The Eyes of Ara: Epilogue Walkthrough Guide

The Eyes of Ara
By: 100 Stones Interactive

100 Stones Interactive recently brought their PC and console adventure game, The Eyes of Ara, to iOS and Android devices. If you like The Room series, you’ll feel right at home here, though it does involve more searching for hidden items. There are some tricky puzzles and points that can be confusing, so I’m going to try and help you out with this walkthrough guide. This part of the guide will get you through the Epilogue. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. And feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Tutorial | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue | All Letters


Collectibles Found: 5/5 Coins

Also: 1 Book Excerpt, 1 Poster, 6 Backer Books

1. Read the journal entry on the desk. Also, look at the ARA: THE ALTAR poster.

2. Turn around and look up. Grab the triangular object.

3. Look at the constellation wall. It’s the alien H symbol made out of all the blue orbs. If you collected them all, the door should open to the Altar of Night. Go through.

4. Look above the door and get another triangle.

5. Read the note on the table for a clue.

6. Open the drawer and grab the three coins inside.

7. Head up the stairs and grab the two coins by the middle window.

8. Continue upstairs and find two more clues on the floor.

9. Head up the ladder and place both triangle pieces in the correct slots on the device. Let’s work on the right puzzle first because it’s easier. The clue you found showed three dots on the left and one on the right. So you need to turn the dials and make the left piece have three lines, while connecting to the right piece that has only one line. Pay attention to which dials move which pieces. It’s not easy! Press START when you’re ready.

10. Now solve the left one using the two clues you found. One tells you:

Aquarius = 1
Aries = 2
Taurus = 3

So now you need to use the other clue to figure out the other symbols and work out the math. It uses a Base 4 system, which I won’t pretend to understand. But I learned enough to get that —– = 0. And that you multiply by 4 for each placeholder, then add all the numbers together.

So like this:

10 = (1 x 4) + (0 x 1) = 4

30 = (3 x 4) + (0 x 1) = 12

211 = (2 x 4 x 4) + (1 x 4) + (1 x 1) = 37

103 = (1 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4) + (3 x 1) = 19

10000 = (1 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4) + (0 x 1) = 64

So now let’s solve the equation on the device.

2012 = (2 x 4 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4 x 4) + (1 x 4) + (2 x 1) = 134

Now you just need to use the dials to get that to show, which is also easier said than done!

11. Now the machine is running, but you need an Activation Code! Look through your journal entries again and the name CLEMENTINE comes up again. That’s the code! Enter it to complete the game. But there’s more!

12. If you watch the credits again, at the bottom of some of the screens are more Base 4 symbols:

301 = (3 x 4 x 4) + (0 x 4) + (1 x 1) = 49

110 = (1 x 4 x 4) + (1 x 4) + (0 x 1) = 20

30 = (3 x 4) + (0 x 1) = 12

But what do we do with these numbers? We’ll deal with them later.

13. Also, now that you have all five coins, you can also go back down and press all the buttons for the coins, figures, photos and paintings. A pedestal will rise up from the floor. You need to select four constellations.

14. Go back to the tutorial area (remember the shortcut in Chapter 3?) and head outside to find this seemingly meaningless shape on a small pedestal. That’s the first constellation.

15. Make your way to Chapter 1 to find another.

16. Here’s another in Chapter 2:

17. And the last is in Chapter 3:

18. Now put them all together in the Epilogue:

19. Now you should get the “To All Who Made This Possible” achievement and get access to the Backer’s Gallery secret room. Go through. There are five backers books to find here so you can get the “Well Read: A Show of Support” achievement.

20. There’s also a hidden coin you get by tapping the giant urn a bunch of times. It gives you the “A Vote of Confidence” achievement for finding Mike’s lost coin collection.

21. Now we still need to deal with those three numbers from the credits. Go back to the observatory and enter those numbers as telescope coordinates: 49 minutes, 20 degrees, 12 inches. Look through the telescope to see a special constellation and get the “Written in the Stars” achievement.

And that’s everything! If you followed my walkthrough, you should have all items and achievements!

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Terri Beckman

Thank you so much for this!, You did an awesome job on this.


Awesome job! Thank you!


Thank you so much!


I got to the machine at the top of the Tower but I only have one triangle! The one in the wall. What did I miss? The other one is in a previous chapter?


I honestly cant believe anyone would think it was a good idea to use this base 4 method in this game. I was good at math and I dont think I’ve ever heard of this IN MY LIFE! and neither have most people I bet. Great game but last puzzle being some obscure math I still dont understand kinda was a let down for final puzzle. I didnt understand it at all. Great walkthrough though. I did most myself and just used walkthrough to point myself in the right direction. Thanks!

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