Stranger Cases: Walkthrough Guide

Level 05 – Occupation Mom:

1. Open the curtain and get the plunger and gas tank.

2. Pull the leg out of the toilet and use the plunger to get the doorknob out of the toilet. We still need a screwdriver to attach it to the door.

3. Get the washcloth and bucket off the wall.

4. Solve the puzzle in the drain to get the soap. You need to use the arrows to get it into the 3-walled area and then grab it.

5. Combine the soap and the washcloth. Remove the cat from the tub and then use the washcloth to clean it out.

6. Fill the buck with water from the shower and then place it back on the wall.

7. Connect the gas tank to the pilot light and move the knobs so they all point at the orange dots. Now you can boil the water.

8. Grab the bucket of hot water and pour it into the tub. Now the whole family can jump in the tub!

9. Take the screwdriver from the closet and use it to affix the knob to the door. Open the door and go through to complete the level.

Level 06 – Mechanic & Pig:

1. Pick up the tool near the table and the item from the table.

2. Grab the three items off the back shelf (lightbulb, copper wire and something else) and the green thing off the hanging sausage.

3. Turn the wheel on the wall to get a blue thing.

4. Use the tool to remove the nails from the wood planks and then remove the wood planks. Take the knife.

5. Zoom in on the circuit board and add the lightbulb, wire and other item to turn on the electricity.

6. You now have to solve a puzzle through trial and error, kind of like the game Mastermind. Add the item you took off the table. Then change the symbols and push the plugs in to see if you get any green lights. Basically, keep changing them until you get all green. It goes Skull, Lightbulb, Plug, Down Arrow. Electrocute the mechanic and take the red thing that falls out of his pocket.

7. Tap on the pig and use the knife to get the yellow piece tied to him.

8. Open the panel above the pig. There’s a bunch of tangled wires. Use the four colored pieces you found and place them in the correct spots to match up with the wires leading to the correct colors on the other side. It goes Yellow, Green, Blue, Red. Climb up the ladder to complete the level.

Level 07 – Juicy Jones’:

1. Take the spoon from the ice cream on the table.

2. Open the fridge and grab the fork.

3. Take the scooper from the counter.

4. Take the note from the mouse on the piano.

5. Use the note from the mouse to play the tune on the piano, as shown below.

6. Take the coffee mug from the elephant’s head.

7. Unlock the door to the right and go through. Scoop up some coffee beans.

8. Add the coffee to the coffee maker. Rotate the dials so all the coffee drips point to the cup at the bottom.

9. Place the coffee mug next to the coffee maker and pull the lever to brew some coffee.

10. Give the coffee to the guy sleeping on the table. Take the flyer from under him that says there’s a disco at 10:30.

11. Go to the clock on the wall and use the spoon and fork as its hands. Set it to 10:30 as shown below.

12. Now tap on the jukebox and slide the pieces around so the coin can drop down. Take the coin.

13. Use the coin on the elevator and get inside to complete the level.

Level 08 – Melancholy Machines:

1. Grab the arm off the shelf.

2. Move the papers on the floor aside to find the one with a green X on it.

3. Move the unicorn toy to the left and grab the CD-ROM from under the rug.

4. Insert the CD into the PC and press the Power button. Then look at the monitor and solve the puzzle. It’s pretty easy. You just need to fill in all the green squares. Then you get some new info. The best currant to generate a soul is 163.25 Watts.

5. Open the compartment below the computer monitor and take the wrench.

6. Use the wrench to remove the nuts on the floor where you saw the green X. Take the tool from inside.

7. Use the tool to remove the heart from the teddy bear.

8. Remove the sofa and chips from the vending machine. Add the heart and arm.

9. Change the wattage on the ray gun to 163.25 W. Then press the button to shoot the vending machine.

10. The robot will give you a puzzle piece for the door. Take it from him.

11. Place it on the door and drag the pieces around on both strips to get one long connected line. Then open the door and go through to complete the level.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for levels 9 – 13 or click here.

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