The Eyes of Ara: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

16. There’s three other busts. We need to put all four busts in some order but I’m not sure yet which order.

1805 – 1892

1284 – 1326

1902 – 1952

1171 – 1188

17. Read the pages from the Edge of Infinity book on the Auriga and Leo constellations and the one next to it on Orion and Draco. Also, open the box to get a key and find another note with a clue on it.

18. There are two more busts with dates on them. We’ll figure out their purpose later. Let’s first use some of the clues we found. And don’t forget to grab the two coins that are easy to miss.

19. Go back to the room right after the spiral staircase and use the key to unlock a the box on the table, revealing a button.

20. Use the two clues you found, one that looks like three scribbled constellations, and another that explains how to work with the stars on the blue poster. Use the clues together with the poster to figure out what height to set the three red bars to on the table.

Let’s start with the top one. The lines point to 1 white star, 5 white stars, 3 black stars, and 7 white stars. But we’re actually going to invert them, making white stars + and black stars – .

So you get: 1 + 5 – 3 + 7 = 10

The next one is 5 white, 6 black, 3 black, and 7 white. Reverse them again.

You get: 5 – 6 – 3 + 7 = 3

The third one is 1 white, 4 white, 6 black, 7 white. Reverse them again.

So you get: 1 + 4 – 6 + 7 = 6

So change the first line to 10, the second to 3, and the last to 6. Remember that each line is two points. Then press the button in the box. Take the stone hexagon.

21. Go back downstairs and place the hexagon in the hold to the left. A new staircase! Go down.

22. Let’s solve the ceiling arrows puzzle. There’s an ending arrow on the wall that points down at a locked photo. There’s another arrow on the floor pointing up at a different arrow on a another wall. The goal is to follow the arrows up to the ceiling and point each one at the next so they form a path down to the photo. It’s not too difficult if you just pay close attention. But it’s hard to capture it in screenshots. Grab the photo when you’re done.

23. Take a look at the three symbols on the computer monitors.

24. Pick up the lever handle from the table and open the drawer to get a piece of paper with numbers on it. Then go through the next doorway.

25. You’re in the cellar. Pick up the lever part and combine it with the handle to get a lever. Then find the other two levers so you have three.

26. If you pulled the lever back in the hidden area you accessed in Chapter 1, you should have access to a little treasure alcove. Collect the 10 coins from among all the gold.

27. While you’re down here, pull down the right chain and then the left chain to reveal the constellation wall. But we don’t have any yellow orbs yet!

28. Look up at the ceiling for a loose tile. Slide it back and get another photo.

29. Look at the locked box on the barrel. There’s a clue under it for the three levers. Place all three levers in the slots and then follow the clue. It’s telling you to pull the levers in this order:

2 Down
1 Down
3 Down
1 Up
3 Up
1 Down

That should unlock the box! Take the server boot disk from inside.

30. Go back upstairs and insert the boot disk into the computer.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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I really wish you could give some help with the ceiling tile puzzle. I’ve set it up dozen times but. . nope.

After i finish the walkthrough, I plan to make videos, so that may help more. But even that….it may be hard to follow.
My best advice is to go keep going forward and if that doesn’t work, trace your steps backward.


Do you have to use all the tiles.


Yes, use all the tiles. it helps to work from one end til you get stuck then work from the other end.

Yup, that’s exactly what I did and somewhere in the middle it was solved. 🙂


Don’t forget the tile on the floor. I didn’t see that one right away.


It happens to me too. Never beat the game because of that.


Turn up the brightness on your screen to maximum.


My gane seems to have some glitches. I’ve been trying to “activate” the planetarium projector in the third mode with all the planet light off for two days, but nothing happens. Also, in the lower cavern where there are two chains to pull in order to display the star chart, only one will move. Therefore, no star chart even if I did have the third orb. Very annoying!

Did you move the slider to the right before activating?


I was also having issues getting this step to work. I went back to having the first symbol lit (with all the planet symbols activated), then pushed the single dot, then turned them all off, pushed the switch to the right, then finally pushed activate. I’m unsure if it was a fluke but it seemed to fix my problem.

Thinking about it more, I think that’s intentional. The clue shows all the planets and then none of them. It just might not be clear when you’re doing it whether both steps were part of it, but I think they are.


Just tried it this way. It worked. Thanks. Now, about the unmoving chain in the lower cavern…

Shelley Trazkovich

There are more than 2 chains. Look around more for the second one that moves.


Didn’t work for me


LMK I did this several times with no luck then I wondered if being on the pillow or starting order impacted it. So I went back to pillow and rotated view until I got all the planets displayed and on while the ‘H’ was selected I then went to console and chaged to left circle and then to
Single dot and turned then all off (starting with ‘earth’ and moving right, pushed slider to right and activate. It worked!


#27. I’m farther in the game but I still can’t pull the left chain. Right chain remains down. Any ideas? I have an orb!


Grab the chain higher and pull it down and release it more slowly.


I finished the game but still have 3 orbs! No star chart because the left chain goes back up after I pull it. The right chain has stayed down. Any advice?

You need to hold it down for a bit.


Thanks! Turns out pulling verrry slowly worked


There is something really weird going on. I did the thing with the projector, noticed the blinking lights but when I changed scene they went off. And now they won’t light again even if I redo the projecto tiles.


In the projecter room I put Drago in the star chart. The two green lights went on. Went down to the computer and it denied me access. Then all the green lights went off all the way up to the projecter. Now I can’t get the green lights to come on again. Been moving constellations around then go back to the dragon. Still nothing. I’m I missing a reset button or something? If not is it possible to start the chapter over again?


Did you ever figure this out? My light went off too…


I’m a bit stuck. Referring to your no. 27, no matter what I do, I can pull the chain down, but it always slides back up, not opening the hidden constellation. I already have the orbs, but without the constellation I cannot finish / continue.
Any idea what I need to do? What did I miss?
Thanks in advance!


I had the same problem! You have to pull it and hold your finger down, not let up. If that doesn’t work, then try to do it quickly, by pulling downwards with your finger in a quick motion and letting up at the bottom click. I tried forever on this until I got….finally! What a bug

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