Cube Escape: Paradox – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Paradox
By: Rusty Lake

Cube Escape: Paradox is the latest addition to the Rusty Lake franchise of quirky room escape games. It’s the tenth Cube Escape game and thirteenth Rusty Lake game. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Look under the TV and plug in the cable that isn’t cut.

2. Turn right. Lift the curtain to reveal Harvey the parrot. Look in the mirror to learn that you’re cold.

3. Open the left box on the dresser and take the key.

4. Examine the right box and solve the puzzle by sliding the tiles around so the symbols match the symbols etched into the box. It should look like the photo below. Then open it and take the photo piece.

5. Turn right. Take the photo piece from behind the framed painting.

6. Grab the cigar from the left table and place the photo pieces in the frame.

7. Look at the flyer on the right table. It says RUSTY LAKE MENTAL HEALTH & FISHING. Turn to the other side to see:

“We will help you balance the substance of your past lives. After completion of our mental health program you will feel reborn.”

And then: NOT THE BLUE VIAL! – D (as in Dale?)

8. Turn right. Flip on the light switch.

9. Take the jacket from the coat hanger.

10. Use the key to unlock the bottom drawer of the dresser and get a wooden cube/block. Open all the other drawers to get scissors, a pencil, and another photo piece.

11. Look at the typewriter. It says:

“I woke up in this room.
I felt different, less real.
Where is she?”

12. Use the scissors to cut off a twig from the tree.

13. Turn right. Check the left light for another photo piece.

14. Go back to the mirror and use the jacket with it. There’s a ghost! Your reflection also asks for a cigar. So give it to him.

15. Place the wooden cube in the slot on the dresser.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. premium

    really? that game just release yesterday

  2. Justalady

    take the cigar and continue to burn the drawings, then cut the sheet with scissors and overlap it at the top, use the typewriter to enter the letters found, after having repeated for another two times you will get the code 910 to be selected on TV . at that point go where there is the screen and move the face according to the direction of the eyes, you will receive a shred of fabric to be put in the case 23. I hope I have been helpful to you

    1. Hannmjskdn

      Thank you , was stuck on the face but because on the video u just see it moving it doesnΓÇÖt explain that u have to follow the eyes @justalady

  3. Justalady

    then enter the codes you find in case 23 in the order of the letters DBAEC with the corresponding symbols, you will get a cassette, put it in the recorder and the parrot will fly away, you will get the third cube and the cabinet below will open

    1. Gaby

      @Justalady where do I enter the code?

  4. Justalady

    you will find a key with which you can open the door, exit and follow the shadow of the parrot you will find mr.crow that will give you a map, follow the x and points indicated by the stones moving with the map, collect the statuettes and proceed towards north of the map, arrive in front of a wall enclosure enter the three statues and proceed. congratulations, you have arrived at chapter 2. 😘

    1. Bianca

      Na parte do labirinto da mente, quando vc derruba a taça com água, só q sem querer eu cliquei na alavanca antes de derrubar a taça, agora não quer mais abrir a coisinha lá em baixo ;-;

  5. Daltonkrmr1

    I can’t get past the globe map part even though it looks like the pictures in this walk-through and every time I back out to see if it worked, I have to restart the map

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You donΓÇÖt have to go back out to see if it worked. If you got it right, it will just clear.

    2. Qun

      i stucked in “move my face”. There is no sillhoute, i already moved the face opposite the eye pointed

      1. Pau

        Could you do it? Same thing happens to me

  6. natela

    help! i have a problem with moving the face, i move it without mistakes in the directions that eyes show relatively long, but nothing happens! is it a bug?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Has anything changed? Or has she given you any message?

    2. Alx

      you have to move her face in the other direction than her eyes are pointing

      1. Dotty

        Does it take long to get to the next part of the face puzzle coz IΓÇÖve done it for ages and no luck I have tried moving the face in opposite direction to eyes only when it tells you ΓÇ£the other wayΓÇ¥ and doing every time but it goes on forever can anyone help

        1. Alx

          The first movement is in opposite direction , you dont have to wait she say “move my face”.
          When she says “the other way” you start the puzzle again. All the movements is in opposite direction.
          I think they are like 10 movements in total.

