The Birdcage: Cardinal Pack Walkthrough Guide

The Birdcage
By: Kaarel Kirsipuu (Pine Studio / KeyCube)

The Birdcage is a new mystery puzzle game by Pine Studio, the makers of the Faraway series. It’s in 3D like The Room series, but you have to help birds get out of cages that are a little like puzzle boxes. With this walkthrough, you’ll be able to find solutions for all the Cardinal Pack puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Levels 1 – 5 | Levels 6 – 10 | Levels 11 – 15 |

Cardinal Pack:

You can watch my video for levels 11 – 15 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Level 11:

1. Pick up the gem to the left of the door. Continue left and solve the puzzle by tapping each shape button as the shape spins by. Take the square object.

2. Continue left and grab another gem. Head to the next puzzle and place the square object in the slot. Press the button and hold it it down so the door opens and stays open. Take the star object. Make sure to also take back the square object.

3. Continue left and grab the letter.

4. Continue left past the next puzzle and pick up the last gem. Place the star object in the slot and the square object in the other slot. Take the triangle object. Don’t forget to grab the other two shapes as well.

5. Continue left and place the triangular object in the slot and pull the lever down. Take the circle object and grab the triangle again.

6. Head to the puzzle with the circle slot. Place the circle object in the slot and press and hold the button. Take the dial.

7. Go to the door. Use the dial on the front of it and then place each shape in the slots as they appear. Take the key and use it to unlock the door and set the cardinal free.

Level 12:

1. Head left and pick up the gem and letter.

2. Notice the clue:

3. Continue left. Solve the puzzle by rotating the white sphere until it turns black. Then, rotate the top and bottom pieces, press the two buttons, and take the piece from the center.

4. Continue left and grab the gem. Continue left and press one of the buttons around the center sphere. Then match the other three to it. Do the same for each button.

5. Next, use the clue from before to set the different spheres to the same as shown by each of the shapes. Take the center piece.

6. Continue left and grab the last gem. Head to the door and place the two pieces down. Rotate all four and take the key. Then use it to unlock the door and set the bird free.

Level 13:

1. Head right and grab the gem. Solve the puzzle and take the piece from the center.

2. Continue right and grab the letter.

3. For the next puzzle, place the piece down in the center and line everything up. Then take the next piece.

4. Continue right and pick up another gem. Continue right and solve the next puzzle. And the next one. Take the crank.

5. Continue right and grab the last gem. Solve the next two puzzles. For the second one, you need to drag all the pieces around so the match. Then use the crank to get the key. Use the key on the door and set the bird free.

Level 14:

1. Head right. Rotate the circles so the lines line up. Pull the sliders up to open the box. Take the gem and cable.

2. Continue right and open the door to get a bottle of gasoline.

3. Continue right and plug in the cable.

4. Continue right and grab the gem. Also, pull the sliders on the generator down to the gold spots. Now you have to solve a pipes puzzle.

5. Open the gas cap and pour the gasoline in. Now the generator will turn on.

6. Head left and open the safe. Take the gem, letter and key. Then use the key to unlock the care door and free the bird.

Level 15:

1. Grab the letter.

2. Head left and pick up the gem. Also, solve the puzzle that just involves using the arrow buttons to move the round piece along the path. Sometimes it gets hidden, but it’s still pretty easy. Take the key.

3. Continue left and grab the second gem. Continue left. Rotate the rings so there’s a path from the round piece to the center. Then pull the lever to watch it move along the path. Take the key.

4. Continue left and take the gem. Continue left and solve the last puzzle. You just need to move the round piece to each disc, moving it along the path and to the exit. Take the last key.

5. Head to the cage door and use all three keys to unlock it and set the cardinal free.

And that’s all of the Cardinal Pack! Stay tuned for the Eagle pack!

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  1. CatReader

    I have seen a game named The Birdcage on Google Play, but I have not installed it; I have doubts whether it is an Android version of this app. The developer information is different, and it contains ads, which you don’t mention. A few reviews add to my doubts.
    Although it has a nearly identical title icon, the screenshots provided are more different and of lower resolution than I would expect, even when ported to Android. On Pine Studios’ web site, for this game, there is a hyperlink labelled Andoid, but there is is no valid link to a download source. In contrast, Faraway has an attractive and working link for Google Play for the Android version.

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