Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Paradox
By: Rusty Lake

Cube Escape: Paradox is the latest addition to the Rusty Lake franchise of quirky room escape games. It’s the tenth Cube Escape game and thirteenth Rusty Lake game. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

91. The painting tilts. Remove it and take the funeral card. Also, open the window to see some diagrams. And tap on the window to get a corrupted statue.

92. Place the funeral card in the psychological evaluation. You now have everything in there.

93. The funeral card says TV on it and the numbers 2 0 and 7 are underlined. So change the channel on the TV to 207. Laura appears and get la closer and closer until all you can see is her eye.

94. Zoom out. The eye stays on the screen. If you tap it, it looks left or right. Move in the direction it points. If it’s left, you’ll see Laura. Tap her and she’ll tilt her head either left or right. I never got to see what happens if she tilts left. But when she tilts right, go back to the TV and tap it again. If it looks to the right, head to the mirror. Again, I’ve only had the mirror eye look left, so I’m not sure if the fourth side of the room is part of this puzzle at all. At one point, Laura will probably be upside-down. It’s not a trick — just go in the direction she tilts her head. Once you’re done, she’ll disappear and you can grab the woman statue.

95. The window drawings obviously have to do with the clock. There’s a hint in the mental heath guide. It says THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD. You need to find numbers relating to the door, deer skull, globe and vial cabinet, then use them to set the clock. I don’t really like this puzzle, as I found the clues a bit too obtuse. But here’s how it goes. The clue shows the deer skull at 12:00 and the window at 6:00. You need to figure out what the door, globe, and vial cabinet are. If you walk around the room, treat the whole room as a clock. So start at the deer head (12:00) and turn right to the vial cabinet, which is at 3:00. Turn right again and you come to the window (6:00). Turn right again and you come to the door (9:00). Turn right again and you come to the deer skull again, but also the globe. The globe is sort of between the door and the deer skull. So that makes it 11:00. Yeah, I don’t like that either. But I added the other items to the drawing in the book to help you see it. And now you have the numbers for each item:

Deer Skull = 12
Vial Cabinet = 3
Window = 6
Door = 9
Globe = 11

95. So now, look at the window again. The left panel has a door with an X and a globe with a •. So the time to set it to is 11:45, with the hour hand (•) on 11 and the minute hand (X) on 9. Take the coin.

96. Now for the right panel. The X is the deer skull and the • is the vial cabinet. So set the time to 3:00, with the hour hand (•) on 3 and the minute hand (X) on 12. Take the sugar cube.

97. Change your mind to the past if you haven’t already. Then look inside the box by your dead parents and use the coin to unlock the smaller box inside it. Take the man statue.

98. Change to your present mind and give Mr. Crow the sugar cube since he whined about the coffee being too bitter. What a big baby. Then take the crow statue from his hand

99. Switch to your mind of the future. Laura is sitting in the chair. Talk to her and she says:

“Welcome to the future.
One of us will die, the other will be enlightened.
Please make the right move, Dale.”

Then place the five chess pieces (statues) on the board.

100. This is not so clear, but the red lines are kind of the clue here. You need to avoid all red lines, meaning none of the pieces can be in the same row, column or diagonal. When you get it right, five symbols will appear.

101. Now, refer to the psychological evaluation again to figure out the order of the symbols. It goes:

1 – Corrupted Soul
2 – Dr. Crow
3 – Dale Vandermeer
4 – Laura Vanderboom
5 – Mr. Owl

So head over to the combination lock and enter the symbols from the chess board in that order. Take the Harvey’s Song cassette tape.

102. Play the tape in the cassette player. It doesn’t seem to work at first, so rewind it and then play it again. Harvey will fly to the window. Tap him and he’ll fly away, but if you turn around the room, he’ll be on Laura’s shoulder when you get back. Tap on him. He says JOHNSSON! Talk to Laura and she says, “We are back where it all began: Harvey’s Egg.”

103. Look for JOHNSSON in the phonebook. The full name is Johnsson J D E and the number is 54253.

104. Call 54253 on the phone. They sell bird food! Order some parrot food and they say it will be delivered to the future. I’m already in the future, but if you’re not, change to your future mind. Then check the window for the bird food.

105. Feed Harvey the bird seed and then tap him a couple of times so he lays an egg into Laura’s hand. Grab the egg.

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The last set is in the numerical order of flags color. The first one being the green one.
By the way great work. Your walkthroughs are really helpful. Keep it up.


In the rabbit hands game, the hands in the pocket and in the shirt are pointing what hand do you have to touch

A nonny mouse

Page 6 is broken


Half the time when I get to the globe-brain the bubbles won’t move at all.


Harvey won’t show when I play the song… don’t know what to do :/


I had the same problem! I played the tape backwards and he came!


Playing it forward makes him leave, backward makes him come back

I g

It wasn’t working for me either. I rewinded the tape and then pressed play again and surprisingly it worked, so maybe try that ?


I had the same issue, I had to play and then stop the tape right after for it to work. Also try rewinding it.


I’ve played the song in all three times, then with “no brain.” Still no Harvey.


Try rewinding the tape


they didnt mention that you’re supposed to play it backwards

Sanket Mali

Play the tape in rewind mode


Play the song backwards


Play song in reverse!


Play the song backwards… I had a hard time with this one too. I guess forwards makes him fly off and backwards makes him return.

I just want the bird to show up

why tf wont harvey wont show up. Switched brains and still nothing


Empty head. Pull out the brain and Rewind the Harvey’s song. Then you’ll see Harvey on the window.


I have the egg to the hand and nothing goes happened. If I click on the red drape, i’m zoomed back to the hand asking for something again. Is this a big or I am missing something?

Lauren Blue

How do I get the cup to make coffee


I planted the coffee and poured water on them and NOTHING HAPPENED. I Have used almost all the water in the jars. still nothing. Please help. I have been pre-registered and waiting for this game forever and want to play it so much!


Did you try clicking the tree? It worked for me.


Out of interest the words on the walls used for the box puzzle translate from Hindi to:

वरतमान – Present
अतीत – Past
भवषिय – Expected (Future?)

I can’t work out the last one on the right!


Google translates the one on the right, प्रेत, to “phantom”.


Pret means corrupted soul


When I tapped on the window the corrupted statue disappeared and I didn’t get it. I tried with every brain and I still can’t get it.


I keep trying to color in the door and it won’t work. I have the same problem on my iPad and my iPhone….what do I do?


Every time I try to color in the door it won’t accept my coloring. Same problem on my iPad. What do I do?

Şebnem Zont

Can’t set the clock to 3:00


I worked so hard without a walkthrough and then I got to the part when you have to set the TV to 207. It stays black. Nothing happens. I have tried everything. 🙁


Ever figure out what the 3 empty squares that are found on several different pictures in both games are for? It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out lol!


I solved the symbols box correctly, but it won’t open. Am I missing something? I even reset the game and did it again. Nothing.


Have you made sure the symbols are centered in the squares? It happened to me once and realized if I clicked on each symbol, they would align. That solved the issue for me.


The red curtain has already fallen but I didn’t get the owl statue yet, and also haven’t even found the egg. Do I have to restart it?

Matt uren

Same for me so cant go any further


I can’t get the bulb on chapter 2 and I don’t know what to do, I’ve already reset once

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