          1. Dumbgamer

            So,do we have to move it before she says”The other way”?

        2. Kas123

          I’ve been having the same problem. Been moving her face ‘the other way’ for a while now but still nothing.

        3. Kay

          Move the eyes in the direction they are pointing

        4. Emily Rose

          You have to move the way her eyes are looking

    3. Janice

      I’ve been having the same problem, every time I move (in the opposite direction) it says “the other way” going on for a long time now.

      1. Janice

        Actually for me it was where she was looking

        1. Alx

          Maybe for the update?


      Help I have tried too many times

      1. Valeria

        Is to the same side she is looking, now.

  7. Shiva G

    Setting the hour hand at 1 and minute at 8 or 9 (or hour and minute hand vice versa (sorry, I don’t remember)), opens the third drawer below the clock. This gives a key which opens the cabinet near to the cryptic machine near the TV. There’s a hat inside it, which then taken to the mirror and put on the head, gives another symbol. I don’t what’s the use of it till now. And I don’t know what the symbols in the name files mean too.

    1. P!3

      The time is 9:10 which I used for the tv also.

  8. Shiva

    Editing my previous comment:
    Setting the time at 08:05, opens the third drawer below the clock. This gives a key which opens the cabinet near to the cryptic machine near the TV. There’s a hat inside it, which then taken to the mirror and put on the head, gives another symbol. I don’t what’s the use of it till now. And I don’t know what the symbols in the name files mean too.

    1. Ron

      How did you know to set it to 8:05?

  9. ItsAmE

    Im stuck at the globe where i gotta grapple the 2nd gree eye.i put the hook n rope first.i cant put the water in after though

    1. Nathen

      Tapthe eye alot

  10. Anna

    Hi! I feel like that wasn’t it.. One of the drawers was still locked, and so was one of the little boxes under the clock.. Anyone found out what else could be done?

    1. somePOTATO

      Maybe that’s a part of a secret ending

  11. ana

    hi, someone help me please, how am i supposed to get the red cube (?) cause’ i have the brown and the glass ones but i don’t find the red one

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ItΓÇÖs in the book on the shelf.

  12. Zaii

    Im stuck in the boxes!!! the handle does not stay down and the water doesnt drain to the submarine help!!! Im a missing something?

    1. Kate

      You have to move the box with the gear underneath the box with the wine glass first so the pipes are lined up so the water has somewhere to go. I was stuck on that too.

  13. JBrow

    Is there any kind of synopsis of the story of all the Rusty Lake games so far? I’ve played them all but there are so many that it is hard to remember how they all fit together to get us to this point. Like I feel like we’ve learned a lot about Dale and Laura’s respective backstories and their connection but it is almost impossible to remember by now.

      1. Bianca

        Na parte do labirinto da mente, quando vc derruba a taça com água, só q sem querer eu cliquei na alavanca antes de derrubar a taça, agora não quer mais abrir a coisinha lá em baixo ;-;

  14. ruby

    does anyone know how to get past the shadow pile at the end to follow the map to the x ? the shadow just keeps coming at me..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to tap the weird spot on him that keeps moving. At least, I *think* thatΓÇÖs what did it.

      1. sorcha

        I have the same problem. I keep tapping the weird spot, but it doesn’t work!

      2. Claudia

        I cannot pass the shadow, it keeps returning me to the same place

  15. Janice

    How long should the eye thing take?

  16. Edessa

    I can’t gold the water? 😬😬

    1. santiago

      como lo hiciste

  17. Edessa

    Ow got it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. infracta

    Chapter 1 secret achievement question — Aside from the people listed in the credits for the 4th achievement, there are symbols next to the following names in the Chapter 1 directory drawer. Any clues as to whether this is a secret achievement, and what the order might be?

