Donut County: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

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You can watch my video for Levels 7 – 14 here or continue below for my step-by-step walkthrough.

Level 7, Joshua Tree:

1. Start by consuming the small stones and other items until you’re big enough to swallow the bonfire.

2. Catch a piece of coal from the bird to ignite a flame. Use it to light something on fire and then go back for another coal. Rinse and repeat until everything is either on fire or consumed.

3. Grab the bird and the trees last.

Level 8, Beach Lot C:

1. Again, start small. Consume all the little items.

2. Go under the fireworks shop to light the fireworks. Then swallow up the lit fireworks and move under the birds so it will shoot at them when it goes off. Use their shadows as a guide.

3. Eat up all three birds.

4. Light the rocket again and swallow it. This time, shoot it at the outcropping where the bird is having a picnic. Do it three times to knock him down.

5. Finish eating everything!

Level 9, Gecko Park:

1. The geckos (or chameleons?) camouflage with the grass. So you have to find them by moving your hole around. Consume the smallest ones first and make your way up to the big ones until they’re all gone.

2. The rest of it is pretty normal. Just keep consuming things until everything is gone.

Level 10, Chicken Barn:

1. Again, start off with the small stuff. When you’re done consuming everything in the initial area, you’ll be with BK in the bathroom. Have him buy a catapult. You can also buy some energy drinks if you want.

2. You can now tap anywhere on the screen to catapult the item inside the hole straight up into the air. Test it out with the caged chicken. But make sure to move out of the way so the cage will hit the ground and break open. Pick up the parts, including the free chicken.

3. Now the vantage point changes. What you need to do here is shoot the chicken up past the flap on the back of the barn. Then, quickly pull the chain to the right before the chicken lands. You want to open that flap and let the chicken into the barn. Then consume anything left in the area.

3. Next, you have to catch an egg and then shoot it up right in front of Jellybean, so it pushes up the switch on the door.

4. Now, catch all the eggs that shoot out until there are none left.

5. That’s it! Consume everything else to complete the level!

Level 11, Honey Nut Forest:

1. Consume all the small stuff, especially the honeycomb.

2. Catapult the honeycomb up right in front of the frog. He’ll grab it and fall into your hole.

3. Catapult the frog at each of the beehives so he pulls them down, and then consume it. Then do the same with the bees.

4. Consume everything else in the area and move on to the next. Have the frog eat all the bees and then have him pull Bearclaw into your hole. Then clean up the rest.

Level 12, Cat Soup:

1. This is a gross one. There are roaches! Start small and clean up everything in the area. Then head inside.

2. Eat up the cans and then pull the rope to fill the pot with soup and reveal the lazy Susan of salt and pepper.

3. Fill the hole with soup. Next, you need to avoid the roaches and get salt and pepper into the soup and then to the bird. If you let a roach into the soup, it’ll ruin it and the bird will spit it out. Same if you only get salt or pepper in it. You need both to clear the area.

4. Then you go back outside to eat up all the roaches and everything else!

Level 13, Donut Shop:

1. There’s no special mechanics here. You’re just consuming everything to teach BK a lesson.

Level 14, Abandoned House:

1. This level is tricky, because it’s dark and you have to avoid the red mask.

2. Start by eating all the candles. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but do it anyway.

3. Now you can see the faint outline of the fridge. Knock into it and the door will open, shining a light on a flashlight. Grab the flashlight.

4. Now you have a light shining out of your hole. Pick up as much as you can. If you accidentally light up a red mask, your light will go out. If that happens, go back to the fridge and get a battery.

5. At some point, you’ll be big enough to be able to consume the red masks. And then you’ll see a chain you can pull to turn on the lights. A red mask will jump in your hole and then a cat will appear and…things just get weird.

6. Keep filling your hole until everything is gone.

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