Hidden my game by mom 3: Complete Walkthrough Guide


Days 1 – 15 | Days 16 – 30 | Extra Stages

You can watch my video walkthrough for the whole game here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Extra Stages:

Tap on the down arrow in the level select screen to access more puzzles!

Extra 1: Remove all the books from the shelf except where mom’s face is. Somehow the game will be there once you do.

Extra 2: Go right and open the closet to get the step ladder. Head left again. Mom will have moved so you can’t get the game. Go right again and then back left and she’ll be out of the way. Move the curtain and use the step ladder to reach your game.

Extra 3: Go right and take your game from the plant.

Extra 4: Go right and open the closet. Take ET and place him in the bike’s basket. Then ride off and grab the game when you get close to it.

Extra 5:

Go right and find all the letters/symbols. Then head back left and place the correct symbols to spell out HAP as seen on the intro screen when you start up the game. Take your game!

And that’s everything! Congratulations!

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