The Eyes of Ara: 100% Complete Walkthrough Guide

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46. Go back through the two-lever door and look at the framed painting. It’s a man holding a white flag. Change the digital frame to an image of a flag and place it on the stand on the table.

47. Go back through the left door and then the next door. Use the date from the Flame Nebula poster to unlock the chest. Enter 2024 and take the yellow orb from inside.

48. While you’re here, look at the framed painting in the kitchen. It looks like a windmill! Change one of the digital frames to the windmill image and place it on the stand.

49. Go back to the little office by the hidden door and look for the painting on the floor. It has a man holding a sword. So change the image on the digital frame to a sword and place it on the stand.

50. Go back to the dining room. You should be able to open the box to the left now. Just lift up the lock and slide the arrow to the right. Then lift the lid and take the other four arrow pieces.

51. Place the first on on the table and slide it to the right to reveal some discs with colored shapes on it. Don’t do anything yet other than get a good look at it. There’s several parts to this puzzle. Use another on the painting on the left wall. Take the mini painting inside of a man next to an empty frame. There’s another disc in there. We’ll come back to it soon. Use a third under the constellation discs. A projector will turn on and you need to use the slider and the discs to match up the stars with the lines. Then take another miniature paining of the man next to the empty frame. And there’s another disc in there.

52. The last one is behind you and you need to spin the top to open the drawer. Then take the third painting of the man to reveal another disc.

53 Ok, now for the puzzle on the table. Take a look at all the discs and figure out how they need to look in order to form a chain. The big one on the right can be moved directly but the other three are controlled by the discs you uncovered behind the paintings. Once you have it, press the big red ENGAGE button. Then take the last painting.

54 Head to the big empty frame and place all the paintings on it, from biggest to smallest. Then take the triangular piece.

55. Go back a room. The two robots are back! Place the triangle on the door between them and complete Chapter 1! But wait! Don’t go through yet.

56. Before completing the chapter, go back upstairs. Look at the shield the left knight is holding and then rotate the symbols on the shield in your inventory so that they’re the mirror image of it. Then give it to the right knight. The wall will lower, revealing an Orion constellation!

57. Add the three yellow orbs where the stars are missing. Take the second blue orb! Now you have everything you can get before entering Chapter 2.

Congratulations! You completed Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2.

Tutorial | Chapter 1 Part 1 | Chapter 1 Part 2 | Chapter 1 Part 3 | Chapter 1 Part 4 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

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  1. Linda

    Thank you for pointing this game out to us.

  2. Kan

    Although you wrote “100 Stones Interactive recently brought their PC and console adventure game,╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡The Eyes of Ara, to iOS and Android devices”, I don’t see it on Google Play, and I don’t see any mention of it even forthcoming for Android on the developer’s public web site. I wish it were available for Android, because I think I would really like this game, but I am an Android user, not IOS.

  3. Terri Beckman

    Please oh please write a step by step guide for the picture rotation puzzles. I am never going to finish the game and itΓÇÖs a shame that I already paid for this and cannot enjoy the rest. Thank you! I know your the best at these as I totally am not.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are cheat codes for that! Assuming youΓÇÖre talking about the puzzles I think you are.

      1. Terri Beckman

        Thank you for the book detail. I missed that. Your the Best!

  4. richard

    I cannot get the knife to work with the clock. iPhone X

    1. Sherri

      Neither can I.

    2. Sherri

      Actually, have figured it out. The knife has to be put back in inventory after being rotated, then DRAGGED to the clock face. I know it’s an old thread, but those who are just now starting the game, like me, may find this useful.

  5. Bill

    Even after this complete walkthrough, I am still missing 2 coins in chapter 1.

      1. Bill

        Before I found the ones accessible in chapter 2, I had 25/30. I have been reading the guide over and over but I canΓÇÖt find the 2 more I need. I currently have 28/30.

      2. CatReader

        I agree with Bill; the walkthrough lists only 25 coins within the Chapter 1 section. My problem is even worse; I restarted the game before finishing because of a long break in playing, and through some glitch, this time the count reached only 23 coins for Chapter 1, even though I accessed all the coin areas listed in the written walkthrough. I will be starting the game a 3rd time, after checking the videos to look for the finding of the 26th and 27th coins.

    1. CatReader

      For Bill, and possibly others (including me), if you collect only 25 of 30 coins in Chapter 1 instead of 27, you might have missed some in the upper gallery that contains one knight statue,. There are 2 boxes, each containing 2 coins. In AppUnwrapper’s written walkthrough, look carefully at Step 35. [AppUnwrapper, if you see an earlier post from me on 1/9/2020 about this same subject, please delete it. ]

      1. Lilpip

        Sorry but this is not helpful. IΓÇÖve gone through the walkthrough in detail and it does truly only add up to 25 coins in the first part of chpt 1 (28 in total). Here is what IΓÇÖve documented for the 25 by step:

        Step 1 – 2 coins
        Step 3 – 2 coins
        Step 6 – 3 coins
        Step 10 – 3 coins
        Step 23 – 2 coins
        Step 24 – 2 coins
        Step 28 – 2 coins
        Step 33 – 3 coins
        Step 35 – 2 + 2 coins (4 total)
        Step 43 – 2 coins

        Total = 25 coins

        I would gladly welcome what IΓÇÖm missing but have been through this several times. I suspect they are there but that theyΓÇÖre just missing from the walkthrough. IΓÇÖll repost IΓÇÖd ]f I find them but again happy for anyone to point out if there is a step count IΓÇÖve missed,

        1. Lasse Ronnenberg

          There are 3 coins inside the secret door with the 6 gargoyle heads around it. Just light up their eyes.