    Jane Kotschikow (Line, ΓÇ£IΓÇ¥)
    Joel Bridge (spiral)
    Marc Pierre (upside down T)
    Mike Coyle (strikethrough box)
    Gergely Tagai (S)

  19. LegendMonkey

    Where do I find the prescription for the evidence book?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Inside the file drawer on Laura VanderboomΓÇÖs card.

  20. catz

    how did you figure out how to solve the puzzle with the head ?????

      1. sara

        those box in the head i can’t solve it

      2. Amanda Jane Angus

        I haven’t got a piece of photo in the wall light… I have restarted twice and still only get 4 pieces… hmmm? Has anyone had the same problem and if so, what can I do please 🤔

  21. yasmin

    eu nao sei como que faz pra colocar os numeros no telefone kk alguém me ajuda?

  22. Jack

    I can’t take the yellow cassette

  23. Carla

    When I color in the door drawing with the pencil, nothing happens. I’ve tried many times and ways, including exactly as in the walkthrough, the whole picture, etc. Help please!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sounds like a glitch. 🙁 You might want to contact the developer.

    2. Gabbar

      Make sure pencil stays within the outline

  24. Helena

    Nothing is happening when I try drawing to fill in the man? The pencil leaves a mark but it won’t change like in the video walk through…!

    1. Yarik

      Same issue. It let me draw more pictures thohgh.

  25. Dotty

    I have got to the wall and I only have 3 statues I picked up the crow and woman and when I got to the wall there was already one in there (maybe I did it inadvertently) I have been back and forth but I canΓÇÖt find another statue, IΓÇÖve been to all the crosses, can anyone help me please cos IΓÇÖve got the next chapter and IΓÇÖm not sure I can play it unless IΓÇÖve first finished chapter 1.
    I donΓÇÖt know what the statue in the wall was itΓÇÖs in the bottom right side of the wall
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Stella

      The same thing happened to me except I went to the X with the woman first, got nothing from it. Then I got the crow statue, then the man. When I went back to the woman statue it still didn’t show. I didn’t buy Chapter 2 but it does suck that I can’t finish the game. (Ignore how late I am lol)

  26. Karma

    Where is the evidence 1: body of woman? can’t find it…

  27. Karma

    Where is the evidence 1: body of woman? can’t find it…

  28. peyman

    Help, please! I have this game on my Android. The problem is with moving her face. I’m pretty sure that I’m doing it right (as I’ve seen the walkthrough) but every time that I move her face to the opposite position of her eyeballs, she says: “on the other way” and it’s a long time nothing happened. what is the problem? What should I do?

  29. Dumbgamer

    I m stuck where you have to move her face -i moved it in the direction opposite to her eyes,she keeps on saying “The other way”,is it right or not?When I move it in the direction where her eyes are pointing ,she says “You are wrong.” Until when should I move her face?

  30. Adam

    So IΓÇÖm about half way through playing all Cube Escape and Rusty Lake games in order and loving them, today I visited their Rusty Lake website a found a simple but fun game in the banner at the top of the page. Next to the drawing of Rusty Lake Hotel thereΓÇÖs a man in a boat, above him it says ΓÇ£click hereΓÇ¥. Click and keep clicking to direct him left and right to catch jumping fish and falling leaves. Each item caught turns on a light in one of the hotels windows. Just be careful not to be killed by the giant creature that lives in the lake!!!

  31. Ohm

    Where do you find the second eye

  32. Yarik

    The moment when you draw… After couple of pictures changed with drawing on them I tried my best and painted the entire sheet with woman on it red. And just stuck there, slides are not changing. Tried restarting the game. After I found a tutorial where it just shows you to fill in the picture I was pissed off. Why is it not working? Is it missing some part or is it a bug?

  33. Kamryn

    Am i the only one having a problem with finding Mr. Crow.

  34. Ugne

    Where do I get the matches from??

  35. Zara

    I can’t seem to figure out how to use the phone. Please help!

