Donut County: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Donut County
By: Annapurna Interactive

Donut County is the latest Annapurna-published game. It’s developed by Ben Esposito and you play a hole in the ground that swallows everything in its path. It’s not a difficult game, but some puzzles can be a bit tricky, so I’ll help you out. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Levels 1 – 6 | Levels 7 – 14 |Levels 15 – 24 | Review

Tips & Tricks:

– Your hole starts small and can only eat things that fit inside. It grows with everything it consumes. So start off with the smallest first and make your way up to the biggest.

– The stage ends when you swallow the house/tent/abode with whatever creature lives inside. If you want to get everything, make sure to pull that part in last.

– Look through the Trashopedia after each level. It’s entertaining. You can also access the entire Trashopedia from the settings menu.

– Ad you progress, you’ll learn you can do things besides consume. Certain objects you eat will have different effects, like fill you with water or cause you to shoot flames. That’s where the puzzles come in.

– The catapult becomes a big part of the game in the later half. You can use it to shoot frogs, eggs, water balloons and more!

– Just have fun!


You can watch my video for Levels 1 – 6 here or continue below for my step-by-step walkthrough.

Level 1, Mira’s House:

1. You’re playing as Mira here. Text with BK. Tell him the honking man woke you up. Close out the conversation when you’re done.

2. Grab the donut and pull it to the right to open your blinds. Tap the window to go through.

3. Just drag the hole around and eat up the smallest letters to the biggest, then consume everything in sight, including the goose on the scooter. The rest is straightforward.

Level 2, Potter’s Rock:

1. Once again, drag the hole under the smallest items to the biggest. Open the gate and go through.

2. Continue consuming everything. Try not to break the pots, but it’s not super important.

3. When you’re by the hot air balloon, first consume the SOLD sign and the scooter. Then consume the kiln/chiminea and blow hot air under the balloon so it flies off.

4. Continue consuming everything, including Ms. Potter’s home.

Level 3, Ranger Station:

1. Again, start small. Consume all the rattlesnakes.

2. Consume the blue rattlesnake in the cage. It’s tail will stick out and you can use it to hit things.

3. Hit the red button to the left to knock down one chicken.

4. Hit the chicken on the swing to knock it off the swing.

5. The last chicken is a bit trickier. You need to unscrew the sign by rotating it clockwise.

6. When all three chickens are loose, the snake house will explode. Eat everything!

Level 4, Riverbed:

1. Consume all the fish and the dog.

2. Now you have a lot of water here, and if the hole gets filled with water, it can’t consume anything else. So fill it up with water and then have the bird drink up the water so you can continue eating everything.

3. The bird gets consumed last, and it’s a bit tricky. Might be a bug?

Level 5, Campground:

1. Eat the corn off the cart and then eat the bonfire. You’ll make popcorn, which will attract birds!

2. Eat all the popcorn and the birds, as well as the cart. Now you can eat the tent.

3. Finish consuming everything!

Level 6, Hopper Springs:

1. Eat the small carrots and the paving stones. Keep going until you can eat the big carrot.

2. Drag the big carrot near the orange rabbit and it will jump down and take a bite out of it.

3. Next, use the carrot to lead the blue rabbit out of its pen.

4. Swallow up both rabbits and they’ll multiply inside the hole!

5. Continue eating everything, including all the bunnies. They’ll continue multiplying and then shoot out of the hole and break the giant carrot house.

6. Consume everything!

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. [email protected]

    Why does it only go to levels 1-6? I need a guide for the other levels but can’t find one.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ThereΓÇÖs three pages to the walkthrough. ItΓÇÖs all there.

  2. Mantheboi

    If you do 3 pepper and 3 salt it shows a little 4 second cutscene but it is not much

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