Reigns: Game of Thrones (GoT) – How to Survive Winter (All Nine Endings) – Walkthrough Guide

Reigns: Game of Thrones
By: Devolver Digital

Daenarys | Jon Snow | Cersei | Sansa | Jaime | Tyrion | Gendry | Arya | Dragonglass


Raven clue: A raven flies over a large frozen lake, which exudes a green haze.

To survive the Winter with Tyrion, you need to first unlock The Trap effect. Here’s how:

Your hint as to what you need to do here is when Varys, your Lord of Whisperers shows up and mentions demonic ravens fighting in the bowels of the Red Keep.

Play until Balerion the tomcat shows up. Try to catch him and chase him down to the dungeon. You won’t be able to catch the cat, but if you walk around a bit you should come to a door with a “faint green glow.” Go through to meet the Pyromancer.

Ask the Pyromancer to make some wildfire for you and he’ll tell you to come back in six moons. So now you need to survive six more days. When he returns, he’ll ask you what you want to do with the wildfire. Remember the raven’s clue about a green lake? So choose “Lake.”

Everyone will try to dissuade you, but insist on storing the wildfire under the ice cap of the God’s Eye.

Here’s where it’s easy to make a mistake. On the road, you may just get to Harrenhal without any issues. But if your Kingsguard complains about a green stain on his scabbard, don’t let him get rid of it! Instead, choose “Do… not… move.” The rest of the journey should be safe.

Once you arrive at Harrenhal, you’ll get The Trap status effect.

Once again, survive until Winter and then force yourself to die somehow. Then trigger the wildfire trap while the White Walkers are on the ice. You’ll survive to see summer!

Click on the character you need below or click here to continue to Gendry’s ending.

Daenarys | Jon Snow | Cersei | Sansa | Jaime | Tyrion | Gendry | Arya | Dragonglass

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2 years ago

In my game ,there are only 15 options on the last level of ”the game” 3 rows of 4 and 1 row of 3.Also,arya tells me that i found a dead crow when i tap the one 2down and 3 across.What to do?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
2 years ago

I’d like to add that the only “proper” way to die in Winter is by going low on any resource. Going high will cause common death, not leading to the battle with Walkers.

Reply to  skaurus
1 year ago

Having your people at max could also cause you to die in winter.

Reply to  Pasyee
2 years ago

Play as Gendry until you get that anonymous raven message – “lets play another game”. In any game after that you’ll have 16 cards.

Jon snow as Gendry
2 years ago

How do we know where the 3ER first appeared when we unlocked it? I don’t remember…

2 years ago

After killing cercei with Jaime doesn’t compare varys and i can’t obtain THE SWORD. Can you publish a video of the game?

2 years ago

When playing for Cersei, you MUST choose to have a demonstration. Without it, I didn’t get War Machines (twice).

2 years ago

after obtaing the valyrian steel effect, i went on and die on low in faith and…… I just died….. What will be the proper way to die in the winter…

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
2 years ago

Jon Snow is probably the hardest to play.

Reply to  Martin
1 year ago

You have to die while it snows.

1 year ago

If I graduated in Arya’s game, she doesn’t thrust me, and I can’t get the horn. Also if I got the message in the same reign.. help?