Donut County: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

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This next video takes you from level 15 to the end of the game.

Level 15, Raccoon Lagoon:

1. Consume everything you can, ending with the water balloon on the stool.

2. Catapult the water balloon into the air and let it splat on the ground. Drink up the water and then go over to the wheel and shoot the water up to spin it. The raccoon on the water ride will start heading up.

3. Grab the fish and catapult it at the water balloon vending machine to get more water balloons. Splat them and keep using them on the wheel until the raccoon starts heading down the flume.

4. When the raccoon stops, it’s because part of the ride fell down. Use either the fish, a water balloon, or just plain water to push it up. Then head to the end of the flume and catch the raccoon. Last, you need to swallow up the vending machine.

5. Now just drink up some water and shoot it up at the ferris wheel. Do it twice right after each other and the wheel should break off and spin towards the castle. Everything breaks! Clean it all up.

Level 16, The 405:

1. Consume everything around the mouse car and then the mouse car.

2. Consume all the raccoons and their TVs, until you can finally consume the raccoon jacking up the donut truck. Donuts spill out! Grab them and the picnic table.

3. Shoot the donut up to the raccoon holding the camera. He’ll grab the donut and drop the camera.

4. Shoot the camera up at the same raccoon and the flash will startle him. He’ll fall and you can grab him and his quadcopter. Then stand on the hot air balloon’s shadow and shoot the raccoon up at it so he hangs on. Do this for the other two raccoons, as well.

5. A bigger raccoon will then appear. You need to take two photos of him, with the second one being when he’s close to the ground. Grab him and shoot him at the hot air balloon and it will head underground.

6. Swallow up all the cars!

Level 17, Above Donut County:

No puzzles here!

Level 18, Raccoon Headquarters:

1. Text the Trash King. He won’t help.

2. Try to get in to Trash HQ by consuming everything around it. You can’t get in!

3. Possum shows up and offers to hack their security system. So grab the hacking device and shoot it up at the security camera to hack it. Now you’re inside!

4. You’re in the bathroom. Steal the raccoon’s toilet paper and coffee, then head under the door to the hallway.

5. Enter the Main Hall and grab everything here. Then head into the Security room. Grab everything and then shoot the raccoon at the shelf so you can get what’s on it.

6. Head back yo the labs and shoot the red key card at the Biology Lab door. Go through.

Level 19, Biology Lab:

1. Eat everything, finishing with the rattlesnake. Remember what rattlesnakes can do? You can use its tail to push buttons.

2. Use the tail to direct the magnet to the cages and then press the GRAB button. The cage you need is the frog. When you pull it down, the cage will break and you can swallow the frog. Get the roach and duck, too.

3. Now, catapult the frog at the flies to eat them all.

4. And last, move the hole to the green spot below the bunny cage. Then catapult the frog up. If you’re on the right spot, the frog will fall back into the hole while still holding onto the bunny cage door and the door will open.

5. Eat all the bunnies and watch the bunnies destroy the lab!

6. Back at the Raccoon HQ hallway, eat up all the rabbits. Head back to the main hall and grab the rabbit holding the blue key card.

7. Head back to the labs and shoot the blue key card at the Anthropology Lab card reader. Go through to the lab.

Level 20, Anthropology Lab:

1. Consume everything in the first area, especially the flaming trash can.

2. In the next area, swallow the rocket and then shoot it at the fire alarm.

3. Next, fill up with water from the pot and move the water under the big screen of Trash King to charge up the Lazy Susan.

4. Let the bird drink the water. Let the rocket dispenser dispense a rocket. Leave it there.

5. Fill up with water again and get the whole thing moving once again. Have the bird drink the water.

6. This time, get to the right of the rocket and wait for the kiln to come around. Get close to the door pedal to get it to shoot flames at the rocket. Then grab the rocket and shoot it at the same spot as before, where the fire alarm was.

7. Now the Trash King wants to meet you in his office! Make your way to his door.

Level 21, Trash King’s Office:

Just grab all of the donuts and make your way to the Trash King.

Level 22, Boss Fight:

1. This is tough. You need to be fast. Each round, you need to avoid the cement and then grab the small bomb before it explodes. Then catapult it at the quadcopter. You need to hit him three times. If the cement catches you, you’ll lose an opportunity to attack, because the quadcopter won’t drop a small bomb that turn. Mira and Possum have a lot of lives, but it can get a bit tiring if you mess up too much. Anyway, good luck!

2. Once the quadcopter is destroyed, break down Raccoon HQ.

Level 23, Catapult:

This is just the end of the story. No puzzles.

Level 24, Aftermath:

This is just basically the credits. You can fly around Donut County using the quadcopter.

And that’s everything! Congratulations!

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    Why does it only go to levels 1-6? I need a guide for the other levels but can’t find one.

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      ThereΓÇÖs three pages to the walkthrough. ItΓÇÖs all there.

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