Isoland: Walkthrough Guide

31. Go back to the temple and place the sun and moon patterns with the star pattern. Take the blue gem.

32. Go back to the spaceship and place the starfish where C should be. The spaceship still won’t take off! Leave.

33. Head bald to where the dog was. There’s some strange pyramid! First, head left to the sea monster statue. Pick up the iron hook and look at the plaque and symbols around it.

34. Go back to the pyramid. Place the gem in the slot on the door and go through.

35. Tap on the sea monster drawings and match the eyes to the live sea monster. Then take the astronaut head (strange stone carving). Don’t go upstairs yet.

36. Head back to the temple and go upstairs. Place the head on the statue and take the red pointer.

37. Go back to the pyramid and head upstairs. Tap on the clock. Use the clues from the temple mural to figure out which colors should point at which symbol.


More coming soon!

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  1. Lily

    Help! Keep going. I feel so close to completion.

    1. Sir Eel.

      Argh! I know… I found this walkthrough because I’m stuck…. and it stops at the exact point I’m stuck at!!

      1. Zoe

        Guys! Go inside the pyramid and place the red pointer on the clock/ circle thing. A red button should appear. Now press it until it reaches the eye. The blue until it reaches the moon. The yellow until it reaches the sun and finally the green until it reaches the triangle thing. Then take the black beads from the door that opens up. Go to the statue and place it in the eye. It should turn blue. Now take the blue stone and go to the pyramid. Press the top of the pyramid to show the top of it and place the blue head in the hole. Done!!

  2. Zoe

    The pincer thing should be used to break the lock at the factory and adhesive tape to fix the wire after the lock is broken. The symbol rocks should be placed on the markings at the statue. Once all the rocks have been found and placed, you can proceed to use the black beads found at the pyramid to turn it into blue for the top of the pyramid.

    1. Femke

      And what about the puzzle in the lighthouse? The one with the sliders.
      wher can i find the clue for that?

      1. renley


    2. Tricia

      Thank you so much!!

  3. Darnboi300

    I play it in switch

  4. MM

    How did you figure out what arrow points to what icon, in the clock-like puzzle in the pyramid?

  5. Chitra

    For the arrow puzzle there are two clues:
    1. Figure out the arrow number in the tv screen in the factory
    2. Map the number with the angel dog pic

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