        2. Lasse Ronnenberg

          I think I found 2 coins on a bookshelf in one of the rooms, that I am not sure the guide mentions. I found them by random clicking (or looking for the mouse cursor to change) because the coins were 100% concealed until you click that shelf.

        3. Lasse Ronnenberg

          I now have all 30 coins.

        4. FictioN

          The two missing ones are, i believe, on a shelf in the kitchen area.

        5. Cass

          Hi, I know I’m REALLY late and you might have discovered this by now but I think the 2 coins you’re missing are from Step 17. Otherwise, I think your list is complete. That should get you to 27/30 (with the remaining 3 to be picked up in Chapter 2).

          Hopefully this will help anyone else who might have encountered this issue.

  6. Steve

    It’s also available on Mac via Steam. Finally a decent search game on Mac!

  7. Doug

    I rotated the map and there is a bar illuminating the ΓÇ£subway tokenΓÇ¥. I canΓÇÖt pick it up?

  8. Maraea

    For some reason I cannot shift the level that is hidden behind the planks. The game will not let me access the lever. Not sure if its a bug or if the iphone version requires an action to move the planks. Can anyone please help?

  9. Laura

    I canΓÇÖt find the third yellow orb in chapter one! IΓÇÖve gone through the walkthrough twice! Help!

    1. Justin

      My wife and I had the same problem. Look behind the two rolled-up rugs in the storeroom.

  10. Eden sleuth

    The large color puzzle wheel on the right that isnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t controlled by the painting discs is supposed to rotate Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║directlyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ but mine doesnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t 🙁 canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t make the colored shapes chain because it canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t be put into correct position.

  11. Gina

    I need a picture picture to all the gargoyles lol. Still missing one.

  12. Jaye

    I cannot get the 3 levers in the cellar to work. Have tried and followed the code on the barrel every way and still nothing. What am I not seeing.

    1. Lasse Ronnenberg

      Make sure you start with all 3 levers in their top position. Exit the puzzle once you have done the combination.

  13. William Wichman

    The Shield won’t connect to the armor

    1. Lasse Ronnenberg

      The symbols need to match AFTER the shield turns to face the other shield. Don’t just copy the positions, try rotating the shield enough so you can see the other shield’s symbol. When the shield is fully turned, the symbols must match. Making them match from the front will not make them match when the shield is turned 180 degrees.

  14. chantal baron

    il me manque un portrait jai pourtant fait la solution mais dans l’inventaire jai 3 portraits.

  15. bery dall

    @appunwrapper you forgot to mention the two coins sitting on the railing next to the laser in STEP 18!
    it would be nice if you updated the walkthrough thx
    the total number of coins (the railing coins included) is 27 guys

    1. Marymyst

      Thank you! I was going crazy trying to find those 2!


    Bonjour. Apr╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉs avoir retir╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ë le levier de la pendule je ne peux pas l’ins╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ërer ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ gauche de la porte. Il devient transparent. Please help me !


    Je n’arrive pas ins╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ërer le levier ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ gauche de la porte verte. Il reste transparent

  18. Marymyst

    Thank you! I was going crazy trying to find those 2!

  19. Evergreen

    Step 24 and Step 25 are not in the same room! You have them listed as one being to the left of the other, but they’re two rooms apart. Made me think I was losing it.

  20. Maggie

    I am having trouble with the horse and warrior bit got them both and lined them up but can not seem to get them to slot in to place, what am l doing wrong

  21. Mike

    Hi – Can anyone tell what steps in the walkthrough to get all 6 Gargoyle faces? I can’t seem to find the top right one on the door. Thanks for any help.

  22. Heather

    I’m having trouble opening the green door in chapter 1 part 2. I got the handle out of the clock buy I don’t see how to put it in the other part of the green door. Can any one help thanks.

  23. Unlearning

    The two missing coins, I believe, are in the secret passage in the small study that leads to the sewer of Chapter 3.

    As you are walking down the passage, there are 2 coins on a wooden beam, just above the passage.

    Hope this helps.

  24. Julie

    My clock puzzle doesn’t show regular numbers, for example there’s a 60 where 12 would be. I tried lighting up the numbers the dagger is pointing at but nothing happens.

  25. Annmarie

    The chapters will not come on the pages and no images so I carn’t continue with the game very frustrating needs fixing

      1. Annmarie

        I mean when I go to the next chapter it is blank

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