  36. David

    The phone refuses to work. I know how to use a rotary phone but I’ve done it a million times and it won’t work.

  37. Palak

    I don’t have water…! From where do we get the water…? Pls

  38. Alyssa

    How do I get water for the bottle in the globe, canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t seem to find it….. IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m big dumb

  39. Sunny

    Thank you.

  40. Ava

    I can’t get through the phone part, It wont dial the right numbers and I picked up the phone before doing it. And I even uninstalled the app and downloaded it back and still, it won’t work. I’m just bout to get rid of it.

  41. Sanju

    Stuck at #84. Someone help

  42. Merr

    I accidentally close the pipe before pour the water in the glass (in head with lot boxes stage), and I can’t do anything now. Does anyone have solution?

    1. UwU

      Where did you find the pipe?

    2. Doug

      The head water and the glass water are not the same puzzle. The glass water is on the top shelf with the evidence book.

  43. Carreiro

    Não consigo passar da fase do globo, mesmo fazendo esse trajeto não acontece nada comigo

  44. UwU

    Where do I find the water?

  45. Ana Gerschenfeld

    In cube escape paradox chapter 1 harveyΓÇÖs song doesnΓÇÖt play (no drawings of musical notes come out), and Harvey does not leave. Help!

  46. Ana Gerschenfeld

    It finally worked! Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards.

  47. hannah

    with the deer iΓÇÖm having complications, do i single tap or multiple, and how long should it take?

  48. Hrl

    Is there only 1 possible ending? I finished it but wondering if there are other possible endings.

  49. Valentin Aaron Nüßlein

    I can’t put things into the cassete player. How do I do that

  50. somePOTATO

    When playing the cassette tape, you don’t have to read the text backwards. You just have to play it backwards at the part where it says “channel six six nine”.

  51. Karen

    82. I change the channel on the TV to 910 but nothing happens.

  52. Annoying

    How do you open the globe
    Ive done the puzzle i go out of it and try to open the globe and IT WONT OPEN

  53. Riccardo

    hello I have a problem when I am in the enigma that I have to fix my memories, when I enter the room where I have to pour the water from the glass (brown room) I pull the lever but it doesn’t open the bang. How do I do it?

  54. Prarthana S

    In t

  55. larryis_real

    HELP! idk how to use the phone im stuck on there :'( someone help me pls

    1. Doug

      YouΓÇ¥ll get a number to call after you use the typewriter a couple of times. There will be a page with two handwritten clues.Cut the lower with the scissors and match it to the upper one.

  56. Nenek

    Me too

  57. Dave

    Hi guys, I went to the clock after looking at the woman through the keyhole and I put the hour hand on the 12and the minute hand on the 12 but the drawer wonΓÇÖt open to give me the triangle key, anyone help me as to what IΓÇÖm doing wrong please?

  58. Dave

    Hi guys I looked at the woman through the keyhole and then went to the clock putting the hour hand on the 12 and the minute hand on the 9 but the drawer doesnΓÇÖt open to give me the trianglular key can anyone help as to what IΓÇÖm doing wrong please.?

  59. AphraEva

    Help! I’m in the mind puzzle bit, but there’s a new red light on top of the pipe to get the spilled water out. It won’t let me switch the lever. Any ideas?!

    1. Stav

      I have the exact same problem,i play the game on mobile and i dodnt know if thats the reason,i have reseted the game 3 times so far

  60. Floy

    Nothing happens when I draw/color in the picture of the man by the typewriter. Help please!! Tia

  61. Mmd

    How exactly i should fill image of the man

  62. eden

    im stuck how do i get past the sillouette man he keeps pushing me back

  63. Amanda Jane Angus

    I haven’t got a piece of photo in the wall light… I have restarted twice and still only get 4 pieces… hmmm? Has anyone had the same problem and if so, what can I do please 🤔

  64. bla

    I already closed the pipe in the head and water can’t go down. What can I do?

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