Valleys Between: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Valleys Between
By: Little Lost Fox

Valleys Between is a gorgeous endless high score chasing puzzle game by Little Lost Fox. While it may look simple at first glance, it’s actually quite a challenging game. I explained the mechanics in full in my review here, but I wanted to make a guide for those already playing. I’m by no means an expert, but I have managed to get a score of 1249. If you can offer any higher level tips, feel free to do so in the comments section.

The Basics:

– Your score is measured in years. Each forest you create adds years. So do houses, villages, windmills, and perhaps some other actions.

– Pull up on a ground tile to turn it into water and plant grass in any ground tiles directly around it.

– Pull up on a a grass tile to plant a tree on it.

– Pull up on a tree tile to merge up to five trees that are next to each other and create a forest.

– Pull up on a forest tile next to another forest tile to merge them into a house.

– Pull up on a house tile next to another house to merge them into a village.

– Each time you create a forest, your score increases by the numbers of trees used.

– Each time you create a forest, the back row of your world gets pushed off the board and becomes unusable. But new tiles appear at the front. If you make a forest using five trees, you’ll get a complete row at the front. Otherwise, the new tiles are hard to predict.

– Beware of hazards. You only have three hearts. If an obelisk, factory, wildfire or other hazard runs out of turns before you deal with it, you’ll lose either a chunk of heart or an entire heart. Look at the heart next to each hazard to see how much damage it will do to you.

Wildfires can be dealt with by either pulling up a water tile next to them and thereby watering the grass. Or you can pull up on an animal near the wildfire to put it out. But the animal will go to sleep for a few turns and be unusable until it wakes up again. If you don’t put out a fire properly, it will keep spreading to new tiles.

Obelisks and Factories can only be dealt with by using an animal. An obelisk will turn into ruins, while a factory will turn into a windmill.

Oil spills come from factories and affect water. You need to either use an animal to get rid of them, or move them away from any other water to keep them from spreading.

– Animals move automatically from tile to tile each turn. Land animals move from grass to grass, while ducks move from water to water. They need a clear path in order to move. There can’t be any trees, houses, or other obstacles in their way.

– Use the animals to create flowers, which then attract wisps. Wisps need to be picked up by an animal or they don’t count. Wisps are the game’s currency, which you can use to upgrade animals or unlock new ones. They don’t give you any points towards your score.

– Pull down on a tile to move the whole column up once, creating a new tile at the front. But beware of doing this too often, as it’s likely to bring up hazards. Each pull down also counts as a move.


Small: Fox, Wolf, Arctic Wolf. They all do the same thing, but if you want a wood instead of a fox, you can unlock them with wisps. Foxes are fast, sleep less, and take less time to respawn than bigger animals.

Medium: Doe, Stag, Moose: These animals sleep longer than small animals and take longer to respawn, but they can heal broken land.

Large: Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Panda Bear. These animals move slowly but sleep less than smaller animals. They can’t heal broken land, but they can reach obelisks and other hazards from further away.

Duck: These spawn on the map in a body of water. They then move from water tile to water tile if they’re connected. They basically act like a fox, except they can’t pick up wisps.

That’s all for now! I’ll add more if I think of anything.

You can also watch some gameplay video here. I’ll try to make one with a higher score later.

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Need Help
2 years ago

Can you explain how medium size animals heal the land? Stuck on level 5.