Isoland: Walkthrough Guide

Isoland: Isolated Island
By: COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Isoland (isolated island) is a quirky point-and-click adventure for iOS, Android and PC that has already been out for a while. But I started playing the Isoland 2 first and have been enjoying it. So I decided to play the original and make a walkthrough guide for anyone who gets stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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1. Look through all the screens on the projector/typewriter machine. Then follow the tutorial. Pick up the key and use it to unlock the box. Read the letter inside. Also, look at the map behind the box. There’s a spot circled.

2. Tap the arrow to leave that area and then head onto the dock and to the island. Tap on the lighthouse and then on the lighthouse door. We need to figure out how to open it using the coordinates on the map. It’s 20 W and 40 N.

3. Go inside lighthouse 4. Notice the dots on the wall. They’re clues. Also, tap the Bush a few times to get a drawer handle. Use it on the drawer and then take the scissors. Go upstairs.

4. Find another dots clue and the clue for the door downstairs. Talk the the guy here and then climb up the ladder.

5. Get the shovel and another dots clue. You now have four and they each are next to a photo of someone looking in a certain direction.

6. Go back downstairs and tap on the four dots control panel next to the door. Use the four clues you found to unlock it. The upper left dot had a man looking up, the upper right dot had a man looking left. The lower left dot had a girl looking right. And last, the lower right dot had a woman looking down. So put them altogether and this is how it should look:



7. Go through the door to exit the lighthouse. Tap on the lightning bolt on the factory. You need to tap the right spots so all the squares have lightning bolts on them. Then go through. But before you do, notice the symbol on the lighthouse and the number 2.

8. Pick up the iron ball and tap on the control pane by the door. You need to drag either end of the line of circles to move then around until all the blue circles are on blue squares and the red circle is on the red square. Go through the door.

9. You’re in the dissecting room! Tap on the weird octopus alien creature. Looks like we need to find his heart!

10. Leave the building. Head left talk to the guy here. You can’t do anything with the fish yet, but tap on the cross box. Move all the cross pieces so they form a giant cross. Then take the holy grail from inside. Also, look at the message in the bottle. It says: 1958.1215. There’s also two triangles next to it in the shape of an hourglass.

11. Head back and go between the lighthouse and the factory. Tap the lizard to see the clue hiding under it. We can’t open the door here yet, but look at it and then head left.

12. Use the shovel to dig up the bone. Then tap on the door if he spaceship, solve the puzzle and go inside.

13. Take the iron bucket. Notice the A, B and C (C is a copyright symbol) clues on the wall and then head upstairs.

14. Notice the clue for A B C as well as the hint for solving the picross puzzle. Then solve it and take the round star pattern. Also, tap on the screen and keep pulling the lever to read everything.

15. Head up the ladder. Place the dinosaur bone in the slot shown as B on the blackboard. We still need the other two items. Leave the spaceship.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Lily

    Help! Keep going. I feel so close to completion.

    1. Sir Eel.

      Argh! I know… I found this walkthrough because I’m stuck…. and it stops at the exact point I’m stuck at!!

      1. Zoe

        Guys! Go inside the pyramid and place the red pointer on the clock/ circle thing. A red button should appear. Now press it until it reaches the eye. The blue until it reaches the moon. The yellow until it reaches the sun and finally the green until it reaches the triangle thing. Then take the black beads from the door that opens up. Go to the statue and place it in the eye. It should turn blue. Now take the blue stone and go to the pyramid. Press the top of the pyramid to show the top of it and place the blue head in the hole. Done!!

  2. Zoe

    The pincer thing should be used to break the lock at the factory and adhesive tape to fix the wire after the lock is broken. The symbol rocks should be placed on the markings at the statue. Once all the rocks have been found and placed, you can proceed to use the black beads found at the pyramid to turn it into blue for the top of the pyramid.

    1. Femke

      And what about the puzzle in the lighthouse? The one with the sliders.
      wher can i find the clue for that?

      1. renley


    2. Tricia

      Thank you so much!!

  3. Darnboi300

    I play it in switch

  4. MM

    How did you figure out what arrow points to what icon, in the clock-like puzzle in the pyramid?

  5. Chitra

    For the arrow puzzle there are two clues:
    1. Figure out the arrow number in the tv screen in the factory
    2. Map the number with the angel dog pic

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