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By: Wadjet Eye Games

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Wadjet Eye’s latest point-and-click adventure masterpiece, and I made a walkthrough for it here. But I also wanted to make an achievements guide, as it can be easy to miss some of them. Some will require you to play the game more than once, but it’s up to you if you feel it’s worth it.

Tip: Create new save files right before any meaningful decision if you want to be able to get more achievements without having to play the entire game over and over.


Some achievements can only be earned by planning for them from the start. So I’m going to list those first and let you decide which ones you want to pursue. You can’t get every achievement in one playthrough, even with saving frequently and rewinding. Obviously there are spoilers if you read these before even playing through the game once first.

The Whole Truth: Get to the truth of what happened. You can only get this achievement playing as a COP. In the East Village, after you read Jordon’s journal, speak to Wendy and choose the <Cop> option.

Listen to US: Leave commentary mode on for the entire game, from the opening to the closing credits. To turn on Commentary Mode, go into the Options and check off that setting. Like the description says, you need to keep it on the entire game to get this achievement.

No Help Needed: Never ask your friends for a hint. This is a hard one to achieve, only because I’ve accidentally asked my companions “What do you think we should do?” You’d have to be very careful to avoid ever asking them that for an entire game. It’s also possible that even using Eli to fire read for you can cause you to miss this achievement.

Maximum Fire Power: Choose Eli six times for missions.

All Jinn: Choose Mandana six times for missions.

Full of Spirit: Choose Logan six times for missions.

Effective Detective: Choose Vicki six times for missions.

Inseparable: Keep Eli and Mandana together for six missions.

Fire and Spirits: Embark on four missions with Eli and Logan.

Lead and Flame: Head our four times with Eli and Vicki.

Steel and Souls: Start four missions with Mandana and Logan.

Sword and Bullets: Select Mandana and Vicki four times for missions.

Boys night: Finish three missions with an all male party. You need to play a male here and then choose Eli and Logan for at least three missions.

Girl powered: Embark on three missions with an all female party. You need to play as a female and then choose Mandana and Vicki for at least three missions.

Full Party: Reach the final end with your full crew in tow. To get this, you need to spare the life of every supernatural creature you encounter in the game. Then, when it comes time to summoning each of them, you need to summon them at the right time so none of your companions are left behind. You can see how to do that here.

Solo Confrontation: Reach the final confrontation alone. This is the opposite of Full Party and very easy to get. Just use the obvious companions to achieve each goal instead of summoning the creatures.

These next few are easy to get even after you complete the game.

Really?: Nice try. Try to name your character a curse word. You can always just start a new game to get this if you missed it.

The curtain rises (female): Complete the female actor origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a female actor. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.

First round (Female): Complete the female bartender origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a female bartender. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.

Start of shift (Female): Complete the female cop origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a female cop. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.

The curtain rises (male): Complete the male actor origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a male actor. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.

First round (male): Complete the male bartender origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a male bartender. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.

Start of shift (Male): Complete the male cop origin. You just need to play through the first part of the game as a male cop. You don’t need to play the through whole game again for this.


Burp: Food tames the beast. Let the ligamental demon eat the dead humans.

Killamental: Why take the risk? Kill the ligamental demon.

Foresight: Defeat a foe with firsthand knowledge. This one is easy to miss, especially on your first playthrough. But it’s close to the start of the game, so you can start over just to get the achievement. Basically, you need to set a trap for the demon before it arrives. So instead of picking up the pipe first, do it out of order. Get the copper wire and rag from the dumpster, turn off the electricity, use the copper wire to connect the fuse to the water, then stuff the cloth in the drainpipe. Make sure to turn on the electricity again. Then take the pipe when everything’s ready for him.

East Village (Astor Place):

A new home: A new world. A new life. Send Jordon the fire elemental through the portal to another dimension.

As you were: Perhaps it was meant to be this way. Have Eli turn Jordon back into a human, killing him in the process.

The Bronx:

Well Thrown: Enter the Eddings house using Mandana. Pick up the brick in the scene before you get to the Eddings house. Then give it to Mandana to throw it at the window because you’re too weak.

Nice shot: Enter the Eddings house using Vicki. Have Vicki shoot the window.

Welcome Logan: Welcome Logan to be party. You get this automatically upon finish the Bronx case.

Staten Island:

Welcome Vicki: Welcome Vicki to the party. You get this automatically upon finish the Staten Island case.

Alley Bestower: Disperse the Staten Island ghost. You need Logan with you in Staten Island to get this. That means going to the Bronx first. Just keep talking to the ghost until it departs.

Re-door-dancy: Needlessly unlock the same door in two different ways. You need Logan and Eli for this. First, use Eli to fire read the BBQ invitation and get the passcode to unlock the door to Vicki’s apartment. Then, at some point during the talk with the ghost, the ghost mentions a cinderblock with a key under it. Once you hear that, you can look under the cinderblock for the key. Then use the key to open the apartment door a second time.

Never Forget: Visit a special place. This one is tricky, because you have to visit Staten Island on September 11, aka 9/11. You can also change the clock on your PC to 9/11, but that may mess with other things.

Maintain the status quo: Nobody has to die tonight. Allow the General to leave and for Harrison to stay and live.

The bond is broken: A villain escapes her punishment. Tell the General to take Harrison with him.

Seafood: Calamari for a year! Kill the General with Eli.

Shishkabob: Well skewered, Mandana. Kill the General with Mandana

Central Park (North Grove):

Tree Hugger: Show sympathy for one of nature’s creatures. Allow Galene to live. Ask for peace.

Petrified Forest: There’s a new statue in the North Grove. Turn Galene to stone.

Nature Killer: No mercy for the trees. Kill Galene.


Brooklyn Bestower: Free the Brooklyn ghost. You need a Logan for this. It’s a bit long to repeat here, so I suggest using my guide if you need help with this part.

Muse Refused: There’s a new muse in town. Trust Stan Bates and let him keep his powers.

Re-amused: Calli returns to her former position. Force Calliope to take her muse powers back from Stan.

Not a-mused: No muse in Brooklyn tonight. Kill Stan Bates.

Wall Street:

Wall Street Bestower: Disperse the ghost on Wall Street. Again, you need Logan for this. He has to stay for the entire mission or he won’t be able to free the ghost.

It is done: A deal has been struck. Agree to the fae’s terms and let him live.

All’s Fae in Love and War: Better safe than sorry. Let Eli blast/kill the fairy.


Unchided: Finish a jailbreak without getting chided by a ghost. This one is difficult, as you have to be super careful to never try going through a door as a ghost without using KayKay. Save before you turn into a ghost and take extra care with everything you do.

Dragon Savior: “Free of torment at last!” Let the dragon go.

Dragon Slayer: “Kevin now has a second chance.” Make the dragon give Kevin new lottery numbers.

Final Encounter (Endings):

Obvious spoilers ahead. The game autosaves before the Empire State Building, so you can get all four endings and achievements if you want.

A New World: We’ll do it right this time. Join your evil other half.

Refusal: Resistance is futile. Refuse to join your other half.

Freedom: Free at last. At the very end, don’t make a choice. Instead, ask for some time to think and then stand by the edge of the building. Threaten to jump, but then ask for your soul to be released.

The Fall: The only way to be sure. Actually jump off the ledge.

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