The Eyes of Ara: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

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76. And last, look up to see something shiny. It’s a key!

77. Go back down and to the hallway. Go back to the room to the left of the bathroom with all the boxes. Find the keyhole for the key and use it to get another photo.

78. Go back to the hallway. Find the little nook with the chest on the table. Insert the lever to the right and pull it down to unlock the chest. Take the yellow orb.

79. You should now have all three yellow orbs, so go back to the attic and place them in the constellation to get the second blue orb.

80. This part is doable early, but I didn’t want to spoil it for those who wanted to find it on their own. It’s really easy to miss, so I don’t blame you if you didn’t figure it out yourself. Go back to the computer. Use the arrow keys to get to exit/log out. A new secret passage will open! Go through and grab the last five coins of Chapter 2.

81. Also, go through the trap door to a special area in Chapter 1 where you can collect the last few things we were missing. Grab the painting from Chapter 1 and also find and press the gargoyle head. We’re still missing three coins from Chapter 1.

82. Before heading to Chapter 3, let’s go through the gargoyle door in Chapter 1! If you forgot where it was, it’s upstairs. You need to press each of the heads first so both their eyes are green. If any of them still have both their eyes closed, go through my Chapter 1 walkthrough and see which ones you missed. Then go through the doorway.

83. It’s Baron Contington’s hidden trophy room! You should get an achievement for it. Open the box on the table to get the last three coins for Chapter 1. That appears to be all there is to do in this room.

84. When you’re ready, go back to Chapter 2 and head through the door to Chapter 3.

Congratulations! You finished Chapter 2. Click here to continue to the Chapter 3 walkthrough.

Tutorial | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 Part 1 | Chapter 2 Part 2 | Chapter 2 Part 3 | Chapter 2 Part 4 | Chapter 2 Part 5 | Chapter 2 Part 6 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

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3 years ago

A small hint to add to your walkthrough, log out of the computer to find some collectibles from the first chapter!

3 years ago

To get the yellow orb you must enter the room w/ the symbols carved on the door. Once inside turn and face the door, to the left is a rotation puzzle that has the same image as the painting w/ the orb and the dots to light up. Rotate the images on the painting till it matches the painting w/ the orb. 3 dots will light up to show you which to turn on at the yellow orb. Go back to yellow orb, light the 3 dots. The yellow orb rotates into the wall so you can’t get it. Go back to room w/ symbols carved on door and collect the yellow orb from the painting in that room.

Dani Eckton
3 years ago

I can’t find the third yellow orb! I got the one in the painting, and the one from the chandelier. Where’s the third????

Reply to  Dani Eckton
3 years ago

One’s in the chest on the table.

3 years ago

How to add cheat codes?

2 years ago

I have a question… If you don’t get all the coins on a level will it allow you to go back and find the ones you are missing?! Or was Chapter 2 only meant to have 27 out of 30 like Chapter 1?! Because I’m missing 3 coins and I tried to go back to the spot I thought they were after reading your tutorial but it wouldn’t let me back up on the wardrobe to check…

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
2 years ago

I went back through your tutorial step by step and there are only 3 spots that contain 3 coins. I think it is step 11, step 33, and step 41. None of them will allow me to access those spots. Well the code book but the coins were below that shelf. Oh well lesson learned… i will just have to replay chapter 2. Thanks for your lovely walkthroughs. They have been a total saver for me. Although I did figure out some of the puzzles on my own… 🙂

Thanks again,

Reply to  Patti
2 years ago

Ok nevermind… I found it after seeing your graphic below the step 11

1 year ago

When I get to the wall where the bricks stick out, mine are not sticking out. I cannot interact with them at all. I’ve gone through all of Ch.2 once again up to that point, thinking I had to have missed a step along the way. But it appears I didn’t miss anything. Now what? Does anyone know what I can do or re-do to get those bricks to interact?
In fact this is my 2nd attempt to play the game. The first time, I got hung up in Ch.3 in a similar way…the blue flashing lights on the cable up in the projector room weren’t lit, and when I went to the computer with the dragon on the screen, it was offline. I retraced my steps there too and saw nothing missed. So I stopped that game at that point to start completely over.
And now I’m hung up at the brick wall in this 2nd game I’ve attempted. It becomes frustrating to trace and retrace steps, trying to find my error over and over. I’m about to give up. I’ve obviously missed a crucial step in both attempts.
If anybody can shed some light on these two issues I would appreciate it.

Reply to  Rutu
1 year ago

Don’t I feel stupid! The blocks would not interact because I was trying to do it on the adjoining wall. It looked the same in the middle of the night.
So I’m now starting Ch.3 again. There must be something I missed. I’ll try but if you have any ideas where I could find my problem and fix it, I would appreciate. Thanks for listening to me grumble.

CJ Orr
1 year ago

Android system. I find an collected all 3 yellow orbs in chapter 2. However,. When I went to the twin constellation I only had Two orbs. All three sites are now locked Andi can’t manipulate them.

Lori Holladay
1 year ago

I can’t get the 2nd horse/Indian puzzle to work in chapter two (Mother’s Room). It will not transform like the 1st puzzle did.

1 year ago

So frustrated. I’m missing 1 coin from chapter 2 and I can’t figure out where it is. I’ve gone through the steps twice but I could be missing as I’m getting frustrated. All the ones in The walkthrough I seem to not be able to get back to so I’m assuming I have already collected in those spots. Any advice?

Bill Williamson
11 months ago

If your having difficulty on the ceiling tiles in the android version try this order of turning the tiles 1-4-5-2-3-6.

Bill Williamson
11 months ago

Never mind on the photo….found it courtesy of an attic key.

Mary Westbrook
7 months ago

I arrived at the finale room and have collected all photos, figurines, coins(it says I’m missing 5?) and orbs. But the Ara constellation on the stone door is missing one orb and I have no idea why. I know its supposed to open so I can finish the game but it’s not budging.