Returner Zhero: Chapter 2 The Bridge Walkthrough Guide

Returner Zhero
By: Fantastic, yes

Returner Zhero is the sequel to the gorgeous sci-fi mystery game, Returner 77, by Fantastic, yes. Once again, you’re on an alien spaceship, solving puzzles and unraveling the mystery. Oh and trying to save the human race. The puzzles can be tricky at times, so here I’ll be helping you out with a step-by-step walkthrough guide, including videos. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, The Bridge:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. After the cutscene, move forward to the table. You have three sequences here where you need to roll the ball in the center and rotate the disc so that the orange shapes on the ball match up with the orange shapes on the disc. Tap an orange button on the disc to make sure you’ve lined them up properly. They’ll turn blue if you did, and then you can work on the next set.

2. Head up the floating steps to the platform above. Zoom in on the left chair and take the crystal from the back.

3. Zoom in on the back of the right chair and place the crystal in the slot.

4. Zoom in on the front of the right chair. The two arm rests have puzzles on them. They share pieces, though. First, go to the left puzzle and solve it as shown below. Put any remaining pieces in the right column.

5. Now, go to the right puzzle. The four pieces from the left puzzle will come over to this side. Solve the puzzle as shown below.

6. Zoom in on the puzzle on the table and rotate the pieces to make an alien head? The AI will start talking to you.

7. Tap the glowing blue spot on the table. After the cutscene, sit down in the the right chair and solve more puzzles. You need to move the hexagon around the board to the exit, all the while creating walls between every tile. You can watch my video if you’re stuck on it. And that completes the chapter.

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