My Week Unwrapped: August 30, 2018 – Donut County, Valleys Between, Powerless, Hungry Dragon, Barbearian, Unavowed, Theo Space Miner, and More


Hi everyone! You may have noticed that this installment of My Week Unwrapped is another day late. There was a death in my family yesterday and I was a bit overwhelmed. I almost skipped it completely this week, but then I realized that would make next week’s ridiculously long, especially since there’s some big releases both this week and next week. So here we are with a very late roundup of all the games I’ve been playing recently.

Donut County

I was lucky enough to get access to Ben Esposito’s wacky physics game, Donut County, a few days early, and had a blast with it. But since I have a ton of games to talk about here and I already wrote a proper review for this one, I’ll just point you over there. I also have a complete walkthrough guide if you get stuck.

Valleys Between

Valleys Between is another game I’d been looking forward to, based off the gorgeous visuals. I didn’t know what to expect of the gameplay and it turned out to be a lot more challenging than I would have guessed. Again, I have a thorough review written already, so read that if you’re at all curious about the game. I’m really proud of the title I came up with for that!


I had initially started playing Narratio’s Powerless several weeks ahead of release and was impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately, the game fell apart the further I got, and it was even worse with the release version. I think the game needed more time to iron out the issues before releasing it. Again, I wrote a full review here, so I recommend reading that if you were considering buying the game.

Hungry Dragon

I never cared all that much about Hungry Shark, but I’m a huge fan of dragons, so I had to check out Hungry Dragon. I’ve only spent about a half hour with it so far, but I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not thrilled with the currency system and and the constant pressure to buy gems, but I’ve been trying to ignore them. I did get a forced video ad, and if those persist I’ll likely delete the game, as I haven’t found any way to remove them. Still, it’s a free game and the dragons remind me of those from How to Train Your Dragon. So give it a try!


I’m still battling my way through GIMBLLL’s massive hack-n-slash game, Barbearian. I love it to pieces, but am currently having trouble with the third boss, so I took a break. I’m trying not to lower the difficulty. Hopefully I can defeat him with some persistence. You can watch my latest videos of the game below and I should have a review one day if I manage to complete the game.


This is a PC game that may never come to iOS, but I enjoyed it so much that I asked the developer, Dave Gilbert, for an interview. It was a lot longer than expected, so I split it into two posts. You can see the first half here and the second half here. I also have a review of the game here if you’re considering playing.

Stranger Cases

I finally completed my walkthrough for the free levels of Snapbreak’s room escape game, Stranger Cases. It’s a pretty good game, but the levels were so short that I don’t know if I want to pay $2.99 for the rest of it. But definitely check it out of you like puzzles and room escape games. The first eight levels are free with an ad between each.

Horror House Escape

This game came up while I was looking for something else, and I decided to give it a try. The puzzles so far have been mostly illogical, so I haven’t been all that eager to finish it, but I did start a walkthrough here.

Theo Space Miner

Theo Space Miner is a puzzle game where you slingshot your miner around the board to collect crystals and get to the exit. It’s not a bad game, but it’s also not terribly exciting or challenging. But it’s free to download and play the first few levels, so give it a try!

Juanito Arcade Mayhem

Juanito Arcade Mayhem has been out for a few weeks already but I had been meaning to check it out. I like the art style and it seems like a pretty well-designed game, except for the controls. I really can’t be bothered to deal with arrow buttons in a game, especially one that requires moving back and forth with precision. I’m not sure why this control scheme was chosen, but I quit after a few minutes.

Escape Legacy 3D

I got a few requests to play Escape Legacy 3D, and since the first level is free, I decide to give it a try. The graphics are pretty impressive, but the controls are a mess. It seems meant to be played with a controller, so instead of implementing proper touch controls, you have a joystick to move and buttons for interacting. I gave up after spending fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to use a key with a lock. Nothing I did worked, and I don’t think that figuring out how the inventory works should be a puzzle in itself. But go ahead and try it if you’re curious.


And last but certainly not least, one of my favorite games of 2018 got a content update with two new tile types and 48 new levels. I was so excited to have new Dissembler puzzles to solve that I completed them all in one night. That’s not to say they were easy — some stumped me for a while. But I was determined to get them. If you haven’t played Dissembler yet, read my review here and buy it now!

And that’s everything I’ve been playing this week! I hope you’ll forgive me for keeping my paragraphs brief this time. I hope to be back to an earlier day next week and give more thorough impressions. Until then, let me know in the comments section what you’ve been playing!

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  1. Brogmoid

    Drawn Down (Graham Hayes) just released and looks interesting, although I haven’t picked it up yet though as I tend to prefer adventure games that aren’t dialog-driven.

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