The Company Game: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Levels 1 – 12 | Levels 13 – 25 | Review

Level/Lie 13, Colorblind: For this level, you want to use the Morse code decoder to see what each color really says on it. You get:

Red = Yellow
Yellow = Red
Green = Blue
Blue = Green

So now just follow the sequence given and press the words in that order, not the actual colors. The sequences are different each time and you’ll have to get three right to complete the level.

Level/Lie 14, Time Travel: This level talks about the date May 3rd and says If only there was a way to go back to that day… It’s telling you to go into your device’s settings and change the date to May 3. Then go back to the game and press the knot symbol at the top. Small warning, though: you want to change it back right after completing the level, as any photos or videos you take will otherwise end up out of order in your camera roll. It’s generally best to just not stay on the wrong date for too long. You’ll then get an incoming message and it tells you his network ID is FQ1948.

Level/Lie 15, Network Connection: The previous level mentioned FQ1948, so try to connect to that network. It’s protected by a passcode! Tap on the black box and then type out the error message: guerr svir rvtug. It will decode to “three five eight” or 358. Enter 358 as the passcode.

Level/Lie 16, Scrambled: Move the slider carefully. When you see blue, stop or go back and give it time to scan the words. Keep doing it until all the words are unscrambled. When you’re done, you should get this info: “the colors are blue and green, the number is eight, and the switches are on, then off.” So press the arrow at the top and change the colors to blue and green, change the number to 8; and turn the left switch on. Then you’ll unlock another message. One about SAIL.

Level/Lie 17, SAIL Twistkey: This one’s very simple. Just rotate each of the pieces so the colors line up properly. Then tap on the sailboat.

Level/Lie 18, #00FFE8: It’s another one of the colored tile puzzles. You can follow my directions below if you’re stuck.

Level/Lie 19, SUNSET: Simply plug in your device to a power source and then press SHARE to share your power.

Level/Lie 20, File Finder: This puzzle has several parts to it. Notice that if you don’t have any file names to look for, it says to search for Recent. So do that. It pulls up a file called Smurgle Smart Co Memo. Read it to discover a name of a file — ProjectTerra.

Search that to bring up another file. It has a password. View the password information and it brings up the Earth with a riddle inside it:


The answer is e. Enter that as the password too open the file.

There’s a clue in the file that tells you the next file name to search for — TerraMeeting.

Search for TerraMeeting and view the password information. It’s an image of the Eiffel Tower. The password is Paris! Enter that to unlock the Terra Meeting file.

This tells you another file name, ParisDirections.

Search for ParisDirections and then open the file to complete the level.

Level/Lie 21, Paris Directions: The clue here is the word NOISE. Lower your volume all the way and you’ll see half of he word LOUVRE over an image of the museum. Tap the GPS icon and then search for LOUVRE. And that’s it!

Level/Lie 22, Run.: Do exactly what it says. Run until the bar fills up. I actually cleared it by accident, but I believe you just need to move fast. So you can also drive or get on a train. It will reveal a recording transcript.

Level/Lie 23, Time Verification: It says that the time of the Project Terra meeting will be revealed within 12 hours. You can use this file to verify the correct time. Basically, you need to check back around once an hour for 12 hours so the slice in the blue circle reveals a different part of the answer. You can also change the time on your device so you don’t have to wait. In the end, you’ll get HALF PAST TWO, or 2:30. So tap the white part of the bar at the top of the screen and then enter the time 2:30 AM and press GO. You’ll get a message and a file full of errors.

Level/Lie 24, #FFFFFF: The three levels of colored tiles each revealed a letter. If you go back and look, they were H E X. So enter HEX to unlock another tile puzzle that’s more complicated. You can follow my steps below if you need help.

Level/Lie 25, The Authenticator: Make note of the error. It says: svyr “ybhieruvqvat”

Go back to Level 15 and type that into the decoder to get: file louvrehiding.

Go back to Level 20 and search for the file louvrehiding to get an image of the Amina Lisa with the words FIND ME.

Go back to Level 25 and press the knot button. Look for a photo of the Mona Lisa on either a PC or another device. Or if you’re near the Louvre, go to the real Mona Lisa!

Level 25 uses your camera. Point it at the Mona Lisa to see some weird symbols. You need to focus on the bottom and angle your device so it spells out a word…upside down. The word is TRUTH!

Go to the right screen and change the tellers to spell out TRUTH. That’s the end of the first chapter, LIES.

That’s all for LIES! Click here to continue to SAIL or choose a chapter below.

LIES 1 – 12 | LIES 13 – 25 | SAIL | MAZE | Review

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2 years ago

So this game does not fully support iPad on account of it relying on vibration to communicate things. Your walkthrough just saved me a whole lot of aggravation, thanks.

Reply to  Dangerzone
2 years ago

actually the vibrate levels have an alternate solve solution for ipad

What is the “requested format”?
2 years ago

I’m playing on an iPad Pro. Shaking DOES NOT work to develop the photo. That’s what brought me here – that was the first thing I tried. Presumably you’re playing on an iPhone. I’ll contact the developer – pretty good for a 13-year-old!


you can enable shake in accessibility on iPads.

2 years ago

For lie 22, what are you supposed to do if you can’t physically run?!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

And if you can’t…? This game is not for the bedridden. I’ve tried shaking my iPad really quickly, but I can’t get the bar past halfway. I’m a tad pissed off that the developer didn’t think that there are people in this world for whom some things are impossible. Looks like this is where the game ends for me (unless anyone has any bright ideas…).

Reply to  Katie
2 years ago

car/train ride works too…as does a glitching GPS signal.

Reply to  Katie
10 months ago

You dont need to move, yo can touch the screen very quickly

2 years ago

I have noticed that some of the puzzles in the menu have a little red light by them indicating an alternate solution… anyone had any luck with these?

Reply to  Dangerzone
2 years ago

i think those mean that you will need to use that puzzle later…

Eric Winnick
2 years ago

For level 24 there is still 2 black squares

2 years ago

I cant find the black button for lvl eight

2 years ago

Shaking for level 8 doesn’t seem to work on iPhone X

3 months ago

SAIL 23 I don’t have compass in my utilities do I have to download one so confused? I’m playing on IPOD