Unavowed: Complete Walkthrough Guide

By: Wadjet Eye Games

I know this site has been exclusively mobile games until now, but I’m trying something new. I bought a touchscreen laptop/tablet hybrid so I can play some PC games that can work that way. I’m still testing it out and seeing if it’s viable, but so far it works great for Wadjet Eye’s Unavowed, so I made a walkthrough for it. I’m still adding to it, so please bear with me. And feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: Things are a little different depending on the occupation you choose and which characters you decide to bring with you on a case. Some puzzle solutions change depending on who you have with you. My walkthrough is based on my choices, but I am slowly filling in the alternate solutions.


– Create new save files right before any meaningful decision if you want to be able to get more achievements without having to play the entire game over and over.

– If you care about achievements, I suggest looking through my Achievements Guide before starting, so you can plan out your choices ahead of time.

– Right-click the mouse to see all available hot spots in a scene.


Origin | Case 1 – East Village | Case 2 – The Bronx | Case 3 – Staten Island | Case 4 – Astor Place Again & Central Park | Case 5 – Brooklyn | Case 6 – Wall Street | Case 7 – Chinatown | The Portal – All Endings | Achievements | Review


You can watch my video walkthrough for the first part of the game or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Choose whether you want to play as a man or woman. Then enter a name and choose your profession. You can be an actor, police officer or bartender. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but some scenes and dialogue will be different based on your choices. I chose actress, so my story will reflect that. But I’ll show you how to get through all three origins below.

Actor Origin:

1. You’re in a flashback. Talk to Serena about the show and learn what you can. Then head downstairs and inside the theater.

2. Talk to Morey to find out what he knows. He’s upset with Zach. When you’re done talking to him, head through the door to the right.

3. Talk to Zach. When he stops talking, turn on the light switch to the left. Then talk to him and Calliope the muse.

4. Try to pull out the computer plug. You can’t because Zach glued it into the socket. Grab the scissors sticking out of the book and use them to cut the cable.

5. Zach will ask you to take the book from him. Do so and watch what happens.

Cop Origin:

1. You’re out front of the Eternox goth club talking to…Vicki?! She tells you to talk to Morino about what happened.

2. Show the bouncer your badge and ask him a few questions. Then head inside and talk to the owner inside.

3. Head up the stairs to talk to Officer Morino and then question the three suspects. Everyone agrees Morino acted like Bruce Lee.

4. Vicki comes in and gets brainwashed by Morino. Get Morino to drop the book by threatening to shoot him. Yeah, that was easier than the actor origin.

Bartender Origin:

1. Try to enter Sammy’s. Uhhh Logan will show up? He wants you to go in and talk to his brother Jonah for him. So head inside.

2. Talk to Sammy. She tells you Jonah’s in the bathroom. So go after him. Knock on the bathroom door to the left. He won’t open it!

3. Grab the bathroom key off the wall and use it to open the bathroom door. Jonah has a gun to his head! Talk to him and then take the gun and book from him.

Back on the Roof:

1. You’re now back on the roof. After the cutscenes end, talk to Mandana and then follow Eli and Mandana through the door. Brace yourself! Talk to them some more and then head out the back door to the left.

2. Once outside, find the metal pipe on the ground and pick it up. A demon appears! (Note: If you want an extra achievement, don’t pick up the pipe until the trap is already set.)

3. While they’re talking, shut off the fuse box. Look through the dumpster and grab the copper wire and the rag.

4. Attach the copper wire to the fuse box and then pick up the other end and place it in the puddle.

5. Stuff the rag up the pipe to make the water come out from the pipe closer to the demon.

6. Turn the fuse box back on to fry him!

7. You now have a choice to either kill the demon or let him feed. You’ll be able to finish the game either way, but your choice will have some effect later. I chose to let him eat. You then decide to join them and find yourself in a bedroom at the Unavowed headquarters.

Click on the section you need below to or click here for the next part of the walkthrough.

Origin | Case 1 – East Village | Case 2 – The Bronx | Case 3 – Staten Island | Case 4 – Astor Place Again & Central Park | Case 5 – Brooklyn | Case 6 – Wall Street | Case 7 – Chinatown | The Portal – All Endings | Achievements | Review

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  1. Krumm

    What if I dont take Eli with me? How do I open the storage from the inside with Logan and Mandana?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I havenΓÇÖt personally played that part that way yet, but I do know Mandana can stick her sword in the vent. It just doesnΓÇÖt lead anywhere on its own. If I have a chance to play that part with those characters, IΓÇÖll add it to the walkthrough.

      1. Krumm

        I figured it out, if Mandana levers open the vent, Logan can pull it off.

    2. Belllle

      Get Mandana to pry the vent open and then get Logan to pull it all the way off

  2. Gina Langridge

    I found this walkthrough so helpful. Thank you!

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