Unavowed: East Village Walkthrough Guide

By: Wadjet Eye Games

Unavowed is the latest point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games. Unfortunately, it’s not on iOS yet, but I decided to cover it anyway. This is the second part of my walkthrough guide and will take you through the first case at Astor Place in the Village.

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Case 1 – Astor Place, East Village:

This next video is all dialogue, so if you’re just looking for help with the puzzles, you can skip ahead to the next one that starts with the subway.

This next video takes you through their first case, or you can read my step-by-step guide below.

1. Leave the room to find Mandana practicing her sword fighting skills. Talk to her as much as you want. You can learn more about the Unavowed.

2. Head through the door to go downstairs and see Eli. Talk to him as much as you want. You can also look at the photos on the wall to get more questions for him.

3. Go back up and head through the right door to talk to Kalash, a Jinn. Once you’re done talking to all three characters, ask him to start the meeting.

4. Head out the door with Eli and Mandana. You’ll get on the subway to Astor Place. When you’re ready to stop, click on the door and choose Astor Place in the East Village.

5. Head right and talk to the cop. Then head right again. You’ll have a weird vision. Tell your mates you want to go inside the building. But it’s locked! Use Mandana’s sword skills to unlock the door and go through to the Village Eye.

6. There’s not much in here. But head through the door to the right to enter Jordon’s bedroom. Open the cabinets to find a slip of paper with a clue on it. It says PW = Γò¼├┤Γö¼├æΓö£ΓûÆ╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├▓Γö£├á. PW is obviously PASSWORD, but we need to get the power on before we can use it.

7. Open the drawers of the computer desk to get a photograph and a fuse. Look at the photo. It’s a couple.

8. Leave the room and head downstairs after the ghost. Use Eli’s fire power to light up a small piece of the room. He can’t fight the darkness, but the fuse is shot. Replace the fuse to restore the electricity!

9. Its an indoor forest? Pick up the sheet to see what’s underneath. A ghost will appear after you’re done inspecting the body, but you can’t talk to him.

10. Head back upstairs and to the room where you found the fuse. The computer is working, but we need a password. Somehow it’s not HEART or LOVE, so maybe someone Jordon — who’s in the photo — loves?

11. Leave the building and head towards Tompkins Square Park. Talk to the woman sitting on the Temperance Fountain. Show her the photo and she’ll eventually tell you her name is Wendy. Get as much info out of her as you can and then leave.

12. Go back to the PC and click on JOURNAL.TXT. Enter WENDY as the password. Read the journal entry. It’s from Jordon.

13. Go back to Wendy and get more information from her. (If you’re playing as a cop, use the <COP> dialogue option for an extra achievement here.) She tells you the she tossed the knife from the ritual down the storm drain. Ask her where the key is to the sewer control panel and she tells you it’s the the right of the control panel, behind one of the pipes.

14. Leave the park and have Mandana open the manhole cover for you. Climb down into the sewers.

15. The water valve is hot, so have Eli turn it to shut off the water. Then look behind the pipes to the right for the sewer key.

16. Use the sewer key to unlock the control panel and drain the water. Jordon will appear. Talk to him and ask him to get the knife for you. He wants you to cure him first.

17. Go back to the homeless shelter, the one that burned down. Talk to the cop and convince him to let you in. As an actor, I convinced him my sister was in the building and then I started crying. He then let me in.

18. The locker inside is cold as ice. So have Eli use his fire to heat it up and then open it up. A thick ice block falls out! Have Eli melt the ice block. Another body!

19. Examine the body. He’s frozen. He looks familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Take out the photo and compare the corpse to the image of Jordan. It’s him! So that means his soul transmuted and became a fire elemental.

20. Go back to the sewers and talk to Jordan. Tell him you went to the shelter. And tell him his body is dead and he’s going to be a fire elemental forever.

21. Ask Eli if there’s something he can do. He says he can remove the fire from Jordan but it will be painful and kill him. But Mandana offers another option, that he live with other fire elementals. It’s up to you! I chose to send him through the void. It also ensures he’ll be around to help you later. When Mandana meets up with you again, she’ll have gotten the knife and the case is closed!

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Origin | Case 1 – East Village | Case 2 – The Bronx | Case 3 – Staten Island | Case 4 – Astor Place Again & Central Park | Case 5 – Brooklyn| Case 6 – Wall Street | Case 7 – Chinatown | The Portal – All Endings | Achievements

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