Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 Achievements Guide

Cube Escape: Paradox
By: Rusty Lake

Cube Escape: Paradox is the latest addition to the Rusty Lake franchise of quirky room escape games. It’s the tenth Cube Escape game and thirteenth Rusty Lake game. I already have a walkthrough for the main game, but the achievements are especially tricky. You need to watch to movie and pay attention to clues that you can then use in the game. If you’re missing any, I’ve explained how to get them all, as well as the alternate endings and any other secrets I found.


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First, watch the movie here:

Chapter 2:

Achievement 1, A new tie:

Here’s the clue:

The first one is the symbol on the side of the TV. It’s a bit hard to make out, so turn your brightness up.

The next one is the symbol on the wooden block/cube he got from the drawer.

The third one is inside the book. It’s the spiral.

The fourth one appears to be on the painting of the shadow and Mr. Crow, but the closest view I’ve found of it isn’t clear enough to make it out. Using trial and error, I found out it’s the triangle with a line going through it.

The fifth one is the cube inside Harvey’s birdcage.

Use the five symbols in the combination lock and take the tie.

Go to the mirror and put the tie on to get the symbol and the achievement.

Achievement 2, A bit fishy:

Here’s the clue. It’s the clock again.

As with Chapter 1, change the clock to 8:05 to get a key.

Use the key to unlock the cabinet under the Dale Vandermeer Psychological Record to get a shrimp cocktail.

Give the shrimp cocktail to the hand behind the curtain to get the symbol and complete the achievement.

Achievement 3, Another ending:

Here’s the clue:

In the movie, count up the coasters on the table (4), the glasses in the globe (6), and the jars on the shelf (5). You get 465.

Change the channel on the TV to 465. You’ll see the symbol and get the achievement. It also shows Dale killing Laura?!

Achievement 4, A phone call:

Here’s the clue:

It’s telling you to take the number from the back of the Rusty Lake flyer. In the movie, look carefully at the back of the flyer when Detective Vandermeer looks at it. It says:

Vanderboom st. 56

73298 RL

So the first number is 73298.

Next, look in the book with the iron cube. There’s a number at the top — 2604.

The next number is on the jar with the J. on it. It says J. 1870.

Add the three numbers together:

73298 + 2604 + 1870 = 77772

Call that number on the phone.

The Rusty Lake Hotel answers and says you should call the director.

Watch the movie credits and look for the name of the Director. It’s Sean van Leijenhorst!

Now, look in the telephone directory and find Sean van Leijenhorst’s phone number. It’s under L and you can use the magnifying glass if you’re having trouble seeing it. The number is 15334.

Call 15334. And that’s it! You’ll get the achievement when he answers.

Achievement 5, The Great Northern Hotel:

Here’s the clue:

In the movie, inside the globe wine bar is another three numbers — 315.

In the game, change the channel on the TV to 315.

It’s a postcard of Rusty Lake with another symbol. That’s the achievement!

And that’s all the main Chapter 2 achievements! See how to use them to get the alternate ending with my guide or continue reading for other achievements.


Most Steam achievements are found normally by just playing through the game, but here are some you could miss:

The right place:

At the end of Chapter 2, make sure to put the cubes in the right way. It goes wood, glass, iron. Then, when you open the cabinet to get the blue vial, there’s some tiny print in there. Use the magnifying glass to read it. It says TV 726.

You can’t use the TV at this point anymore, but you can start Chapter 1 and go straight for the tape using the code you already have. (Or just do this after finishing Chapter 2 and restarting it.) Then you can use the TV right away. Change the channel to 726 to see Albert from Rusty Lake Roots in his deer skull with a candle.

Movie Dale:

In Chapter 2, in the forest, there’s a little bonus Easter egg. If you go to this spot on the map, you’ll see the movie version of Dale and he says, “We are all trapped.” If you’re playing on Steam, you get an achievement for this.


This achievement is based off of Rusty Lake: Paradise. The Paradise Will Rise Again achievement has some symbols. Unfortunately, there are only four, as you can see in the image below, so I’m not sure how you get the fifth other than through trial and error.

But enter those symbols and the circle into the combination lock to get the owl mask.

Look in the mirror and put on the mask to get this achievement (Steam only).

Some notes:

It says L C Smith on the typewriter?

There’s also two ads in the phonebook with years on them and three cubes. The year is the same for both: 1889. What can it mean?

Click on a section below to continue to the Alternate Endings or click here.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 Achievements | Chapter 2 Achievements | Alternate Endings

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  1. Bill

    The symbol in the painting of Mr. Crow and the Corrupted Soul is on the chair.

  2. Lynn

    If you call Johnsson J D E from the phonebook (54253) you’ll get a little conversation about birdfood, from the birdfood ad in the phonebook.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah but thatΓÇÖs part of the main game.

  3. Kris

    Naceland Riku has 3 cubes in files book. Try 45821 phone – bug or selected too early?

  4. A.S.

    I would like to say that the Easter egg by using the code in paradise can be used on the mobile version.

  5. Alindar

    For the Owl Mask, the fifth symbol is on the picture too : look at the gear on top right, it’s unusually circle. It represent the symbole with the circle and a center dot ( here, the hole in center on the gear)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nah, Paradise had a circle around the gear the whole game.

  6. mosy

    In the “Present Mind” part of the game, after you give the coffee to Mr. Crow, the very last page of the test has a spider and the circle+dot symbol. I don’t know where you’d make the connection and think it was the last symbol for the Paradise achievement, but my first few walkthroughs before this, I couldn’t figure out what the spider symbol was for. Maybe it’s that??

  7. Dr. PUZZLER

    I think that the last symbol for paradise is supposed to be next to the owl at the end.

  8. Beppo_HD

    the settings button has a circle around it, but it does not have it anywhere else.
    I think the fifth symbol is the circle with a point in the middle because of it

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