Hidden my game by mom 3: Complete Walkthrough Guide


Days 1 – 15 | Days 16 – 30 | Extra Stages

You can watch my video walkthrough for the whole game here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Day 16: Go right and open the closet to get a watermelon. Head left and place it on the table. Then just tap it quickly until it breaks open. Take your game!

Day 17: Open the fridge and take only the fish. Place it on the floor in front of the pelican and it will go eat it so you can grab your game.

Day 18: Watch the guy swapping the cups around, but don’t choose one. Instead, go right and start to open the closet. Mom is in there, so you don’t want to actually open it. Instead, grab the game from your pocket!

Day 19: Press the button a few times to lower the basket down to just above your head and then grab your game.

Day 20: Just wait for the sorcerer’s energy to deplete and he’ll drop the game so you can pick it up.

Day 21: Pick up the plate and throw it at the dog like a frisbee. Then take your game.

Day 22: Go right and take the rock and also the fly under it. Use the fly on mom to scare her and then take her speech bubble. Head left and use the speech bubble as a saw on the bottle. Take your game.

Day 23: Go right and open the drawer to get a hammer and the closet to get a triangle. Go back left and use the hammer to remove the wooden plank from the wardrobe. Pick up the wooden plank and place it under the wardrobe. Add the triangle and then jump on it to move the wardrobe. Take your game.

Day 24: Tap the spot right before where the road starts and stand there and wait for the cars to pass. Then grab your game.

Day 25: Open the closet to get the broom and use it to get the scale from under the couch. Head right and place the scale on the floor. Mom will stand on it. Tap on her and she’ll start jump roping. Look under the right couch cushion and take your game!

Day 26: Tap and hold the ice with your thumb until it melts from the heat. Then take your game.

Day 27: This one confused me. I have no idea what’s going on. But open the wardrobe and take the four inflatable cubes. Then go right and fill each one with water. Place them down as shown below and somehow that will cause the game to move. I don’t know why, but go back left and grab it.

Day 28: Go right and take the torch and two pieces of firewood. Head left and place all three under the rock. Then push the rock onto the sticks and take your game.

Day 29: This is a long one. You need to get five stars. Go right and open the window and grab the shooting star. Take the bat from your sister. Smash the two vases. Don’t touch the starfish. Use the bat to move it instead and take the star from behind it. Head left and give grandpa the bat. Make him spin until he gets dizzy and falls. Take the star above his head. Take the mic from under the mat and give it to your sister. Then take the star above her head. Place all four stars on the stars above the couch because you can only hold four items at a time. To get the fifth, open the settings and take the star from there. Place the last star above the couch and then grab your game.

Day 30: Just take the game off the table. That’s it! But wait — mom steals it? Oh no!

Wait, there’s more!

Click on the little numbers below to continue the Extra Stages or click here.

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