The Eyes of Ara: 100% Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Eyes of Ara
By: 100 Stones Interactive

100 Stones Interactive recently brought their PC and console adventure game, The Eyes of Ara, to iOS and Android devices. If you like The Room series, you’ll feel right at home here, though it does involve more searching for hidden items. There are some tricky puzzles and points that can be confusing, so I’m going to try and help you out with this walkthrough guide. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. And feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Tips and Tricks:

– If you don’t like pixel hunting, you can turn on the hot spot locator in the settings. There’s one for puzzles and another for hidden items.

– Pause the game to see a list of hidden items you’ve found, like coins and photos.

– Once you’ve done everything you can in an area, it gets closed off to you. You can only zoom in on things if there’s something available there. This keeps you a bit more focused.

– Make sure you look everywhere, even up and down. Some puzzles can be on the floor!

– Just have fun!


Tutorial | Chapter 1 Part 1 | Chapter 1 Part 2 | Chapter 1 Part 3 | Chapter 1 Part 4 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue | All Letters | Review

Tutorial, The Signal:

You can watch my video for the tutorial and Chapter 1 here or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

Collectibles Found: 5 coins, 1 photo

Also: 1 Book Excerpt, 3 Letters

1. You’re on a boat. Once it stops moving, open the briefcase and grab the keys and photo. Also, read the letter.

2. Get off the boat and head towards the locked gate. Use the key to unlock it and go through.

3. Look around and find the two gear halves and two letters. Combine the gear halves and put them on the sign by the door. Now you can go inside.

4. Open the drawer to get three coins. Then read through the MIA Generator Operator’s Manual on the desk to get a clue.

5. There’s a yellow fuse box above the desk. Open it and pull the correct switches down to match the drawing in the book. It goes: Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. Do the same for the one on the wall and the one on the generator. Now the gate will open.

6. Go through and pick up the two coins from the table. Pull the lever to open the box and take the cylindrical key/battery.

7. Go back to the generator. Look at the space for the cylinder. It says I, II, III on the left, and II, III, I on the right. It’s telling you how to set up the the pieces of the cylinder. The lines that start on the left side have to end up in a different position on the right. If you need help, you can just copy my pattern below. Then just press the big red button to turn on the generator and unlock the next door. Go through.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

Tutorial | Chapter 1 Part 1 | Chapter 1 Part 2 | Chapter 1 Part 3 | Chapter 1 Part 4 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

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Thank you for pointing this game out to us.



Although you wrote “100 Stones Interactive recently brought their PC and console adventure game, The Eyes of Ara, to iOS and Android devices”, I don’t see it on Google Play, and I don’t see any mention of it even forthcoming for Android on the developer’s public web site. I wish it were available for Android, because I think I would really like this game, but I am an Android user, not IOS.

Terri Beckman

Please oh please write a step by step guide for the picture rotation puzzles. I am never going to finish the game and it’s a shame that I already paid for this and cannot enjoy the rest. Thank you! I know your the best at these as I totally am not.

There are cheat codes for that! Assuming you’re talking about the puzzles I think you are.

Terri Beckman

Thank you for the book detail. I missed that. Your the Best!


I cannot get the knife to work with the clock. iPhone X


Neither can I.


Actually, have figured it out. The knife has to be put back in inventory after being rotated, then DRAGGED to the clock face. I know it’s an old thread, but those who are just now starting the game, like me, may find this useful.


Even after this complete walkthrough, I am still missing 2 coins in chapter 1.

3 Chapter 1 coins can only be found in Chapter 2.


Before I found the ones accessible in chapter 2, I had 25/30. I have been reading the guide over and over but I can’t find the 2 more I need. I currently have 28/30.


I agree with Bill; the walkthrough lists only 25 coins within the Chapter 1 section. My problem is even worse; I restarted the game before finishing because of a long break in playing, and through some glitch, this time the count reached only 23 coins for Chapter 1, even though I accessed all the coin areas listed in the written walkthrough. I will be starting the game a 3rd time, after checking the videos to look for the finding of the 26th and 27th coins.


For Bill, and possibly others (including me), if you collect only 25 of 30 coins in Chapter 1 instead of 27, you might have missed some in the upper gallery that contains one knight statue,. There are 2 boxes, each containing 2 coins. In AppUnwrapper’s written walkthrough, look carefully at Step 35. [AppUnwrapper, if you see an earlier post from me on 1/9/2020 about this same subject, please delete it. ]


It’s also available on Mac via Steam. Finally a decent search game on Mac!


I rotated the map and there is a bar illuminating the “subway token”. I can’t pick it up?


For some reason I cannot shift the level that is hidden behind the planks. The game will not let me access the lever. Not sure if its a bug or if the iphone version requires an action to move the planks. Can anyone please help?


I can’t find the third yellow orb in chapter one! I’ve gone through the walkthrough twice! Help!


My wife and I had the same problem. Look behind the two rolled-up rugs in the storeroom.

Eden sleuth

The large color puzzle wheel on the right that isn’t controlled by the painting discs is supposed to rotate “directly” but mine doesn’t 🙁 can’t make the colored shapes chain because it can’t be put into correct position.


I need a picture picture to all the gargoyles lol. Still missing one.


I cannot get the 3 levers in the cellar to work. Have tried and followed the code on the barrel every way and still nothing. What am I not seeing.

William Wichman

The Shield won’t connect to the armor