turn it. Take the metallic ball.

5. Go back to the door and place the metallic ball and cross on the labyrinth. Then move it to the center and take the key.

6. Use the key to unlock the cage door. Slide the locks to the right and and free the bird.

Level 5:

1. Pull the lever down to open a trap door in the bottom of the cage. The key is there! Now to figure out how to get it!

2. Look at the numbers at the bottom of the cage. You get a triangle 1, square 2, diamond 3, and circle 6. Turn right and enter those numbers next to the shapes. So you get 2631. Take the battery.

3. Continue right and get a gem and the letter. Continue right and get the other two gems.

4. Keep going right and place the battery in the slot. Solve the tile-swapping pipes puzzle. Then, take the two batteries.

5. Press the button under the horseshoe and place both batteries in the slots. The key will get pulled to the magnet.

6. Press the button again and take the key. Use it to unlock the door and free the bird.

Congratulations! You completed Bluebird Pack! Click here for the Goldfinch Pack walkthrough.

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  1. Andrea

    Question about the paid levels: it appears you can get the ΓÇÿwinter cardinalΓÇÖ pack for .99 and the ΓÇÿeagleΓÇÖ pack for .99. And they also offer both (the ΓÇÿfreedomΓÇÖ pack) for 2.99. Is there something extra in the freedom pack that justifies the extra ~$1? Or is it just bad math?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It just removes the ads. Unfortunately, there are ads even in the paid levels. I just paid the $0.99 and turned on airplane mode, since the packs are short anyway.

      1. Andrea

        Thank you!

  2. Lidia

    Level 16 has 2 gems,

  3. Lidia

    Level 16 is incorrect, 2 gems not 3.

    1. Erika

      No, every level have 3 gems I have completed all level with all gems.

      1. Jenn

        I also couldnΓÇÖt find one on 16. If IΓÇÖve unlocked the cage on that level, can I still go back and find the last gem, do you think?

      2. Jenn

        Ok, went back and found it. Now, to find the last note!

        1. Aline Pereira

          Acharam a nota ainda não encontrei.Nem a gaiola que da pra entrar.

        2. EMS

          Where did you find the last gem? IΓÇÖve replayed the level multiple times & still canΓÇÖt find it.

      3. Zelma

        Erika where is the gem for level 21

        1. Sjordan

          I can’t find it either.

      4. Addison

        where are the gems for level 24 and 25?pls help

  4. Doc Williams

    Stayed up late finishing the game. Just beat the Epilogue but canΓÇÖt find the secret note. Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Yu.boi.alec

    I wanna kms cuz I cant find the secret note anyone know where it is

  6. Bracken

    Help I had this game since it came out and I still canΓÇÖt find the secret note to complete the final achievement. Please someone help me out for my sanityΓÇÖs sake. Any help or lead on this would go a long way. I think that I narrowed it down to it being it the Epilogue level. But I still canΓÇÖt seem to find the darn thing. Help SOS. This is really stinks. Because I tried look all over the internet for a solution and I came up with nothing. Please Appunwrapper help us out. IΓÇÖm looking for that 100%.

    1. Kimmy

      On the epilogue level, on the arrows, press up up down down left right left right to get the ancient achievement.any idea how to get old friend or foeturae?

      1. Bracken

        ItΓÇÖs not working. What can I do. Can I get a video or pictures showing how to find it?

      2. murfilein

        same here, can’t figure out “an old friend”. did you manage to get it?

        1. Allison

          On level 8 switch the letters to spell orde which is the name on the birdcage in level 1

  7. Alexander Clark

    What about the gems for the dove pack? Level 21 I can’t find the third gem…

    1. Valinda Vandervelden

      I can’t find the 3 gem on level 21 either. Any ideas

      1. Sarah

        Hidden switch on tops of cage

        1. Sarah

          Hidden gems I ment

      2. Sarah

        Hidden switch on bird cage hinges if this helps

      3. Conradjunk

        Make three triangles on the shapes board.

    2. Zelma

      I canΓÇÖt find it either lol

      1. S Jordan neither.

  8. Rachael LaCross

    Stuck on level 6. I have both batteries installed behind magnet and the magnet is facing me with the button lit up. I can’t turn it around to get the key to attach to it

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