Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins – Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game, which picks up after the events in Hidden Ruins. Professor Burns and Rachel are back, and are likely going to get themselves into trouble. There are some tricky puzzles, so this walkthrough guide will help out with hints, tips, solutions and answers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, The Shrine:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Oh no! The plane crashed! Pick up the machete and use it to cut away all the vines.

2. Pick up the 3 remaining vines, 8 bottles, 4 map pieces, and 2 flowers.

3. Tie the three vines to the big branch above you and climb down.

4. A woman named Xochi appears! She’s the local archaeologist and your tour guide. Pick up three more flowers here.

5. Untangle all the cargo. You need move the discs so none of the straps overlap. Turn all the red straps brown. It’s not easy!

6. Open the cargo and get the chainsaw, 8 cigars, and three machine parts. We need a tool to open the two wooden crates.

7. Try to cross the bridge in the distance and a tree will fall. Use the chainsaw to cut through it. Pick up the firewood and head through.

8. Pick up 3 more flowers and add the three machine tools to the excavator to fix it.

9. Now tap on the excavator and solve the gears puzzle. You need to connect pairs of colored gears. All gears must be used. Solve both puzzles and the bulldozer will clear out the rocks.

10. Go to the workstation and add the map pieces to the rest of the pieces on the table. Then put the map back together.

11. Look at the shrine door. There’s four symbols and each one has some notches in it. Count the notches and you get 2361. Look at the map and find the symbols for each of those numbers and then change the symbols on the door to match them. It goes mountains, skull, spiral, fish. Go through.

12. Tap on the symbols on the upper right part of the wall to learn that gods like flowers, drinking, smoking, and a warm fire. It now also says that on the map.

13. Add the firewood to the bowl of charcoal and Xochi will light it up.

14. The other bowl has an engraving of a palm tree and a flower on it. Look at the map to see that the palm tree is number 5. So add 5 flowers to the bowl.

15. Figuring out which masks to give drinks to and which ones to give cigars to is a bit trickier. Look closely and notice liquid running down from three of them. The other four have soot on their mouths! Those like to smoke, so give them the cigars. Take the snake tool/crowbar.

16. Go back to the crates and use the crowbar to open them. Take the 5 prayer discs from inside.

17. Go back to the shrine and add all the prayer discs to the rest. Rotate the discs so the adjacent colors match. Then go through the secret door to complete the chapter.

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  1. Sandra regine

    The fixed gears are in total different places than in this walkthrough. Having difficulty solving it

      1. April

        I wonder if it’s different for different players- like it randomly generates different puzzles

      2. April

        Never mind…I think your first picture isn’t loading. The gear puzzle has two parts, but I only see a pic for the second part.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Thanks for the headΓÇÖs up! Not sure why the photo didnΓÇÖt upload properly but it should be fixed now.

          1. Laurel

            I entered it over and over, for the second picture, exactly how you had it. I had to delete the correct answer and re-enter it, like 5 times

      3. Christina

        Is there any way to get stars for free if you are short, and need some? I am playing Dark Ruins

  2. Laurel

    Regarding ΓÇ£10. Go to the workstation and add the map pieces to the rest of the pieces on the table. Then put the map back together.ΓÇ¥
    I have put all of them in, from my inventory, all three..
    Yet it says ΓÇ£I brought more pieces from the U.S.ΓÇ¥
    -yet all of them are gone from my inventory.
    I actually clicked on the hint, and it says ΓÇ£pick up the other map piece on the right side floor of the airplane cabin.ΓÇ¥
    I am at the bulldozer part, and it doesnΓÇÖt seem to be any way to go back to the airplane?ΓÇÖ

    1. Kathleen Culver

      Take the path that appears to be “forward” as its in the top middle of your screen. Then climb back up the vine to the plane

  3. Lee

    Ok entered temple put 5 flowers in bowl lot the fire added drinks and cigars to gods mouths and nothing happening is there something wrong

    1. Carol

      Same with me!

      1. Lin

        That happened to me at first, too, but here’s what you do:
        PS I know that post was 7 months ago, bear with me. Its for the newbies.

        For me, once I lit the fire (to do so find the wood by the vines you climbed down, bring it to the pit with coal, and whats-her-face will light it.) some charring around some of the statues’ mouths will appear. That is where you put the cigars you picked up inside of the plane. Then, the mouths without charring drink the vodka/wine/whatever. Then, add the flowers. The puzzle with discs should appear. Hope this helps! 🙂

    2. AprilC

      I had 8. Ottles in inventory and put them in the statues before I figured out the pattern. Took them all out and now only have 2 bottles. Where did they go? Glitch? They are not in the plane or anywhere else and I need 3 to solve. Anyone know how to reset a chapter?

      1. Al-Jamil

        Don’t know if you still need this but at the bottom of the inventory side bar is settings, the pop-up let’s you reset the entire level, so there you go

  4. Rae

    I canΓÇÖt find the other 5 prayer disc

    1. Linda

      They are in the cases at the cargo net

  5. Peach

    The 5 prayer disc was added but the inner one is not there and I still have 2 flowers, 4 bottles and 3 cigars left. I watched the tutorial video but mine didnt work like that.
    What should I do or what didnt I do right?

    1. Helen

      I am having the same issue!!

  6. Brandi

    I’m at the disc puzzle. They are all up. When I click to rotate them I can hear the sound of them rotating, but it doesn’t visually rotate! Wth. Help please

  7. Fred Jones

    Too small clues on phone. For example. Symbols on bowel for flowers. Could not even see was there. Game mechanics could have zoomed in if clicked. Poorly written chapter.

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