Returner Zhero: Chapter 6 The Beam Walkthrough Guide

Returner Zhero
By: Fantastic, yes

Returner Zhero is the sequel to the gorgeous sci-fi mystery game, Returner 77, by Fantastic, yes. Once again, you’re on an alien spaceship, solving puzzles and unraveling the mystery. Oh and trying to save the human race. The puzzles can be tricky at times, so here I’ll be helping you out with a step-by-step walkthrough guide, including videos. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 6, The Beam:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Head straight and then left. Insert the key and touch the blue glowing spot.

2. Use Zoom to see the symbols further back. Take screenshots of them. Then zoom out of the strange vision.

3. Copy the symbols you just saw into the columns to the left and right. The cyborg will come to life and walk over to meet you.

4. Step onto his hand and then watch the cutscene.

5. Head through the doorway behind you. Keep going until you come to a pit. Make your way around to the right and you’ll eventually come to a circle on the wall with a honeycomb piece in the center. It’s a crystal matrix. Grab it.

6. Go back a bit and find another circle on the wall. Place the crystal matrix in the center to unlock the door. Go through.

7. Keep going until you find another crystal matrix. This one is locked behind a puzzle, so you need to solve it first. You need to memorize the pattern. Or just copy it from my photo. Then press the blinking button and take the crystal matrix.

8. Go back a bit and place the matrix by the door to unlock it. Go through.

9. Solve the little puzzle on the table here by lifting up the latches, then rotating them, then pushing them down again. Press and hold the blue button for a few seconds till it charges up and creates a beam.

10. Cross the stepping stones for another cutscene. Then continue on back to the cyborg.

11. Get on his hand again to get back to the previous area. Watch the cutscene, then turn around and head through the path behind you.

12. Now head straight to the cyborg. Solve the laser puzzle. This time work your way out from the inner ring. And that’s the end of Chapter 6!

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